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Perspective On The Magic

Excitement abounds!

Good, poignant write-ups. Let's shock the world! (Well, really just the talking heads, so-called).

Hmm, but they were 14-5 against non-playoff teams. I just don't know how much you can make of a 17-game sample against playoff teams. Playoff isn't even a great cutoff, you've got teams that, 20 games ago, were nearly in the playoffs and missed it (maybe even teams that were in the playoffs?), teams in the West that would be 5 seeds in the East (Phoenix), teams that wouldn't have been in the playoffs at the time they played them that are now... I'd be more interested in how they played against teams in the .400 to .600 range, as opposed to taking heart because they played mediocre-ly against a sample that includes Cleveland.

Actually, they played well against cleveland.

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