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I had hoped that they faced Boston but a good tight game is good as they go into the playoffs. Intensity, every shot counts, etc....

I hope Iggy stops trying to show off w/ dumb passes. I am really tired of them.

Thought I'd drop this nugget of positivity into your world as the Sixers hang on to beat the Cavs JV team. It's from Hollinger's All-Defensive article, wherein he ranks Iguodala as the second best defender at the small forward position behind LeBron:

"Iggy might be the most underrated defender in the league -- few star players, even the ones on this list, defend the opponent's top scorer every night, but Iguodala does. His adjusted plus-minus this season was ridiculous at minus-7.93 points per 48 minutes, third in the NBA and first among perimeter players. And while that may overstate his impact (all of Philly's starters had big numbers, and all of its subs had terrible ones, indicating some multicollinearity problems), there's no question that he's the most important defender on one of the league's better defensive teams."

Yeah, I saw that today. He also gave Miller a nod as honorable mention at PG, which even I don't agree with.

Iguodala is the second-best SF in the league, and probably will be for the rest of his career.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 23:18

Not if Thad has his way.

True, I retract that statement :)

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 23:21

Paul Pierce and Kevin Durant might disagree with you.

And next year he is a SG anyway.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 23:31

Iguodala is better than three of these -- Pierce, Anthony, James and Anthony? Would disagree on that one.

john reply to Tom Moore on Apr 16 at 13:17

Carmelo Anthony scores a lot of points

He's not exactly known as a lock down defender.

Durant is a volume shooter and a crappy defender as well putting up big numbers on a horrible team whose been in the league for a whole 2 years.

The instant anointing of Durant cause he scores a lot of points on a crap ass team is as reasoned as calling Oden a bust already.

Or as writing an article comparing danny granger and kobe bryant and being focused on PPG

Or judging the MVP in baseball by the number of home runs hit

The times they are a changing and the non web media is moving slower than that slug i saw this morning

Would we all agree that the first game is the most important of the series? Saw Tony D on NBA TV, stated they are going to concentrate on defense. Acknowledged they put Howard down by the hoop and 3 point shooters all around him.

Either the sixers are going to figure out how to defend the 3 and win or it will be a quick series. Your thoughts?

John reply to DeanH on Apr 16 at 21:24

The sixers haven't been able to defend the three since larry brown left basically - don't expect them to figure it out in a couple days :)

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 23:36

oops, sorry -- meant Pierce, Anthony, James and Durant. You could argue Durant, but not the others, IMO.

As for Magic, think it'll go five. Sixers struggle with teams that spread the floor with shooters and have a quick point guard. Throw in Dwight Howard and it's extremely tough. Sixers were outscored 99-39 from 3-point line in the three regular-season losses, with Rashard Lewis having as many 3s as the Sixers' team (13).

Anthony and Durant play zero defense, zero. I think you can make an argument for Pierce, and most people would pick him, but his advantage on offense is a lot smaller than you'd think, statistically, and defensively Iguodala has the edge. Last night's game would tell you differently, but that's how I feel in general.

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 23:37

If Sixers are going to win a game, 1 and 3 would seem to be their best shots.

Alvin reply to Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 23:44

Sounds like last season.

Melo isn't a top 5 SF. I'd rather have Granger even probably.

Anybody know the schedule yet for the playoffs or when it will be available? I have surgery next Wednesday and will not be able to go Wednesday night (I have tickets aready).

They won't be in Philly yet on Wednesday. I think that game will be Thursday at the earliest, I'm hoping it's Thursday or Saturday. I have tix to games 3 & 4, if game 1 is Friday I'm going to have to do some serious bartering with my boss.

I hope you are right for both of us, Thurs and Sat would be perfect.

Ugh, actually, I guess they could be in Philly Wednesday and Friday. Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tue, Thu. If they go every other day.

last time we faced Orlando in the playoffs it was also as a 6 seed in 1999, and we upset the #3 seeded Magic, though it was a 3-1 win in a 5 game series.

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