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Sixers @ Magic: Game 2

Great. No NBATV.

At least I got my game 3 tix today.

Check the last post, there are a couple of links for where you can watch it online.

My IQ is dropping by the second as I watch Gary Payton break down today's game on the NBATV pregame.

David Thrope had very not nice things to say about the TNT show today


john reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 18:57

It was in his espn chat for this week (on the other PC)...he said that (basically) it's embarrassing how little they talk about basketball and maybe Chuckles would like to do some research before opening his mouth. Not that I disagree with him, I think Charles is terrible when it comes to analysis

Yeah, I don't think any of them are really there for analysis, are they? Basically, they make the equivalent of fart jokes for a half hour a night.

Let's Gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Asserters, aggressors, and finishers.

Chris Webber: "Watch out for Willie Green. He's an explosive scorer off the bench."

If only half of that last sentence was true, life would be grand.


Shard cheating over on Miller. They want to double. Make em pay.

When they don't double, Miller abuses Alston. Keep going to that.

1 on Sammy at 8:14. How many more minutes will he play in the first half? Over/under is 3.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 19:22

Cheap, cheap call on Sam's 2nd. Terrible.

You were right, those days off have given Miller a l'il life in those legs.

Excellent job ganging up on Howard on the defensive glass.

Sammy blocked two in a row on Howard, then picked up his second. The under wins the bet, he went 2 more minutes. Here comes Theo.


The guys energy is off the charts to start this one. Good sign.

Alston leading the team in FGA. I LOVE IT!

That was not a foul on Theo. Howard initiated that contact.

Two on Ratliff. That's a problem. Where do you go now? 4 fouls on Howard in 7:30.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 19:34

Do you go away from the gameplan and now double down on him and take it out of his hands? And they are going to try and attack the rim now with our small lineup.

They went away from Howard, for some reason. To answer your question, though. I would've had Reggie fouling him every time he got the ball down low, and fouling him hard.

That was a charge? Running over and up under the guy?

Pietrus was in the restricted area, no?

Rebounding goes to shit with Reggie in there at the 5. Tie ball game.

terrible officiating so far

Give Speights a try at the 5, please.

Get Reggie out of there.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 19:38

agreed. i was hoping speights was coming in when theo picked up his 2nd.

I swear, whenever things go bad, Thad finds a way to get a hoop.

21-21 after the first.

They need to compose themselves. 3 times we have tried to fast break only to turn it over. I want to run but not at the expense of giving up a chance at a possession. Guess it's the risk/reward.

Reggie threw that pass directly to the Magic. Like he forgot what color jersey the Sixers are wearing.

Ratliff with a sammy like 2 fouls in under 2 minutes?


second was b.s.

Damn Javy, that was more of a charge than the one you gave Pietrus on Iggy a minute ago. Sheesh

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 19:44

Steve Javy, however you spell his name.

I like that blind-side double by Miller on Howard.

We finally get a foul call. Bout time with all the body contact they are committing on our drivers.

Don't like Ivey taking 18 foot baseline jumpers. Have to work for better shots. Iggy's only taken 1 shot.

We need some points from our 2 guard position.

These refs have seen better days. Prissy calls for Howard and our guys can't buy one.

Jesus, only 3 sixers have scored.

Why was Lou so far off Johnson on that play? Was he "helping" on Gortat? Come on.

lou is just completely useless

they're going to be down 15 in about 2 minutes

Nope, starters settled it down. That o-board and flash to the middle by Speights really helped, too.

Let's see if Sammy can avoid his third for the rest of the quarter.

Nice flash to the middle by Sp8's

Atta boy Speights.

great look by thad

That was sick. Great cut by Miller too.

There's air for their whistles on our end? Gee..

4-point play and a b.s. foul on Sammy too. Come the fuck on. Where was the foul?

Close out the half, guys. Come on. Son of a ....Sammy.

nice contribution sammy!!

Sam needs to get his head in the game, over there yapping at a fan from the bench.

Damn, they are crumbling in these last 2 min. here.

iguodala isn't scoring but he's got lewis on lockdown.

I'm shocked this isn't a 15-point game right now. They're playing like crap.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 20:10

up until the last minute or so they have been defending really well. otherwise you're right, they should be down double digits.

Green covering Hedo. That's smart. Why is Willie in the game right now? Anyone have any idea?

Not happy with their play by any means but, to only be down single digits with our 2 bigs in foul trouble basically the whole half isn't bad.

