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agree completely.

I won't say it's complete, but I disagree. No Z, No Mo, No LBJ, if you believe in 'momentum' or 'morale' of basketball players even a little bit, then tonight you play your regular rotations and you play to win.

Or you go into the playoffs losing 7 straight games.

I believe in rest, which the Sixers regulars have gotten none of over the past month. Beating their "C" lineup isn't going to do anything for momentum either.

It will help a little bit- if only to break the stink of losing.

If the opponents 3pt% is better than either the Sixer's FG% or FT% the Sixers lose.

You'd think that would rarely happen, but its not such a rare occurrence when teams play the Sixers (it most recently happened last night.)

Hey Brian, what's our record since you're Iguodala post?

0-6, obviously. And Pierce became the third SF or SG to score 30 on the Sixers last night. I really need to stop writing posts like that.

Same starting lineup, with Thad at PF. Cleveland is starting a complete garbage lineup but I bet Wally hits about 10 threes.

About to tip.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 20:11

I was really impressed with Pierce at the defensive end last night, especially down the stretch.

Also, a Boston source told me he doesn't think Garnett's knee is bad and that had it been Pierce, he wouldn't have missed any games.

Mike reply to Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 20:16

agreed about Pierce. that guy somehow continues to be underrated.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 20:12

I'm told some Boston players refer to Garnett as "Diva."

This is ugly. Please go up by 30 in the first half so the Andres don't have to play many minutes.

The Dalembert assist!

The Raps laying it on early...will it hold up? Hope so.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 15 at 20:28

Oh, I almost forgot, we have to win too. ugh

Heh, Sixers can't stop third string Cavs.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 20:31

It really is amazing that, not only tonight, but the sense of urgency just isn't there. And that doesn't even begin to resemble the resilient team we saw for around 75 games.

I am fully rooting for us to win and the Bulls to lose. BRING ON THE MAGIC! They are struggling almost as badly as we are right now

I don't really care either way. Just don't get hurt and get Thad in shape. Whoever we play is fine with me.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 20:30

Second Dalembert assist in 30 games -- of course they lost the other one too (at Bulls).

Bulls down 15!!

Second unit surge coming ala last night...we need something...

What the heck is Theo doing...does he not realize he has many a foul to give instead of a wide open dunk.

I'm not sensing a playoff-level intensity out of anyone on the floor.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 20:39

They have this look like they just want to hurry up and get it over with.

Sixers allow this Cavs team to shoot 60% from the floor in the first quarter. Outstanding.

Iguodala has had Wally and Tarence Kinsey guarding him, he's taken three shots, two of them from downtown.

it will be so funny when the bulls lose but we can't beat the cavs 3rd team

Bryon reply to Mike on Apr 15 at 20:47

And we'll all be joining Mo Cheeks laughing too.

Sweet lob, Lou.

Oh man. I really can't think of a worse ending to this season than losing to Cleveland's third string, while we play our regular rotations. Down 7 now, 8 and change to go in the second quarter.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 20:50

they might as well go for the kill

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 20:51

Man I don't know about that post from someone else that you referenced the other day about the Sixers do want to win and have desire to.

If DiLeo's coaching to win, this is a stupid lineup. Evans, Thad, Ivey, Green, Lou.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 20:54

DiLeo actually coaches?

Willie may foul out before he can get 20 shots up.

Down 10.

Miller has to try to score more here for us to have a chance, cause no one else sure is.

Any reason they're going small now that Thad is back? I mean, Ivey at the three instead of Speights at the four seems like an excellent idea, right?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:18

I'm starting to suspect DiLeo secretly wants to play Boston.

I think you asked for a website with historical spreads Brian right?


Sixers were actually favored tonight by 3.

Thad's shot looks flat to me, from the line and from the floor. Rusty, I guess.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:06

It's like he hasn't adjusted to that foot being tender and can't gauge his lift, even flat-footed.

Better arc on those two from the line.

Heh, Miller 0/2 from the line. This is enjoyable.

Please get up Thad.

Is this how it feels to be a fan of the Kings?

At least the Kings have Kevin Martin scoring 40 whenever he wants.

Down a dozen at the half.

21 minutes for Iguodala, 20 for Miller in the first half.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:16

Unfortunately they haven't done much with those minutes.

Bulls had cut it to 3 but the Raps have extended it back out to double digits.

Joe hasn't been around, last time he wasn't they stunk the joint up for a stretch of games. Good luck charm tonight?

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 15 at 21:24

Turns out I'm never finishing my current work assignment lol.

I only saw 3 1/2 of the last 6 games. Painful to watch though I must say.

