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Mission Accomplished?

Tom Moore on Apr 20 at 16:02

Just have to look back to last year's Detroit series to know winning Game 1 on the road isn't enough.

Again, all this "the press is counting us out, the opponent is counting us out" stuff might make good, I don't know, coaching or pep rally material, but as blogging, I don't see that it's really necessarily to always be harping on how the other team doesn't respect us. For one thing, I don't believe that at all. I didn't see a team that didn't respect us. I saw a team that let up once they took a huge lead and probably didn't sufficiently respect Marshall and Ivey's shot, or Ratliff's shot-blocking. Now they will. But even if they don't respect us, I can't see taking it personally. Who can blame them? Last Wednesday Cleveland tried to hand a win to us, couldn't have done anything more to lose the game other than bringing back Ricky Davis to shoot at the wrong basket, and we had to go into overtime to squeak by by two points. And we were actually playing for something, a .500 record and the 6th seed, and the honor of being just the second team to beat Cleveland at Cleveland. Hard to take us seriously, you know? You seem to think Orlando's secretly a bit of a lightweight because they just lost at New York; imagine what they think of a team coming off a six-game losing streak against Eastern lottery teams and teams that had their seeds wrapped up, only to end it by beating a college team in overtime.

I saw a team that let up once they took a huge lead

That's a lack of respect if you ask me. In general, I didn't really mean for this to be a lack of respect post. That's part of it, but more I meant this as a don't let up post. Four road teams won the first game on the road over the weekend, at least one or two of them will follow it up by getting completely blown out because the intensity wasn't there in game two. The Sixers can't do that.

I agree 100% with you Brian. If the sixers can win this 2nd game, it will cause alot of chaos in the Magic locker room. I looked at the list on the Magic blog (http://www.thirdquartercollapse.com/pages/orlando-magic-philadelphia-76ers), we need to get them doubting. Right now, they consider it a fluke. Next game is more important than the first now that it is done.

Tom Moore on Apr 20 at 19:30

If you want to dream -- and it's premature because this series is far from over -- what if the Sixers and Bulls win? The Sixers would have home-court advantage in the second round.

Don't want to get ahead of myself, but if it does happen, I'd be worried. Sixers don't play well as favorites :)

As a pro, if your goal is not to win every game, you shouldn't be out there.

Game 1 was a job very well done, an amazing victory against the odds. But that's over now and we have six attempts to beat the Magic 3 more times. But looking at it from a game-to-game perspective, you know that if you go 2-0 up on the road you put yourself in a really good position.

Just as we have no answer for Dwight Howard, they have no answer for our athleticism and running ability.

We can win this series.

Brian: 'Forget 1-1. At this point, coming home 1-1 is a failure. You must win this second game. That has to be your attitude going in. Your back is against the wall until you win that second game, play like it.' - truer words have never been spoken.
honestly i really do think that game 2 is the series.

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