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I won't write out Boston so quickly. If Chicago were to win a game at the garden it'd be in Game 1. Just like we surprised the Pistons last season and Detroit regrouped, Boston will do the same. How many 1/12 shooting nights has Ray Allen had in his career? I think Chicago can push Boston hard but I still fancy Boston to go through.

I couldn't even stand the LeBron and the Cavs BEFORE they got this good.

Perhaps Portland will recover. It's a seven-game series
so it's a long way to go yet. But I kinda like Houston they are all business and are a tough team and a great defensive unit. Battier, Artest, Scola and Mt. Mutombo getting it done. I find them great to watch, especially now that less players care about defense anymore.

ray allen was pretty awful in the playoffs last year too, at least for the 1st 3 rounds.

More likely to win their series...

Spurs or Bulls?

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Bulls. I, selfishly, wanted us to beat Cleveland in the last game so we could draw Orlando because 1)I thought we had a better shot against them and, 2)I felt the Bulls were a tough out for Boston. So if we can somehow pull this so-called 'upset' off in the 1st round, we possibly could be playing the Bulls with homecourt advantage to boot.

Also just noticed...

"Big day of baseball to open the 2009 NBA playoffs. Here are some quick thoughts on the games:"

I probably wouldn't want to see your thoughts on the baseball played yesterday. :)

ugh. Yeah, not really in the mood to talk baseball today.

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