I'm pretty much on cruise control now for the rest of the season as a fan. A loss doesn't affect me a ton. Ditto a win. I'm probably going to go into NFL draft mode soon.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 15 at 21:28

At this rate I'm with you...except I'm going into Yankee mode.

This is about pride, really. Cavs are trying to tie the all-time home record and they put their third-tier players out.

And you're down double digits to that third-tier unit at the half. As a pro, how can you take that lying down?

If they don't come out with some sense of competitiveness this half, Boston will D their tails up and sweep them right out of the 1st round. Rondo darting all through the lane...I can see it already. Kick-out to Allen for 3,....Pierce for 3. Son of a .............

Ratliff for Sammy to start the third. Anyone catch the halftime show? Sammy must be hurt.

Sprained shoulder Sammy done for the night.

At least one starter will get some rest.

Huge run to trim the lead to six. Time to relax now and let Wally free for a couple of threes.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 15 at 21:33

Value your opinion Joe, in all seriousness - who would you rather see them match up with in the opening round of the 2 choices?

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 15 at 21:52

Tough one. All depends on Garnett. If Garnett was healthy and going to play at around 85% or better, I would say Orlando. If not, Boston.

I don't know what to make of this lack of info on KG.

I'd say Boston, but honestly we are talking about a 5% chance of winning instead of 4% or something as small as that.

Look similar to the last 6 games...play like you don't care the 1st half...then come out with some verve to start the 3rd quarter...at least they're consistent...meaning they will still probably lose.

Thad looks pissed to me.

8/16 from the line.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:41

Iggy and Miller missed 5 of those 8.

I believe they've missed 4 straight, combined.

I don't know why Iggy is so content to hang out at the 3 pt line. Even after receiving that pass, why isn't he driving and attacking, even if he does pull up for a 15-18 footer.

Tired legs?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:52

Makes sense, but if he doesn't have his legs, he has to be smart enough to know that a 24 footer isn't the best idea.

Bench-kill coming up?

Come on let's win this damn game and spoil their record.

They should feel like a dysfunctional erectile if they can't come back and win this one b/c the Bulls are going to have to go on a serious tear in the 4th to beat the Raptors.

Gonna take a helluva comeback for the Bulls to win. COME ON FELLAS

12 minutes to glory.

The Sixers should run Rick Torbet's Read & React offense. I'll buy the DVD for them.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:55

Get them Magic's Fundamentals while you are at it.

This is the final golden opportunity in a season of golden opportunities.

Let's make this one matter. We've been competitive against Orlando this season. We've been blown out against Boston in all games but yesterday's - when they were without both Garnett and Ray Allen.

If Turkoglu is below 100% that makes the Magic the much more favourable option.

Joe reply to Alvin on Apr 15 at 21:58

I haven't done much research on Turk, but what I read basically said he just twisted his ankle and was fine to play. They just held him out because they could.

Wow, pick and roll with Iggy and Speights ends in foul shots. Better not run that one again.

That damn Jawad three right there was b/c of Reggie running around being out of position.

Miller made SIX field goals in the third quarter. Hope he and Thad can turn it up in the fourth.

Pitifully, this game is coming down to what so many others have this season - missed free throws.

Who was that pass to?

Probably beating a dead horse here, but how about trying Donyell at the 4 in a big lineup w/ Thad at the 3 and Iggy at the 2? What could it hurt?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 22:11

I was wondering why he didn't use him last night. If only for 5 or 6 minutes.

Come on guys.....I really want to play the Magic.

81 all.

I'd put Marshall in too, but I'm not the coach.

Whgat's the story right now? All i see is timeout down 2. no idea who has the ball

The Bulls are toast...think there is a scoreboard in the arena the guys can see? Do they really want it?

Nope, they'd rather leave Wally wide-open for three.

We have the ball. Lou played good d on a drive, boobie gibson lost the ball out of bounds.

Okay, maybe Miller wants it.

Miller is the only one that has showed me any spunk tonight.

We should really not be playing "Where's Wally?".

Miller for 3!!!

After a crap first half, Miller has turned it up in the second half. This is called veteran leadership.

Iggy seems to lean or tilt backwards right after his release on free throws.

someone fill me in on how the cavs just tied it. bad d?

No, great shot by Gibson. Ivey and Ratliff both contesting a fallaway layup/jumper.

They just took the lead on a Gibson three from about 3 feet beyond the line.

If you're going offense/defense, Speights should be coming in for Ratliff on the offensive side of the subs.

Did you expect anything else but a made 3 from the opponent?

Yeah, an offensive rebound when the Sixers could've had possession and the lead with 18 seconds to go. Ugh.


