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Player of the game: Donyell

Yup. Absolutely. It took a desperate situation to get him in there, but man did he ever deliver.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 20:49

I just wish it wouldn't take panic mode for him to appear.

Alvin reply to Joe on Apr 19 at 20:34

The most clutch player this team has seen in a while.

Wow! That shot Iggy made for the win was a really tough shot.

Another couple of guys who did a yeoman's work was Williams and especially Theo. I always thought Theo should have gotten some more minutes this year.

deepsixersuede on Apr 19 at 20:42

Brian, one thing that bothered me is taking Thad out for Donyell when sliding Iggy to the 2 with Thad AND Donyell could work even better.

Yeah, I didn't really see why to DiLeo, Thad and Marshall are mutually exclusive. But I guess it was hard to take Williams off the floor, and we need at least one big.

When Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston take more shots than Turkoglu and Lewis, it should be a good thing.

Don't forget Sam. His errant elbow may have single handedly given the Sixers the chance to get back in this one ;)

The team will need a different guy to step up each night. Tonight it was Yell, hopefully Thad, Miller and maybe even Speights can step up in the coming games.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 19 at 20:54

If I'm not mistaken it wasn't even Sam who got him. Forget who it really was.

It was Iggy on the follow through, I think. That was a BS call on Sam for his fourth foul, just like his 3rd was BS.

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 20:57

It looked like ti was Iguodala on the play, but the announcer swore it was Dalembert before the contact from Iggy.(if I remember right)

I was typing during the replay I think.

Happil going to bed after watching it streming on a crappy turkish tv... they were pretty sad when Turk airballed the last shot...

SIXERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw the Turks!

Astounding win. 42 points from the bench. We won the rebounding battle. We shot 51% from the field, 7-12 from downtown.

Every player grabbed a board. Everyone but Speights scored a point. This was a team victory, obviously the most important one of the season.

I liked this matchup better than Boston or Cleveland, and at least tonight it looked like a good matchup for us.

What were the going odds that the Sixers would hit MORE 3pt shots than Orlando?

ORL: 5/18
PHL: 7/12

If the Sixers ht more 3's than the Magic I'm [retty confident they take the series...

Tray reply to tk76 on Apr 19 at 21:11

Me too (although, if they continue to outscore us from the line and get huge efforts from Howard, they could conceivably win the series while getting outshot from three), but what do you suppose are the odds that that happens?

About the same as the odds it would happen tonight.

But seriously, maybe Hedo and Lewis are hurting a bit. I'll take any advantage the Sixers can get- even at the 3 pt line. Keep putting Donyell in a position to succeed and they might just be able to hit their fair share.

Well, I said iguodalas inconsistency from the line would cost the sixers 1-2 games. This was one, but they still pulled it out. IMO that bodes very well for the series

How fitting is it that on the Donyell three to tie it up, the Magic were the ones scrambling on defense after an offensive board, and couldn't rotate and matchup, resulting in a made three.

they've gotta win 2 of the next 3 if they want this series, imo.

Tom Moore on Apr 19 at 22:00

How about these plus-minus numbers:

Starters: -31

Bench: +41

Marshall was the difference, especially that 3-pointer to tie it at 98-98 after Iguodala missed the two free throws.

The old adage is it's not a playoff series until somebody wins on the road. It's on -- could be quite a series.

Just heard the guy say on the tube that the Sixers shot 74% in the 4th quarter. Wow.

DiLeo just said..."he's our go-to player...", fine but is that going to be the only go-to play we use from here on out? Seems so being they used it twice in the last few games. Interesting.

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