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Run, Run, Run

"Even when you don't have the numbers, get the ball up the floor and get the ball into the hands of one of your playmakers so he can get into the paint before Howard is entrenched."

Getting into early offense before the defense has a chance to set is something DiLeo harped on as soon as he took over as coach. It worked really well for us and paid dividends but late in the season it was as if we didn't execute this nearly as much. It was probably b/c the guys were just worn down with the heavy schedule of games and travel.

But as soon as he became coach he stated publicly that he wanted to run, even off makes or misses not just turnovers. We succeeded with this principal and it would bode well to have this mindset and gameplan implemented at every available opportunity.

I think the extra day off is really going to help the Sixers. They've just had a murderous schedule over the past 40 days or so. Hopefully we'll see a renewed dedication to the run now that they're recharged their batteries.

I guess I'd rather be a better team off of set plays and in the half-court than a better team on the break. Of course, I'd prefer to be a better team in both but if you have to choose, you want to be better in the phase of the game that comprises the majority of possessions, not the minority.

Absolutely, this is why it's vitally important to create more transition opportunities. They need to shift the percentage of plays run in the half court vs. run in the open court. If they can't, it's going to be tough to compete.

Alvin reply to Tray on Apr 18 at 21:20

In the half court, I figure they will try to contain Iggy which means a few things: 1) Miller posting up Alston, 2) Giving Thad the ball at every opportunity, 3) The Lou/Speights combo.

Since the Magic's 4 is Rashard Lewis I'd give Marshall 10 MPG, but I'm not the coach.

Bryon reply to Tray on Apr 19 at 1:02

Typically, in an NBA game, the phase of majority of possessions (half court) usually evens out. The phase of minority possessions is normally what decides it. Whether it be fast break points, free throws, or 2nd chance points, to name a few. These parts of the game generally are less pronounced but no less important.

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