Good quick shot by Lou, created a 2 for 1 for us.

Darnell Jackson shuffled his feet and traveled on the rebound off of the Theo block.

8 seconds on the shot clock. If the Sixers give the foul here I'm going to lose my mind.

D it up for 8 friggin seconds.

Huge board for Iggy there. 8.8 to go, Miller to the line, can put them up 3 if he hits both. Come on.

wow i cannot believe we might hold on and win this

Why not foul here and not give them a chance to shoot a 3?

They have a foul to give. Still have it.

9.4 seconds. Take the foul as late as possible, and for God's sake, don't give up any open threes.

Pretty smart call by the Cavs there. Make the Sixers earn it at the line, still had a timeout, worse case, it's still a three-point game.

4.4 seconds now, you have to give the foul and make it into a last-second prayer for the tie.


This is just funny.


Oh my $^*&@



Thad missed him trying to give the foul.

I'm updating on Gamecast: Was that Gibson 3 a result of a great shot or terrible D....?

Thad basically fell down trying to foul him, he was a couple feet behind the line again.

for those on gamecast...


try that

I'm laughing hysterically. How else could this regular season have ended? Seriously, how else?

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 22:38

me too. this is hilarious.

Joe thank so much! What is this channel??

Joe reply to Mike W. on Apr 15 at 22:40

Not sure what you mean... it is comcast sportsnet in Philly I think if that is what you are asking.

You can't stop Wally, you can only hope to contain him.

"We don't care if it takes three overtimes, we are going to lose this game." - Coach DiLeo in the huddle after regulation.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 22:43

Spot on! lol

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 22:47

LOL. Hysterical.

Joe - just wondering if this has been available to stream all season long. If so, I wish I had known.

Joe reply to Mike W. on Apr 15 at 22:44

I go to tons of different sites to find decent streams. I don't think I've ever seen one from this specific person.

i've never seen a worse guy at running the break than Lou. maybe Green.

Hilarious zumoff quote after that last miller bucket " i wont even say he was pickin up some loose change he just found a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk"

Come onnnnnnnnnn.....damnit........win this darn game.

Good foul by Thad, if it even was a foul. Good challenge either way.

Iggy needs to continue to go to the hole and stop settling for a step-back jumper.

This is insane, what a way to end the regular season.

3 point lead in the last minute. Hmmmm. Sounds familiar.

Who do you think hits the three? I'm saying Wally.

They've needed every last one of these 17 free throws they've hit in a row.

Can we foul and not give them a chance at a 3 Tony?

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 15 at 22:55

The bad news: we didn't foul.
The good news: they only made a 2.

Wow, we've been perfect from the line since Iggy split a pair at 8:27 in the 4th.

If we lose, that non double dribble call on Gibson is going to stick with me. Blatantly obvious.

I'd allow the pass to Willie. No chance Willie makes 2.

Alvin reply to Joe on Apr 15 at 22:58

I still remember in the playoffs in 2005 when he had the pair of free throws to beat Detroit and he made 1 of 2 and we lost it in OT.

They're going to lose on a three by Gibson.


Nevermind. Won't even take a three to bury us. Who hits the game-winner for Cleveland?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 22:59

Please let it be Lorenzen Wright.

wow we are definitely about to lose


Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 15 at 23:01

You said you didn't see it happening last night Al, well by golly it just happened. Bulls lose, WE WIN!

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 16 at 0:03

Yeah, unbelievable. It has to be insane for Chicago going on that monster run only to drop to #7 on a home loss to Toronto in the last game of the season.

Well I'm glad we got Orlando.

You have to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!

Orlando... I'm alright with that.

Who left a banana peel on the floor?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 23:03

Was Heinsohn in the building in the 3rd quarter?

ironically, that is where Thad slipped to send it into overtime.

Hold your horses. I am anticipating a phantom foul call.

wait for it...

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 15 at 23:05

LOl, Good one.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 15 at 23:10

Looks like it's really over, eh? I can celebrate now?

Game one definitely saturday?

I don't know, I think I might be screwed, big project launching at work on Friday the 24th. I think that may be game 3 in Philly.

Flawed Magic post. Coming soon.

Thanks for hanging in there everyone. It's been my absolute pleasure going through this regular season with you. Here's to a bunch more games yet to come.

Enjoyed the 1st season guys, hope the 2nd season is even more enjoyable.

Anyone still at all concerned about Thad's health? 37 minutes today.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 15 at 23:14

Not really, with 3 days at least to rest it and continue to get treatment.

He's back. I'm not worried about him at all. He took a hard foul, and a couple hard falls, showed no effects of the injury.

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