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Is Seventh Better?

I'm with you on the goals thing -- might as well dream big. I'd much rather play Boston not because I think they'd be any easier but because it would be more satisfying to beat them, and we're the dogs so we don't have anything to lose. What we really need for games 3 and 4 is a ridiculously amped up, pissed off crowd going absolutely crazy right from the tip. We can't afford to be passive and wait for the team to do something that earns our cheers -- we need to bring it right from the start and keep it going. This is a historic, obnoxious, bitter rival - let's turn the Wach back into the FU center for a few nights.

Alvin reply to Nick on Apr 15 at 6:50

I do think so too, that crazy support for the team from the beginning will hopefully spur the players on to fare better.

And it's always great when fans are nuts right from the opening tip, or even before. I'd love to see that for Games 3 and 4, regardless of the way the team played in the two games prior.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 1:23

The problem is I'm not sure how many people will come out to Games 3 and 4 if the Sixers lose the first two.

It probably doesn't matter too much if the Sixers play the Magic or Celtics -- either series should be a five-gamer.

Tonight's best stat: Paul Pierce's seven 3-pointers Tuesday vs. the Sixers were more than Philly had in all four of its losses to Boston (a total of six).

Mike reply to Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 2:29

there were a whole bunch of boston fans at the game tonight. i'm actually worried about that if they come back to philly down 2-0. last year was embarrassing enough. this year could be worse if 1/5 of the crowd is wearing green.

It's a certainty that at least 1/5 of the crowd will be wearing green. Have been to every Sixers home game vs. Boston the last two season and that has been the case. There fans come out in droves and make it abundantly clear who they are with their Celtics gear or St. Patrick's Day green attire. And they cheer - loud.

I was at the playoff games last season as well. Our fans don't have enough belief in this team to open their wallets right now. Right or wrong it is what it is. The economy makes that even worse.

Rumor is that the cavs are going to rest lebron and ilgauskis and limit mo's minutes

which should be good for the sixers

Joe reply to john on Apr 15 at 14:14

Yeah I think I just saw on the bottom line that Z, Lebron, Mo, and Joe Smith won't play or something like that. I only caught a glimpse though.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 15 at 15:21

I personally would have liked to see 9th place. This is real hard, guys. I love the sixers. But, I am crushed. Their play and shooting is inexcusable.

Trying to look at positives from last night, I have 2 things: Thad (it was great seeing him back) and Lou in the first half.

Futurewise (I am sure most of you will disagree), I think Thad and Lou will improve their game greatly over the summer and will star next year w/ Brand back.

If we have to play in playoffs, I agree with Dannie. Much better to play Boston, but given that, guess what, they will win and play Orlando. They just don't seem to get it!

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