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What a tough shot. It's unreal that he hit it, and frankly it was a prayer with less than 10% chance.

I'm a little confused why everyone has the "Man that shot was awesome, but..." comments. If Kobe, LeBron, Wade or anybody else hits that shot everybody would be on their nuts. When Iguodala hits it (once again) people call it lucky and complain about his consistency. I don't get it.

Alvin reply to Jordan on Apr 19 at 23:16

I don't know about the rest, but I would say the same. It's the nature of the shot, not really who's taking it.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Apr 19 at 23:17

Unless it's Dirk, who is an awesome shooter and his fadeaway is his go-to shot anyway.

Howard, Superman himself, still seemed relaxed.

"There is no need to panic," said Howard. "It's just the first game."

Uh-oh, he didn't just say the magic word did he? Hope Stan didn't hear him.

He can't do anymore than he did tonight, he can sleep well.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 9:18

True, he just better hope his coach wasn't within ear-shot to hear the 'p' word. :)

I think people are overanalyzing the shot. It had about a 20% chance of going in and that was the design.

It was a tie game and the design was the milk the clock so the shot was "pretty much" the last shot make or miss. If he had missed, they would have come down with the ball with 1 second left.

It was a fine play IMO. Now, had this been a situation where there was a 7 second difference in the shot clock and game block(not 2) then I think a completely different play would have been called.

Great play call and I would be saying that in any situation.(assuming no air ball, which would have been terrible)

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