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Win Number 41

After seeing the box's on NBA TV, when and where did Reggie score 10 pts. in that game?

That was a college team we barely beat. Seriously, would that team have beat 06-07 Florida, or the May-Felton-McCants-Marvin team that won some years back? I don't think so. Especially if you leave West out, as he didn't play down the stretch. May, Felton, McCants, Marvin, Jawad (who actually scores 8 points tonight against us, first time he's ever scored more than 2 in an NBA game), that's a better squad than the starting five of Minnesota or Sacramento right now. They would've beat this team. Even '08 Kansas isn't that much worse than the team we beat. Rush, Chalmers, Arthur, and note that their fourth best starter (Darnell Jackson) played 42 minutes in this game. '04 Uconn's another college team better than the team we played tonight (Gordon, Okafor, Josh Boone, Villanueva, Hilton Armstrong).

Correction, that was a college team that we barely beat. They had more than one chance to win it.

I think we can say that we beat a college team BUT these are the same sixers that lost to the worst teams in the league this year. A win is a win.

I have had enough of depression over the sixers for the past 2 weeks, just glad for a win.

Lets go sixers! Shock the world a 2nd time by beating Micky and his gang!

I don't know, I'd say a close loss (maybe not a blowout) to any team in the league, no matter how bad, is better than eking out a win against the equivalent of the '05 Tarheels. And that's being generous to this team. You have to figure that May-Felton-McCants-Marvin-Jawad, when all healthy, beat Gibson-Jackson-Pavlovic-Szcerbaiak-Wright (with Kinsey coming off the bench) about, say, 6 or 7 times out of 10. And the latter basically was Cleveland's team down the stretch. Maybe a better analogy is '02 Maryland? Juan Dixon, Chris Wilcox, Steve Blake and Lonny Baxter, who had a brief career in the league. I'd say that's close.

Eh, Gibson and Wally would score on either of those teams, just like they did tonight on the hapless Sixers. They didn't play well, that's clear, but they got the win and we move on.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 13:13

They would score some, but UNC would score a ton on them. Maryland isn't quite as good, I admit.

This must feel like the least positive win ever.

But I'm at least satisfied to see that even though the team knew that its play was poor it battled on. We got very lucky but all teams need luck. Hell, it was ugly but it was still a lot better than the rubbish we've seen over the past couple of weeks.

I read somewhere that Iggy led the league in minutes played. Hopefully some rest will give him and Miller a spring in their step. I know that more time will allow Daly and Young to get in better physical shape.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 16 at 8:26

I really hope playing Thad so much doesn't come back to bite them, but mebbe Bri's right that he's just the young buck to handle it...M16's been firing erratically the last few weeks, gonna chalk it up to rookie fatigue and hope with a great off-season and a good coach we'll see surge in consistency next season.

I think the season was a success, considering the major disruptions. Iggy was still Iggy, more or less and so was Miller. Sam's still volatile and Lou's ever the streak. The emergence of Thad tho was something huge to get out of this season. It was a holding pattern year -- it could've been worse -- let's see what the new coach can build for next season.

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