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Sixers @ Magic: Game 1

Lets get it. A lot of people expecting a blowout in game one. I don't see it. Thad is going to drop 35

This preview on comcast is getting me hyped.

Did they give keys for the game? Zumoff calling for extended lunchpailing for Evans?

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 17:29

Iguodala redeeming himself from last years playoffs and taking the ball to the rim at the beginning of the game to get into a rhythm

Miller needs to score, post up Alston, etc.

Thaddeus needs to play as he was before he got hurt

I missed the defensive keys, but im sure it was limit 3s and DH

Charles is sure looking good. I wonder if TNT will spend any time talking about this Sixers game in the 10 minutes leading up to the tip.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 17:37

They talked alright, Kenny saying we won't win a game and Charles thinking the Magic have a cakewalk to the Eastern Finals? Say what?

Steve reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 17:39

im glad theyre doubting us. Wait until after the game when we win theyre going to say how terrible orlando played and give us no credit.

Alright, you guys know the lineups. The announcers are pretty confident it won't be one-on-one for Howard in the post, I hope they're wrong.


Lee looks nervous. rookie.

Sammy one-on-one. Two long jumpers on O. Not good.

Good foul by Miller.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 17:52

Yea let's see how superman he is knocking down those freebies.

Take his ass to the hole Thad. Can WG just give us 10 pts this game? Only 10....

Courtney Lee looks like he's about to shit himself.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 17:54

Well if he did, it was a brick in his pants after that 1st shot.

There we go. Athleticism on display. Two straight and-ones for Thad.

2 on Sammy. Prevented a dunk. Let's see how Theo does it.

Two hard fouls on Howard, stopped two sure dunks.


Defense obviously wins, but we have to put up at least 25 every quarter. A must.

Theo can't waste fouls on perimeter players

the shell of Theo's former self should be able to not let Howard blow up

Lot of whistles early. Magic getting the benefit of them.

What the hell is TNT doing with this team role crap below player infos?

That is so lame. "3PT King?" Give me a break.

Stan sounds like he's going to cry in the huddle. King of panic.

Actually Game strategy brought to you by World of Warcraft might be the lamest sport thing ever.

Man Miller is communicating his tail off out there. Even calling out the play a few min. back.

Dwight seems shocked that he was called on a foul - and then the refs give a needless foul to Thaddeus Young as an apology

Two on Thad, that hurts.

Sending Dwight to the line.

Two on Hedo, that's big.

Atta boy, Iggy. Atta boy.

Smart, Lou, smart.

Bad ending to a pretty good quarter. GOtta make the free throws

Alright, up two at the end of the first. when does dileo get Thad and Sam back in?

Steve reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 18:12

Dwight might sit to start the quarter, so whenever he comes back Dileo should bring sam back. I trust thad to play with two fouls.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 18:13

Will he give more minutes to Reg now that Thad is in trouble? Or will he take a chance on a green Sp8's?

Probably depend on results. If Howard's out, he may go w/ Speights at the 5. Save Theo and Sam for when he's in there.

If Lou is sticking threes, that changes everything.

Speights w/ two huge boards. Where did that come from?

Put Iggy in the post on Hedo. Get that third foul.

Ugh, Iggy's out. nevermind.

Courtney Lee plays guys - defense helps

We really miss Sam.

With no paint presence, they are just spreading the floor and letting their guys dribble drive. And succeeding.

Yeah, no one to guard the hoop w/ Sam and Theo out of there.

Beautiful play. Iggy draws Howard, dumps it to Theo for an easy deuce.

Heck yea Iggy, don't settle for the jumper.

Can we not go back to that camera angle, please.

2nd unit letdown with scoring in this quarter. 19 isn't going to cut it.

Okay, that was a dominant first half for Dwight Howard and the Sixers led most of the way. You stick with that game plan and do a better job of keeping Courtney Lee out of the lane.

This was a good first half for the Sixers, they did exactly what they needed to. Keep Thad on the floor and things will be fine.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 18:55

They made one three, they lead by four. Yeah, dominant first half from Howard, but he'll continue to dominate as long as we single-team him.

Iggy (10), Miller (10), Thad (9), Lou (8) all scoring the ball pretty well. Neither Miller nor Iggy have gone to the line. That needs to change. Thad has gone to the line 4 times, keep that up.

Orlando just 1/7 from three. Sixers are doing an excellent job of rotating to the open man. That three came on the very first shot of the game by Alston.

Who are the Magic playing? Can't tell from this halftime show.

Webber is apparently the only one who watched the first half.

Interesting halftime show...CWebb still has a l'il Sixer in him, huh? Or maybe just logical mind at work. He sounded like Brian up there, lol.

Only 3 TOs from each team. Wow.

