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Looking Back: 4/24/08

Speaking of being physical, I would like to see the Sixers attack Dwight Howard a little more. I heard a post-game comment from Iguodala where he mentioned trying to to take a lot of mid-range jumpers because Howard can't block them. I hope that's not the attitude for this team. The Sixers have great finishers. If they can take Howard out of the game, you have to like the Sixers' chances.

I know that didn't necessarily prove to be the case in the regular season, but in game 1 you could see how excited the Sixers were to take their men off the dribble. If Howard is out, the Andres can live in the lane.

I'd also like to see more running. Until their defense is set with Howard anchored under the hoop, Orlando is at a tremendous disandvantage. This means pushing the ball up court all the time, off of makes and misses and even free-throws. Even if it doesn't yield a ton of fast-break points, you want to spend as much of your offense as possible not having the defense set.

Defensively, I expect more of the same. Courtney Lee is going to hurt us all series because he has such a quick first-step and the Sixers' bigs have clearly been instructed not to help off of Howard. If we can stay clamped down on those 3-pt shooters, that's the price we pay.

Completely agree. If we can get Howard into foul trouble, they're in serious trouble. All year I heard about how Gortat was under-utilized, but he just looks so slow. The lane would open right up if we could get Howard on the bench early w/ foul trouble.

Tom Moore on Apr 21 at 22:41

Magic aren't as experienced as Pistons last year, so that could help the Sixers. I expect Lewis and Turkoglu, who averaged 39 in the three regular-season wins over the Sixers but had just 21 in Game 1, to be more involved.

Sixers can shoot fouls better than the opener (11-for-20) and the starters can play better as a group (combined -31 plus-minus).

Looks like it could be a six- or seven-game series.

They definitely need to get to the line more, and shoot a higher percentage. They probably aren't going to win the 3pt battle again, need to make the points up.

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