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First Round Matchups: The Shooting Guards

You know they could fix this by moving Iggy to SG and letting Thad be the SF. ;-) Ah, well, another year...

You really tried to make a case but hopeless? Good effort!

I mean I know you HAVE to compare everyone to make it fair but seriously - you should skip this one (and center)

It's worthwhile to get a look at the stats, at least.

I accidentally clicked on advantage Sixers, so yeah, that one vote is me.

Tom Moore on Apr 17 at 8:49

Magic have four players with more than 80 3-pointers this season; Sixers have none (Iggy leads with 80). Lee, who hurt the Sixers' in the Feb. 28 game, and Jameer Nelson, who missed the last 2 1/2 months, had 82, with Rashard Lewis (220) and Hedo Turkoglu (134) at the top of the list. Lewis and Turkoglu combined had more than the entire Sixers team (341).

I put draw. Not that Lee/Pietrus/Reddick is not better than WG/Lou. More that the difference won't impact the outcome IMO.

There could be a close game where one of the Magic SG get hot to win a game, or maybe Lou takes over for a spurt to help the Sixers win a game... But mostly the impact of the SG match-up will be minimal and IMO a wash. It won't be a position either team looks to force an advantage (as opposed to PG or C) nor do I expect a series changing impat by any of the SG's- unless Lou really surprises me.

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