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A Closer Look At Gm. 1 Stats

Brian, not sure if you've seen this.


Wow, that's the first time I've seen it in slow motion, he made about 10 moves and covered like 12 feet in a second to get that shot off, Hedo was still all over him, Iggy just out jumped him to get it off. Amazing shot.

No doubt a dunk is far less damaging than a 3. Beyond the demoralizing effect, when a team like the Magic (or the Jazz) are draining their 3s, it feels like a much tougher task on O to outscore them.

Indeed, the difference was our offense. Of course, it may well be the case that had we doubled Howard, they would've scored a lot more; I certainly wouldn't say that, because Orlando was offensively as good as they always were, the strategy didn't make a big difference in our favor.

On another note, imagine if we had signed Gordon instead of Brand. 42 points tonight, 14-24, 6-11 from three. (Of course, I suppose his man, Allen, scored quite a bit too, but on a team with our defense, he'd be less of a problem in that regard.) We'd be quite a solid team. Of course, we'd also be committing ourselves to playing Young at the four for the forseeable future. That said, with Duncan slowly fading into the downside of his career, Stoudemire looking like he'll never have a contender built around him, and... not many other notable fours who you have to worry about in the playoffs (maybe West and Aldridge one day but Thad can guard them), does that really matter right now?

Joe reply to Tray on Apr 21 at 7:37

Gordon's shooting would be nice. He is one of the best 3 point shooters to ever play this game and that would certainly help this team.

I would NEVER want to pay Gordon the money he would normally get though.

On a related note, how much will Gordon get paid this offseason? He reached 20 ppg.(pretty big indicator of pay normally) He is playing well in the playoffs.(another indicator I'm guessing) Seems like he normally would be likely to get a nice 6 year 80 million dollar contract at worst. However, there is no market for him right now and teams have a great excuse(the economy) to underpay their players, so I'm pretty interested to see how that unfolds.

Well, compare Maggette's numbers from 07-08 to Gordon's from 08-09.

I think Maggette's numbers were better and he got 5 years/$48M from the Warriors before the economy went down the tubes.

If Gordon has a couple more games like this in the playoffs, he's going to up his asking price, but I just don't know who's going to pay him.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 15:53

Isn't it rumored that Detroit would be interested in him? Didn't they just re-up Rip? Maybe they make a trade or two to free up a spot for him.

Yeah, they did just re-up Rip.

Can you play a backcourt of Stuckey and Gordon?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 17:50

I guess anything's possible if Iverson and Claxton was thought of to be played together. If they just gave Rip an extension, can he play the 3?

Honestly, I wouldn't expect the recipe the Sixers won with on Sunday to replicate all that many times in this series. Outshooting the magic from 3, not getting to the line, not getting transition baskets. It was great, but not something I would expect us to do very many times this series. I don't necessarily expect Dwight to play as well as he did (especially from the line), even if single covered, either.

Can the Sixers go ahead and sign Bruce Kreutzer and bring him on board as a staff member. DiLeo says he came in a couple of days before the playoffs and worked with some guys on their shots, specifically Lou. Boy, did it pay dividends with Lou in game 1. He was knocking down threes like he was a one dimensional spot-up shooter.

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