Excellent work on the defensive glass by the Sixers in the first half. they grabbed 15 out of 19, 79%.

Here's the question. Will Van Gundy make better halftime adjustments than DiLeo, or will he spend the entire time yelling at the top of his lungs in a state of panic?

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:02

You really dislike Stan don't ya?

We actually made more 3-pointers than the Magic in the first half. (2-1).

We're edging it in rebounds, but the Magic are taking care of the ball, with only 3 turnovers. Our FG% has suffered as a result, at 46.5% while they have shot 51.3%.

It's hard to think of what we can do better. Hopefully Daly can stay on the court longer because his rebounding is critical. I'm glad that although Howard has scored easily, he hasn't been too dominant on the glass.

We're still in with a fighting chance at the half. Hopefully we can pull this one off.

Nice start to the half.

Oh, and three points from Turkoglu + Lewis, one 3PM, and they still lead by 4.

Or you could say the defensive strategy is working. Orlando is doing what the Sixers want them to do, which is the goal, right?

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:15

I'd say it's unlikely that it'll work that well this whole game or the whole series, and that even when it works they win anyway because they have the league's best big man.

Ugh. Willie fouls a three-point shooter. come on.

Damn Willie. Can we get him off the court?

Joe reply to Alvin on Apr 19 at 19:08

It really has gotten ridiculous with him. Iguodala is not allergic to playing the 2 from time to time...

Do I see a Third Quarter Collapse?

3 second violation from our PG

Never thought I'd say this, but we need Lou Williams back in this game, and STAT

OK, there's the punch. Down 10 points. How do the Sixers react?

Go to one of your mismatches and get a good shot out of the timeout here.

Donyell time?

will, andre i, thad, donyell, speights

i dare them

There we go. Thad in the post w/ Turk on him. And-one. Great call out of the break.

As stated above, he even took Lou out early in the 2nd. He didn't play his usual amount of minutes.

I think that had to w/ courtney lee abusing him.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:21

But he brought in Willie...

Fair point.

Went to Thad straight out of the timeout. I liked that one.

WTF? Did Sammy do anything to warrant that foul? He's going to pick his fourth now. Damnit.

uhm. wow.

Miler wtf man? That is like 3 terrible possessions in a row by him along with his pitiful D.

F me. Just pitiful basketball.

They are ok if they can get it around 6-8 before the end of the quarter. Just absorb this hit.

Yeah Lou... that helps. Great shot fucker.

beautiful, right? Gets burned on a slow rotation on the other end, then chucks up that b.s. jumper. not what we need right now.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 19:28

And it was early in the clock wasn't it.

are we allowed to decide this in a 1 on 1 pickup game, iguodala v dwight howard? we might have a better shot

Miller is absolutely dead.

Joe reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 19:33

Reminds me of Chad Durbin last year once August came around. Thanks for getting us here, but we can't even use you anymore you are so out of gas.

4 on Sammy. Guess we won't see him the rest of the game, according to DiLeo's "Two per half" philosophy with him.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:39

Guess he's banking on overtime to use up his other two.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 19 at 19:35

Ball is dead this quarter. No movement, no slashing. Wha' happened?

Howard going to the lockerroom? A glimmer of hope for the series?

Down 14 heading into the fourth. Do they have a run in them?

Anyone else notice Lou dribble the ball to within about a foot of Thad when he had excellent post position? WTF was that? He created a double on Thad when he eventually got the ball.

Donyell sighting.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 19:43

Tony doesn't realize he's dressed, until Tony becomes master of panic.

Donyell seeing minutes. Three for IV.

Do I see Marshall?

Still not a single foul shot for Iggy.

Ivey showing some heart. You'd expect nothing less.

Turnover, three in transition to push it back to 16. Killer.

Donyell gets it right back.

Get it under ten right here, first possession out of the timeout.

When neither Iggy nor Miller are scoring well I guess Marshall launching threes is as good a strategy as any. Unless we give the ball to Thad, of course.

How about going big when Howard comes back in. Dalembert, Donyell, Thad, Iggy, Miller?

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:48


Come on, chop and chop somemore.

Alright, 6 points. Let's fucking go.

Good pass Lou.

At least I see some fight here. Iggy going for his customary rest. Get Thad in there please.

There we fuckin go Miller!

It is right there for the taking...

Gee, Donyell comes in, they go on a run. That's never happened before.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:53

LOL +11 from Donyell. He has played pretty well out there. Almost got that o reb on that free throw. He forced Shard into a reasonably hard runner. Made a 3. Grabbed a couple boards.

Three-point fucking game. Let's go. 6:26 left.

These guys were born to run.

GO, Sixers!

That side pick and roll with Lou and Donyell needs more attention. Run it.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 19:58

I mean, it is your quickest penetrator and your best shooter Tony. Good combo.

