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Two Dogs Fall

I am rooting for Boston. I believe the only reason the Bulls are hanging around is due to all the injuries on the Celtics roster. Given that, I would like the sixers play them next round if they "shock the world" and win the series against the Magic.

I believe tommorrow's game is the most important game left in the series. If they can win that one, we should be able to take the series. But, if we lose it, I think the momentum shifts back to Miami (unless it is very close).

shawn philly pa [via mobile]: i think the sixers can win this series against the magic what are your thoughts

Chad Ford: (1:15 PM ET ) I actually picked the Magic in four ... and I've been one of their biggest skeptics all year. If you would've told me that Dwight Howard was going to have the huge game he did and they wouldn't win, I would've laughed at you. I just don't think Philly has enough talent to win 4 games in this series. But I do think it shows that the Magic are vulnerable at the guard positions in a big way.

Dileo should put all of the commentators comments on the whiteboard before the game. Its funny that no matter what they do they get no credit.

Of COURSE we want the Bulls to win this...can you imagine having homecourt advantage in the conference semis??? Would be unreal.

Tom Moore on Apr 21 at 15:45

From DiLeo afternoon conference call: He said Dalembert (strained right shoulder) and Miller (hand) should be fine for Game 2. Both went through Tuesday's workout in Orlando.

Also, he said the Sixers are capable of playing much better in Game 2 than they did in the opener (missed free throws, falling behind by 18). "It’s not like we played a perfect game," he said.

Good news all around. Odds are, Orlando will play better in game 2, the Sixers need to do the same if they want to come home up 2-0.

In terms of game 2, I think Miller can have a better game (maybe draw some fouls inside.) Miller was effective game one- esp helping on the boards.

I expect Thad to break out at home for game 3, but it would be great to see him step up in game 2. Overall, I'm hoping that Orlando gets flustered and starts pressing. I'm sure Orlando will come out super-intense at the start of game 2. if the Sixers can effectively counter-punch they could send Orlando reeling. can't say I'm expected that to happen though... but optimistic they at least split the next 2 like last year.

Then hopefully they capitalize better than last year.

Seen several comments here stating that Game 2 is the pivotal game in the series, kind of do-or-die type. In no way am I understating the importance of Game 2 but the first game at home (Game 3) is the pivotal one for me. Coming home with a split is nearly the best you can ask for. For them to win Game 3 keeps homecourt in the bag and is a mental boost for us while a loss for the Magic would be a mental obstacle casting serious doubt in their psyche.

I said the Sixers have to treat it as if it's do or die. They need to play every game like their backs are against the wall, no matter what the series record is.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 1:31

Word. They have to take it one game at a time and give it their very best shot.

I've always iterated that as long as I see this team putting it maximum effort, making smart plays, playing defense and not giving up when the chips are down, I'm content.

If that is enough to win Game 2, I'll be ecstatic.

A little late with thoughts but....

1. I think if Orlando loses the 2nd game, they will be in a tailspin. If win, they will regain confidence.

2. I still think Boston winning would be better for the sixers. Not home court but I think it will be easier and defeating the World Champions would be nice before getting killed by Cleveland. I would give up home court advantage for that senario.

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