Do we even have a 2 guard playing tonight except for Lou's block and that last jumper there before the half?

down 7, 46-39 at the half.

The wheels basically fell off when both Dalembert and Ratliff got into early foul trouble. Thad, Miller and Speights all hit key shots to stem the tide, or this game could be out of hand right now.

The starters need to regroup and get some momentum going in the third. This deficit cannot grow to 18 again like it did in game 1.

down 7 at halftime isnt too bad considering they had 12 turnovers and iguodala has one point.Hopefully he comes out aggressive Hedo is too slow and petrius is too weak to handle him.

He needs to get to the hoop, not into the lane and then a ton of shot fakes, to the hoop with a strong finish.

The Magic is not setting the world on fire themselve. They are pretty much up in this game b/c of Anthony Johnson, Courtney Lee, and somewhat Pietrus. Their stars are not lighting it up.

They're free. How about making a couple of them?

Get Willie out of there, please.

When your 'shooting' guards can't knock down 'open' jumpers....shooting and open being the key words..

We don't have anywhere near the intensity we had to start the 1st quarter. Not even half that much.

Iggy finally connects.

WTF is Green doing on the court? And has Iggy been sleepwalking?

3 on Theo. If he picks up his fourth now, this game will get to about 25 by the end of the quarter.

Does Miller have to try to win this himself? LOL. Let's just let Green take as many shots as he wants. Pack it all in in the 3rd quarter.

Why do we have Miller guarding Lee right now?

HEY, Willie hit one. yay.

4 on Theo. This lead is going to 25 now. F me.



That's three on Howard, how about going right at him now.

Get to 9-10 before the quarter, maybe a chance?

I just don't see it happening tonight.

Iggy going to the hole. DiLeo pushing his luck w/ Theo. 4 fouls on him. Absolutely the right call, though. If he had put Evans in, this game would've ended quickly.

You know you're in trouble when Alston scores more than Iggy. At least he looks like he's a bit more awake now.

Yes, go to Thad.

Lee should be shaken up the way he was over Miller's back. That was a foul.

Nice run here. Miller hurt Lee on that last play too. Welcome to the playoffs, kid.

Defensive rotations are much, much better now. Keep this intensity.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 20:52

Our defense has been on point all game, it is offense that is killing us.

When you give up so many offensive rebounds, three-pointers become FREE-pointers.

Has DiLeo tried Ivey on Lee?

4 on Howard. Nice.

Get. Stops. Immediately.

Close this quarter out with Howard on the bench, come on.

Go on Lou, keep going to the hoop fearlessly. We need all the help we can get from the bench. Make yourself famous.

FUCK. Damnit. missed free throw, o-board, hit three. damnit.

Damn, Shard traveled right there, then a 3 and that was after an O-board on missed free throw. ugh

Who said Miller/Alston was an even matchup???

Damn that Turkoglu 3 was a blow. But hey, there's a whole quarter to go. Must not let up. Must not die.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 22 at 20:57

Wish I had DVR b/c after that o-board and the kickout to Rashard, looked like he took steps before the Hedo 3.

Should've been much better, that 4-point play was a killer.

Still, shaved 10 points off the lead, down 70-62 heading into the fourth.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 20:57

It's not a killer cuz we're far from dead. Eight points is possible. Orlando is there to be beat. Miller and Young have been scoring well and I like the fact that Iggy keeps driving to the basket. But we need the bench to step it up as well.

If we play like we did the end of that quarter, we have a decent chance.

Fuck, a basket would've helped at the end of the quarter. Go to the damn hoop, Lou!

Seriously, the lane was wide open. He drives there, it's FTs at worst.

Time to dust off Donyell for another comeback?

Would have liked to see some more run for Donyell here to start the 4th.

Don't settle for jumpers with Howard on the bench. Lee is back.

Atta boy Thad!

Please get Donyell in there with Young. He can shoot and rebound. And he hasn't had a foul yet.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 22 at 21:03

He has to put him in with Howard out, no?

This is the game if they want to win it. Magic aren't setting it on fire by any means.

5 on Howard!!!!

Nice. Thad had great position. Let's go!!

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 21:04

Just imaging if we actually had someone with a semblance of a post-up game.


Awesome, Young. Awesome.


No jumpers, everything going right to the hoop with Howard on the bench. Let's get this done.

this series is going to shave years off my life i can tell already. i just smoked an entire pack of cigarettes.

