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Orlando Magic Daily Weighs In On The Series

I could see us winning two games. We are playing horribly, but the playoffs are a whole new season. I did like, though, Marc Stein's take on us:

What I like: I love seeing the Sixers back in their old '80s uniforms, taking me back to my early teens every time they're on the TV.

What I don't like: Everything else.

Yeah, I saw that. Didn't really appreciate it :)

Everyone's going crazy over these past seven games, and they should be, the Sixers sucked, but Orlando didn't exactly light the world on fire down the stretch either. They lost to the Knicks, at home, with their full squad playing heavy minutes less than a week ago.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 13:49

This was a subtle touch, but I particularly liked how he had to say who "the two Andres" were. He writes, "there is only so much that the two Andre -- Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala -- will be able to do," in case, you know, you've never heard of these guys. Imagine if he were writing about Miami three years back, or whenever that was, and he says "do they have enough beyond Flash and Superman -- Shaq and Wade -- or will they fall due to a lack of depth"? Except it's worse than that because a casual fan could actually not know their nicknames. This is like, "Wade and Shaq - Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal if you haven't been following these little-known players and don't know them on a first-name and/or last-name basis..."

Tom Moore on Apr 17 at 13:59

Sorry to say I agree -- Magic in five. It's just a bad matchup for the Sixers. The two Andres and Young are going to have to average 60 for the Sixers to have a chance. Not a good sign when you have to outscore a team to win.

Liked that Thaddeus Young told the truth yesterday: "Our defense is horrible right now." That has to change in a hurry. Don't know if it can.

Is it good or bad not to have a go to guy? If you have 3 or 4 guys you're confident in in that situation I think it's better - no guys to key on really - against the heat - you key on wade cause you know ego will be more important than the best play called in that situation so wade will be taking the shot.

Well, I think it's more important to have a go-to play, than a go-to guy.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 16:17

Nothing better than the 1-high, 4-low iso play...works everytime. Sarcasm inserted here...

That is a unique idea. Maybe you should pass on this idea to the sixers.

I don't think offense matters as much as people are saying. That isn't where the team is going to lose this game.

The 2 keys for me are simple...

1. Sammy avoid foul trouble.(impossible)
2. Sixers limit good looks from 3.(impossible)

Because of this, they will lose and it will likely be in 4-5.

Sixers in 6. They have to have offense b/c the opponent is goint to surely put it up.

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 18 at 7:33

The idea I was getting at is that they are capable of playing better defense.(see last year)

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 18 at 12:54

Your keys were valid, it's just that, like you said, impossible. They haven't really been getting either of the two lately (pretty much all year, especially consistency from Sam), so I don't see them coming through with either. I am totally on board with the premise that their defense has been costing them (moreso transition D lately). Orlando is going to pick-and-roll them constantly so their major weakness (defending it) will be exposed throughout.

If they are getting around 60 from the Andres and Thad, will the rest of the guys give us that 35 to 40 that we desperately need. Those games where Lou is close to 20+, or Reggie finds 8-10, or Willie or Marreese realize the playoffs have started, we should be in a favorable position.

I am strongly in agreeance with you that offense isn't where they will lose this series. But since defense has been phantom to these guys since around mid-January, they must convert and get those obscure contributions from others.

Miami flames out. LeBron sees it as being an individual failure. Again, a telling statement. They failed. Won by you or lose as a team. The private failure ended up being to his teammates, to not his own pride and ego.

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