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You just hit the nail on the head. 2 BIG POINTS

1. Everyone is 0-0
2. Sixers have thrived all year when counted out (like this year, hopefully they will be consistent).

Still don't think they will win, but I definitely think their chances are more than what most are giving them.

Tom Moore on Apr 17 at 18:50

Two years ago, Golden State shocked the 67-win Mavs in the first round. But rarely does a team that won 18 fewer games than its opponent win four out of seven from the higher-seeded team. In an NCAA tournament or NFL playoff format, it's more likely because you only have to be better on one day.

Typically, the best team wins these series. Unless the Sixers play at a significantly higher level than they did over the past two weeks, especially at the defensive end, it's going to be tough to outscore the Magic.

Well, that's assuming the Magic are going to play at a significantly better level than they have over the past two weeks. If we're only going on how they finished the season, it's going to be an ugly, close series.

Everyone's assuming the Magic will play at their best and the Sixers will continue to play the same poor basketball they played over the past 7. I'm not sure why.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 19:17

I think we can basically agree that the whole season is a better predictor of how a team will fare in the playoffs than its last two weeks of regular season play. That being the case, I don't expect us to play like one of the five worst teams in the entire league, like we have of late, and I expect Orlando to play pretty well, as they did over the course of the season. I'm sure there have been plenty of 2/7, 1/8, and 3/6 match-ups where the higher seed stumbled a little down the stretch, as upper-echelon teams that have little to play for in the last couple weeks of the season will often do, and I'm sure that usually those stumbles aren't followed by upsets.

Fair enough, but they were playing for home-court advantage in the second round over Boston when they lost to the Knicks at home and Nets on the road to start this limp to the finish.

Ok, look, we can all agree that the Magic is a better team this year. Everyone does not have to keep reminding us of that constantly. We understand.

On the other hand, this is a sixer FAN blog. Can we talk as fans about winning and how to win without a constant reminder it probably will not happen, please??

This is what I would enjoy reading? Any thoughts?

I'm going to spend plenty of time over the next two days talking about Sixers' advantages. Don't worry.

Joe reply to DeanH on Apr 18 at 7:36

How to compete/win:

Sammy avoiding foul trouble and the team forcing all of Howard's buddies to beat them from inside the arc.

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