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For Once, The Schedule Should Help

I disagree with you. I think the extra day will help their 2 ailing players more than us, IMO. But, as the series goes on, I do believe it will help us more so due to the 1 day rest thereafter. Good for our "older guys" but does not help ailing people much.

I tend to disagree as well. For one we have some older guys yes, but Marshall only played 11 minutes and is the most well-rested player (that plays) we have at this point in the season. I am sure his individual prep has gotten him ready for increased minutes in the playoffs. He just has an "always ready" mentality. Sam only played 17 minutes so he should be fresh as long as his shoulder is okay.

As far as the Magic though we are talking about two critical players on their team that are hurt. And the type of injuries they have plays a part as well. Knee tendinitis and recovering ankle injury I'd like to get them right back on the court with little rest and treatment as possible. Rather not let any soreness subside much.

Besides that we just beat them with a nice game plan. I'd prefer them to have less time to regroup strategically and put Van Gundy right back in the coaching box (hot seat) having to deal with less prep time and more immediate pressure.

I agree with Dean here. Lewis has been playing with that tendonitis before it went public when they rested him down the stretch. I think the extra days help Hedo substantially with his ankle though. I don't expect him to be as gimpy offensively, and defensively he seemed kind of happy-footed, retreating and such, instead of getting a good plant on that foot with better control of his lateral movement.

Tendinitis isn't something that's going to get better w/ 3 days of rest. I'm not sure Hedo's ankle played any role at all in his play. For my money, the Sixers need a full-speed Andre Miller to have any shot in this series or any other. With a short turnaround time, he wouldn't be full speed. Not after that regular season.

Gdog2004 on Apr 20 at 13:59

A great win by the sixers...yes shocking to probably everyone. I picked them not to win another game and they happily shocked me. I hope Dileo continues to go to Donyell...he IS our Robert Horry.

Joe reply to Gdog2004 on Apr 20 at 14:46

Robert Horry... another player who typical interpretations of statistics don't do justice. Career PER of 13.4. Donyell comes in at 16.7 for his career.(about what Lou got this year. LOL) Yes, I'm cherry picking a bit.

I tend to prefer these interpretations...
92 draft
94 draft

Horry v. Marshall

Not sure what my point was. I guess that Marshall had a great career.

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