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Perfect Timing

Good to have something positive to focus on with Thad returning.

Looking back at when the injury happened I was hoping to see other players step up...

-Lou stepped up not just scoring more, but scoring more efficiently. I don't know where Lou had been the last 15 months (since Lee tackled him and the broken toe), but its good to see him stepping up his game at the right time. i won't hold it too much against him that it was in losing efforts.

-Wanted to see Speights step up. He does seem to be less in a funk, but he still has lost his edge. There had been games where he was a dominant force for 5 minute stretches. Have not seen much of that in the last 2 months.

-Expected Miller and Iguodala to step up their scoring. Both ended up hurting more than they helped the team by trying to carry too much of the load. Too many TO's for Iguodala, too many missed shots for Miller. In fact, I think Miller has been spent for the last month- at least since the calf injury.

Hopefully Thad can quickly reassert his role as the primary scorer. That should help the Andres return to a more complementary role that best utilizes their talent.

Turnovers were only an issue for the Andres twice in 8 games (Iggy vs. Toronto, Miller vs. Milwaukee). Miller's been shooting a bit too much, Iggy seems to be in line w/ season averages.

If anything, having Thad on the floor should help the Andres in that they have someone to pass to not named Reggie Evans, Willie Green or Samuel Dalembert.

And just having someone to pass to states it all!

I did not mean it as an attack on Iguodala.

Iguodala tried to step up his game, but he really is not a natural scorer or a dominant individual player on offense. He did not play poorly (and he was the best player on the team) but he was not able to pick up the offensive slack in Thad's absence. As you point out, if anything he struggled losing a legitimate weapon alongside him.

My only real disappointment with Iguodala this year- aside from the slow start- has been him lousy outside shooting. If anything, his jumper has gotten worse over the last 2 years. Most players improve their jumpers over time, but Iguodala has lousy rain-making form.

To his credit, he takes the ball to the hole more, and has really improved his finishing ability and added a good left hand to his inside moves.

Look at his shooting stats over the past 3 years. Iguodala is taking a higher proportion of inside shots, but his eFG% on jumpers has dropped from a nearly respectable low 40's to a poor upper 30's.

It also makes me wonder if Lou will ever get a reliable enough jumper to maximize his game. His shot might be too flat to ever be consistent.

Iggy's jumper numbers dropped when Iverson left and the percentage of feet-set, wide-open jumpers he took plummeted. I'm really hoping he and Thad will both go back to that shooting coach this Summer. Lou's jumper isn't structurally flawed, I think his low percentage is from taking too many fadeaways and contested jumpers. When his feet are set, he's just a little below-average, I'd bet.

Iguodala's eFG% on jumpers per 82games:

2006-7: 37%... the year AI was traded. Big drop from earlier 'catch and shoot' AI years

2007-8: 42%... good jump. Only a few percentage points below guys like Kobe (46%). I was hoping his jumper was headed in that direction

2008-9: 38%... disappointing. he compensated by taking more inside shots, and getting better at finishing in the lane.

Overall, Iguodala's lack of a reliable jumper is really holding him back from taking the next step to being a 20+ ppg offensive weapon. he still could improve his jumper to that 44% range, but given the worse number (include FT%) in the last year, I don't see signs of improvement.

Yeah, the FT% is the most alarming thing to me, and really speaks to fundamental flaws in his form. I just don't get how you go from shooting 82% down to 72%. That's a difference of .55 points/game, according to this year's numbers. Ugh.

Both Jon Barry and Jalen Rose picked Thad as the most improved player this year. I dont agree with that hes up there but i would give it to Durant but it's nice to see him get some recognition.

I'd give it to Durant as well.

Interesting, just heard on ESPN Cavs have clinched home court advantage. So, Wednesday maybe a winable game SINCE 76ERS BEAT LA LAST MONTH!

I find this very interesting.

It'll depend mostly on which Sixers team shows up, and then on whether Cleveland cares about finishing 40-1 at home.

So, what are the odds of the sixers finishing 2-0. I, usually wrong, predict 10% chance. Very little.

50% chance of finishing 1-1 however IMO

And hopefully I am wrong again!

I can agree with the Sixers not being as hungry as their opponents in the past couple games. There's a difference in wanting to win and dying to win.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, watch this interview with Kobe after the Blazer's loss. The intensity in his voice says it all.


That is one angry rapist, allegedly.

I'd like to see a Sixer react like that though. It seems like Andre Iguodala is too politically correct after games.

Remember Miller's reaction after game 1 of the playoffs last season? I'm looking for the video right now, but you're right, that's exactly what we need to see.

Check here for the quote, can't find the video.

So that means the celtic are back to their pre KG signing lottery ways???

Yep, except you can pencil in Mikki Moore at PF instead of Al Jefferson :)

THis should be a good night. Dollar concessions and a win. They better win, guys. They are the only one that has anything to play for and they HAVE TO WIN. What are our chances now, I think good.

Sixers are favored by 6 now and espn's computer has them winning. I don't like those odds.

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