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I guess the Pistons....Either Boston or Orlando will sweep the Sixers but I guess I would rather see Dwight Howard than anyone on the Celtics.
.Im sad that the sixers cant drop to 8...Just so I can watch Lebron...who ultimately may go down as the greatest to ever play this game....bar none.

Well, it looks like the Sixers are going to have to win out for 6th place, and that isn't going to happen. They also can't finish 8th, so Boston in the first round it is.

Chicago just beat Detroit by three.

The Pistons looked like my Sixers coughing up that lead down the stretch and with their half court struggles. Look on the bright side, you got the opponent you had been saying you wanted. Interested in your analysis of this matchup, b/c I just don't see us matching up well with the Celts.

I need to see the Celts tomorrow night, and then Wednesday night w/ KG (if he's really back). Then I'll have plenty to say. Also need to see how the Sixers handle having Thad back and if he's really at full speed.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 22:23

Just read that KG isn't coming back until the playoffs b/c Doc says they are meaningless games. This after they just said Sat. night that he was coming back Wed. for the final game.

First they said he was coming back against the Sixers, then they said final game of the season, now they're saying the playoffs. This is after he came back and couldn't go. That's a serious knee injury and they are very beatable if he isn't 100%.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 22:39

It could be serious. The conspiracy theorist in me has been saying that they were sitting on this injury just to save him for the playoffs. Hope I am wrong on this one, like in Feb. when I declared the Sixers would get the 4th seed (that was during the 18-4 stretch that seems oh-so-long ago).

Nothing I've seen this season has changed my opinion that the Celtics are the team to beat in the East. I believe KG is fine and they're just playing it safe, in which case they are a much more daunting prospect than the Cavs.

It seems like we're doomed to play Boston. I will really hate losing to them.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 13 at 22:33

Agree. I think they are sandbagging with his injury and maybe some others too. The absolute last team that I want to end our season is Boston. The memories are still fresh from that fateful series of Rodney Rogers raining down threes from a few years ago when they knocked us out with O'Brien as their coach.

If he was healthy and the knee wasn't serious, he would've been back by now. I don't think he's 100% for the first round, no way.

Even if he comes back for the playoffs, he's played a total 64 minutes in the past 2+ months and he's (hopefully) going to have to run the floor with Thad whenever he's in there.

Jesus, I'm already trying to talk myself into this.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 22:45

Lol. Keep talking because I'm still holding out that glimmer of hope too.

I just can't see how Thad will be able to plant and cut on that foot which alot of his game is predicated on. Seems like for the 1st 4-5 games (if we last that long) he will be reduced to a jump shooter. And that is speaking from experience with a similar type injury.

the only chance the sixers have is if thad plays the next 2 games to get fresh before the playoffs start. then again it is stupid to rush him because in all likelihood they don't stand a chance against boston anyway. i'm at just about the lowest point with this team as i have been since iverson was traded.

Thad's playing tomorrow, check the link up top, that's from the sixers site.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 0:36

i just hope he's really ready

you've gotta assume now that the cavs have clinched best overall record that they will be resting their starters when we see them in a few days. that will be a winnable game.

I'd love it if the sixers would send a message tomorrow night. Odds of it happening: 10%.

I'm so psyched that Thad sounds alright. The kid is gonna be a big part of this team's future so it would be great to have him as close to 100% for the playoff run, even if it lasts merely 4 games.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 14 at 8:32

Re Thad it's an encouraging report. Even still, prudence would dictate a 15-min run under game time conditions/adrenaline but knowing DiLeo he'll probably be out there 36+.

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 11:09

Young was talking about 15-20 minutes, but it all depends on how he feels during his pre-game workout.

Fans should be careful not to expect Young to be the guy who averages 20.5 points in 15 March games right away after sitting out seven games. He won't have his explosiveness right away (if he plays), which could result in more jump shot.

Good point, Tom. But, you know how fans are these days. I clearly remember them booing Brand after he returned from being out for weeks. I was so upset he was left in at that time. Hopefully Thad will flow in and out to keep him fresh.

Thad's going to get a huge cheer tonight. If I hear even the hint of a boo at any time for he guy I'll be deeply saddened.

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