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The Playoff Schedule

you will have no problem getting there using the Broad St (orange) line in plenty of time. no need to waste money on a cab.

Nice, thanks for the tip, Mike.

Rob reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 9:44


Take Broad St.(orange)line and you will be there in 10 minutes.

i think first you just might have to take the Market St line (blue) to get to the Broad St train.

Just our luck, KG might miss the entire playoffs probably the whole first round. A depressing win last night on all fronts.

No way the Sixers could beat the Celtics....even without KG. Pierce and Allen KILL the sixers...
Having said that..Is there a worse team going into the playoffs than the Sixers ? In either conference ? Sixers tried there very best to pull a NY mets but didnt do it...
Avery Johnson picked the sixers to upset the Magic. I never considered him as a guy who drinks on the job but I stand corrected.

Market-Frankford (blue) line from 30th Street eastbound (you have to leave 30th St station and cross the street to enter Septa) to City Hall (1 stop). Then Broad Street (orange) line southbound to the end. You have to take the local on the BSL.

That's pretty much my ride home from work when I take Septa. It's 25-45 min.

Basically, get to Broad Street and follow the small crowd wearing jerseys.

Septa.org has a "plan my trip option" that could help as well.

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