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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda...

Spot on with the DiLeo reference and his not adjusting on the fly with the rotations. He still only played the lineup that he avoids like the plague, mainly Dalembert with Sp8's, for like 5 minutes and never went back to it again. He is consistent, to say the least, b/c he will let them play together for only a few and then not go back to it for the rest of the game. It's like he has the minute distribution thought out beforehand and doesn't recognize matchups and mismatches esp. on the offensive end. Frustrating.

I am disgusted w/ Iggy. I dread seeing him w/ the ball when it matters. I am sick of him. He sucks in defending tonite and hogged the ball for the last SHOTS (not just 1, 2). Miller was giving Iggy the ball. Speights was wide open, nope, Iggy.

Some one needs to put Iggy in his place. Someone, please. He CAN be a great player, but he has to be HUMBLED.

One other thing, the coaching tonite was as bad. I am tired and MAD!!!!! How many games did we lose this year w/ Iggy driving down the lane and missing a shot? 5, 6, 7, 40??

Brian, you had me up this afternoon, Thank you, but WE deserve better.

I am for trading Iggy for a shooting guard, ball boy, someone. Yep, I am mad.

Tray reply to DeanH on Apr 15 at 0:36

Not a huge Iguodala fan myself, but I think what's really needed here is a better coach who understands his strengths and, more importantly, his weaknesses. And yeah, we could use some better options at the end of a game, some better shooters, maybe a big-time scorer, but we already have better guys to take the last shot in Thad and, arguably, Speights.

The Celts are actually a pretty good example of what you'd like in end-of-game situations. They get the ball in Pierce's hands and run some kind of play where either he's going to get a shot, or Allen is. I'd definitely prefer some kind of play to the iso at the top of the floor.

If you'd told me at the start of the day that Thad would come back, play 29 minutes, put up 18 points (9/18) and show no ill effects of that injury and that we'd lose, I would have taken it.

I didn't expect us to win anyway, but the loss did bring to attention a few points:

1) we need a better coach
2) we still don't have a go-to guy when the situation calls for it

My suggestion for problem (2) is to let Thad try. Iggy has tried to be the guy and too often he has faltered. Give Thad a run.

I don't think the stats really support this. He didn't get the job done tonight, but more often than not, he has this season. My main problem is with the play they called. Long term, Thad will probably be a better guy to give the ball to for the last shot because he has the better jumper so he'll be harder to guard, but Iguodala has not been bad in that situation this year.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 1:37

Maybe it's a psychological thing and it's the memories that haunt me. But I remember so clearly when he misses the big shot, and that one game when he turned it over on the last possession.

I love Iggy, I just don't want him to feel like he has to be an individual superstar because he's great the way he is.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 1:26

There is nothing worse than the 1-4 "iso" play with four guys watching -- unless you have Kobe, Wade or LeBron.

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