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I have 1 request for the sixers. Don't let the Magic have open 3's all game long. ONce in a while I understand, but we need to stay w/ your man.

If we lose guarding the 3, so is it but I we usually do not lose by guarding the 3.

Brian, good post overall... but I disagree with sending 5 men to the boards.

I say you risk letting the shooter follow their shot. The guy guarding the 3 point shooter MUST run out on the break. If the 63% of the time the 3pt shot misses the Sixers turn it into a cherry picking dunk by Thad or Iguodala they will balance out Orlando's advantage. Also, it will get in the other teams head if they no every missed jumper is leading to break-aways.

Agree, it is key to stay honest and cover the shooters. They cannot over-help like we have seen (Thad is the biggest culprit.) Also, it is hard to get every rebound on long shots- especially against Howard.

But even with these risks, I think it would e shortsighted NOT to try and get run-outs every time Orlando jacks up a 3. Be agressive... let them know that when they miss there will be a an immediate consequence of a Sixer showboating a dunk on the other end. I'd even have them give out a KG like scream of the player who missed the three (if that did not result in a T.) Lets here a loud HEDO every time his errant 3 results in an Iguodala jam.

Or let them 'hear' it if you want to be grammatically correct. Yet again my fingers outrun my filter.

My point was that they don't need to leak to get the fast break advantage and I think long offensive rebounds will be more detrimental, and more likely, than cherry-picked dunks if we have Thad or Iggy leaving early. Stay on your man, make sure you get the rebound, then run.

I do think cheating out on the break has a lot to do with poor defensive rebounding and also the three-pointers allowed.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 0:34

Thad's overall board numbers are down as a direct result of this.

Almost all of those threes, if misses, will be long boards. Our defensive rebounding has suffered more times than not b/c of long bounces off the rim on missed shots. The stop doesn't actually occur until the board is secured, which makes it priority number one before we have a chance, to convert on a possession.

I think what Brian meant is that we secure the defensive rebound. Then Iggy/Thad/Lou start to run and honestly I don't see the Magic keeping up with either of them. I think our quickness advantage is so huge we don't have to run before we secure the ball.

I agree with everything here, I have no problems forcing Alston to be the guy to score. And I agree that they don't use Howard anywhere as well as they should. Don't double him much, and definitely don't give him 3-point opportunities.

I hear you and Brian... but I've seen so many WG and CWebb jumpers turn into fast breaks when their defenders leak out on the shot. Its the kind of thing that has a immediate and psychological effect on the shooters.

Teams rarely send 5 guys to the boards. Ussually the PG or SG leaks out. The Sixers have an advantage having Miller and Iguodala, who have a nose for rebounds and great at passing ahead. Send them to the boards when Lewis shoots and let Thad leak (or Iguodala on Hedo's shots.) Probably Alson would hav to run back, but he could not stop either Iguodala or Thad (or Lou for that matter.)

Its not that you can't run with 5 men crashing the boards- but its so easy for Thad to get an uncontested dunk if he leaks. Also, it forces all sorts of rotations shifting back from Orlando, which can be disruptive on their offense.

I don't think it is enough to just try and defend the three. They need to punish Orlando for jacking up all of those outside shots. They need to turn those shots into the Sixers strength- which is running. If the Sixers do not force the pace by leaking out they are to an extent conceding the pace and style of play.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 19 at 0:37

But leaking out alone does not force the pace. Securing possessions leads to opportunity to dictate pace.

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