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Sixers 1, Orlando 0

On your rotations chart, you quoted that he had a quick hook for Thad right before halftime and you didn't know why. He was trying to get him out of there b/c he had 2 fouls at that point. Saving him I guess, from the mental pressure that could have come if he picked up his 3rd before going into the 2nd half.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 19 at 22:33

BTW, the Up Next is a classic.

Good point on the fouls. I think I was a little surprised because DiLeo took him out at what seemed like a crucial juncture. They just lost the lead.

Chuck likes favorites. In any 1-8, 2-7, or 3-6 matchup where 3 has won 18 more games than 6, he's going to say that. My prediction of Magic in 6, though, still stands. I will say that it inspires some confidence in the long-term future of the franchise when Iguodala makes huge shots in the playoffs. Next game, I hope, will be a big Thad coming-out affair.

I'm a little worried that DiLeo is going to choose Donyell over Thad for the fourth quarter the rest of the way.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 1:29

Like I said a thread or two back, I don't see why Donyell and Thad are an either/or. A Miller-Iguodala-Marshall-Young-Dalembert/Ratliff lineup is just fine. Hopefully just a function of how unusually well Williams was playing that he felt compelled to go with the three guards, Marshall and Ratliff rather than play Young with Marshall.

"First, Willie (17 minutes), Reggie (9 minutes), and Speights (6 minutes) all saw their roles cut significantly,.."

And two of the three above, guess where those minutes and roles cut significantly went to....Donyell. But I worry more that it was a forced hand and not a played hand. We'll see...

Here's the good news: DiLeo was faced with a huge hole to climb out of in the fourth. Typically, he goes to Reggie Evans in that situation to play his psycho defense, and it fails.

Tonight, for whatever reason, he made the right call with Donyell. Every time this happened in the regular season, it meant regular minutes for Donyell over the next handful of games. That's excellent news considering the next handful of games will be playoff games. And hopefully his minutes will truly come out of Evans' share, and not Thad's.

Oh, and the Magic sure must be wishing they drew the Heat. Just 64 points tonight.

64 points for the Heat, and 65 commercials with Dwyane Wade during the TNT triple-header tonight.

Hopefully DiLeo does wake up and stick with Ratliff/Marshall/Young/Iggy/Miller. That's the best chance we've got in those situations. I like having out there but it's even better having Young.

Lou played well down the stretch, so it's not like it's a clear choice. I do think the big lineup w/ Marshall at the four is probably the best offensive lineup we can put on the floor, though.

Good points by several on the Donyell for Thad dilemma. But Tray hit it a few threads back when he stated that he wanted to keep Lou on the floor and we have to have one big at all times.

While it may be the best offensive lineup, what did SVG have on the floor at this same time period for us to matchup defensively? You would have Thad or Donyell on either Hedo or Rashard. Would they try to post up Hedo on Thad if Rashard was the best option of the two for Donyell to guard?

I think Rashard has an obvious advantage on Thad in the post but they only went to it, like, three times and I know they converted on two of them. If Rashard is posting him up then he shouldn't be at anymore of a disadvantage with Hedo.

Or maybe he feels he has to keep at least one guy that can break down the defense with penetration in Lou being on the floor. Iggy can break it down consistently can't he?

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