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10-Man Rotation?

It will probably never happen but with Rashard Lewis on the other end I really don't see the point of putting Evans on the floor. Marshall/Lewis will be far more interesting, especially since Marshall can do more offensively where we're likely to struggle. Even if he doesn't score he'll stretch the defense, which is never a bad thing.

Yeah, I've grown tired of asking for it. I think if we do see Donyell, it'll only be in a desperation situation, down by 10 with 6 minutes to go or something.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 1:09

If he insists on playing Reg, then just give half of his 12 minutes to Donyell. His value, even taking into account misses on wide open looks, is highly under

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 1:11


You have 10 too many minutes.

48 X 5 = 240. You have 250 minutes allotted.

I'll go with...

* Iguodala: 43
* Miller: 40
* Thad: 39
* Lou: 23
* Dalembert: 25
* Willie: 25
* Ratliff: 15
* Evans: 13
* Speights: 9
* Ivey: 8

I wouldn't bet a penny on it though, because I don't have a damn clue.

You have 10 too many minutes.

48 X 5 = 240. You have 250 minutes allotted.

I was banking on double OT. :)

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 23:18

If it can get that far, I'd like our chances. We have better athletes, plain and simple.

Of our 5 key players, I would group them as:

All-Star: Iggy (even though he's never officially been one he is in my book)

Young and talented: Thad, Lou, Sammy

Veteran Presence: Miller

We pretty much know what we're getting from Miller. I think for us to make a serious run in this playoffs, we need two of the other four to step it up big time (i.e. play out of their minds, take their game to a new level). Whether it's Iggy becoming a legitimate superstar or one of the other three playing like an All-Star, I think if we could get two such "leaps" we could make things interesting.

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