Make free throws starting now. Thanks.

Good foul.

Shit call. that ball went over the backboard. Costing them points too. motherfucker. that's at least two or three bad out of bounds calls.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 19:59

Yea, quite a few early in the 1st half.

Love that foul by Marshall. That's what we're talking about. Playoff basketball, never let the guy take the o-board and dunk it in.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Apr 19 at 19:58

I don't know why Howard's making his free throws today though.

Wait... a play to Lou? What?


FUCK YEAH, tie ballgame.

MARSHALL! Does DiLeo think Marshall is allergic to the first 3 quarters, or what?

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 19 at 20:02

Sadly, he's allergic to Marshall.

Wait? Who's ball is it after the Time?


Come on guys, we can do this.

Howard should not get another shot up. Foul him every time as far as I'm concerned. Make him earn every single point.

Yeah definitely unless he well outside the lane.

Good foul by Iggy.

Switch everything right now, if you get a small on Howard, foul the shit out of him.

Just like that with Miller.


What. a. look.

Iggy finally headed to the line.

arghh make your free throws!!

Iggy misses both. Pitiful. Howard slam on the other end. Orlando up 3. 49.1 left. Don't need a three here.

He completely choked on those. The first one wasn't even close. Damnit.

Pretty horrible misses by Iguodala there. Neither were close. He didn't follow through on either.

3 point game.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 20:26

I had said on here during the Clev. game the other night that he tends to tilt or fall backwards towards the end of the release.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 22:19

I noticed it live but just saw a replay and his arms fell right out of the shot after release. He never tried to hold on either of them.

Iggy is a star, but he won't be as bright until he can knock them down at a better rate from the line.


98-98, and the Sixers will get another look. 34 seconds to go. 2 for 1 for the Sixers.

How can you have no excuse to play Marshall now?

No easy shots, send them to the line esp. DH.

I'd like to see Sammy in there instead of Theo probably. Just saying.,

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 20:24

He fouls out with 4.

No, don't run the iso with Iggy.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 20:14

go-to play, not go-to guy, like B said..

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 20:15


Here we go. 98-98, 12.5 seconds left. 11 on the shot clock.


Make sure the shot at least hits the rim.

Wow, in the first game of the playoffs, we get the dilemma. 12.5 seconds, game tied, who's your money on?

Please go to Thad.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 19 at 20:14

can you frikkin belieeeve this?! impressive is not the word for this comeback. incredible!


Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 20:17

If Iggy only would have made those free throws, he wouldn't have had to take such a tough jumper. Turk was all over him:)


Oh my goodness.


2.2 oh my fucking god. What a shot.

Fuck yes. Motherfucker.






Pundits and analysts put that in your pipe and smoke it!


IGGY!!!!!!!!!!! WE WIN!

Iguodala has become THE MAN!!

Sixers haters: suck it. Suck it long and hard


Cant wait to hear kenny smith eat shit from cwebb at half hahaha that was sickkk

They probably won't even mention it. They'll just talk about how great Brandon Roy is.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 20:27

Anyway did anyone see Mutombo yesterday I heard he was amazing, rolling back the years as though he has been consuming some age-defying elixir.

Bryon reply to steve on Apr 19 at 20:29

Or how they'll say how terrible Orlando played.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 20:30

No matter how badly one team plays, the other team still has to go out and win the game.

where are the iguodala haters?

lurking, i'm sure.

by the way, check out Philadunkia's take on the series. This is a direct quote from that joker:

"The second misconception is that Andre Iguodala is our best player. For my money he's the third best player on the Sixers."

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 21:10

I was actually watching the game. That said, he made a lot of long twos under duress tonight. He's almost a better shooter guarded than open.

How many times have you seen a team come from 18 down to win a playoff game on the road in 13 minutes?

on the road, to boot.

We had just as many points in the paint and 2 more three pointers than they did. With the best center in the league. And all those shooters. gotta love it.

Real and Speightacular on Apr 19 at 20:44

Iggy's ridiculous winning shot aside, Donny M really won that game. Props to DiLeo for staying with him for once. Incredible game. Orlando's gotta be shakin their heads. They say a playoff series doesn't really start til someone loses at home. Well, it's AWWWWWN!

Lee was a revelation this game. We'll see how both sides respond to this.

Great LOVE/hate game for Iguodala. I know my emotions ran the gammut down the stretch... from those missed FT's and quick 3 to his ultimate clutch shot. What a roller coaster final few minutes.

Ignoring the ending minutes, was happy with Iguodala bouncing back from '08 and hitting shots in the playoffs. He was able to take advantage of a gimpy Hedo- which he has to do.

As usual, it was a pleasure watching the game with you guys. Thanks for taking part.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 0:04

Thanks for hosting this one man. What would be the playoffs be without DepressedFan?

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