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Game 2 To Do List

"More 3's than turnovers for Lou."

That happened in 2 out of 9 April games, 2 out of 15 March games. (There were a number where he had the same number of threes and turnovers.) Of course, on the season, he averages a little under one make and nearly two turnovers per. And by the way, in those 4 games in the past two months when it happened (not counting Sunday), we lost all four times. So I don't think it's either a very realistic or important goal. As for Iguodala's free-throws, he's been averaging nearly 8 attempts per game since the All-Star break, I think 7's a low goal. And, by my rough count, we're 21-19 in games when he shoots less than 7, so maybe not such an important one either.

For Lou, it was a simple way to say I want to see more of the same from game 1 (hitting those stand-still threes, taking care of the ball), for Iguodala it was a simple way of saying I want him to improve upon his game 1 number (2 FTA).

I'd like to see someone block a shot and do the Mutombo finger wag.

Great pro, great man, bad end to a long and outstanding career. And he used to be a Sixer too.

I'll definitely miss the cookie monster. That trade for him was awesome on the run to the finals.

I'd like to know what you used to make that list :)

A+ in penmanship, my friend :)

john reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 14:57

seriously - i'm just curios what program it was

Adobe Fireworks.

john reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 15:39

Ah - never played with that one yet - maybe after i learn some flash

He's (Deke) still a sixer at heart. He lives in Villanova and his kids go to school w/ my little sisters (Epsicopal)

Poor guy. Houston's really going to miss him, especially if Yao gets in foul trouble like he did last night.

What would be better to get first MCSE or A+ Certification

It sounds good! Thanks for sharing.

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