OMG, it's there for the taking, I can feel it. The goal was to work hard and have a shot in the fourth. With Howard in foul trouble it's up to us to go win this one. Go Sixers!

I want Iggy and Lou driving fearlessly to the hoop. Miller and Young can carry on with what they are doing. Keep hustling and working hard on rotations and we could go back to Wachovia 2-0 up.

Man, he's got Miller on Lee again??

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 21:09

Is Lou THAT bad on defense...

I guess the game is too close to bring Marshall in. Fouls Hedo on a three.

Ball don't lie.

Why Donyell why?

OMG Courtney Lee

Not taking advantage. Down 10 again, needs to start w/ defense.

Fuck we've found a way to blow this with Howard off the court.

Big 3 by Iggy there.

Bad turnover by Miller there.


Golden opportunity, Orlando's bench coming up huge.

We are about to get beat by Anthony Johnson and Courtney Lee. Sadly. Those 2 are arguably the difference. 2 supposed role players. Sigh...


Free throws have been the difference in this one. And turnovers and second chance points.

THEY ARE THROWING THIS AWAY. TOs, jump shots, stupid fouls, etc.

go to the basket, and play solid defense. this is becoming unbearably hard to watch

Obviously with our bench dominating the first game it was inevitable that theirs would bounce back.

But I did not bet on our bench disappearing completely. Seriously, with Howard out, should have gone big with Theo/Speights/Thad/Iggy/Miller.

Lou hasn't helped in this game.

Why doesn't Miller give that rookie his patented head fake and draw the foul? That is twice tonight he hasn't.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 21:17

Like you have pointed out before, he seems to have forgotten that move since the All-Star break.

The turnovers and offensive rebounds given up are killing me quickly.

Enough gas left for one more run? 4 minutes to glory.

5 on Theo, 5 on Howard. Keep attacking the hoop, Sixers.

No foul there with the body on Lou by Howard?????

Howard just fouled out, twice. Thank you, they called it the second time.

As good as Lou was in game 1, he has been the killer in game 2.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 22 at 21:24

I said in the pre-series coverage that Lou is so damn sporadic and you don't know which one will show up. He reverted back to bad Lou tonight after being so key in game one.

OMG is he gone?


Miller for 3!!!

7 point game, 2:22 to go. No Howard. Keep going to the rack.

Get Lou out of there, he's not helping at all. Stick Speights in to get to the hoop. And he may be able to help with the damn rebounding. Or put Marshall in to spread the defense. The lane is wide open without Howard.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 22 at 21:22

Yea, why did he take Donyell out so quick?

ugh this is fucking brutal

I want Sammy in to protect the hoop here, I think. Theo's been great, but Dalembert will block these drives and you don't have to worry about Howard cleaning the offensive glass. I say put him back in.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 21:23

Yeah, unless his shoulder is making him uncomfortable. Higher chance of making a stupid play though.


We have got to take this. This is the turning point of the series right here. If we win this one, we will win the series. If not, there's no coming back.

Lou for three. You drew that up, huh?

Damnit. It was right there. RIGHT. THERE.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 21:28

Golden opportunity wasted, but I don't think it is anywhere near over for the series. This game tape should prove to the guys that this opponent is not really that much better than them.

Make your free throws and don't let an Anthony Johnson type get off and they win easily.

OMG we just gave it away. We got them where we wanted them, then we gave it away.

Fuck this.

can we take sammy, lou, & willie out back and put a bullet in their fucking heads please?

Sammy should've been in there. Theo's been on the floor too long, Sammy gets these defensive rebounds. Damnit. What is that, 4 killer o-boards in the last 5 minutes? That's the game right there.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 21:29

See DiLeo pisses me off. His stupid - Sammy fouls out with 4 rule.

Yup. Sat the final 22 minutes of the game with 4 fouls, and they got eaten alive on the defensive glass.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 21:32

And he's draining the shit out of Theo for Fri. night.

OMG. Made the 3 instantly, then gave up the offensive board AGAIN. You'd figure they'd grab some of the defense boards by accident.

God damn it.

Here's a thought - play two bigs when you're getting killed on the glass. Play Speights with Ratliff.

Also, we did, yet again, have a really subpar night in terms of getting to the line and making foul shots.

Mike reply to Tray on Apr 22 at 21:32

yea this was not dileo's finest hour

Either two bigs or how about getting your best rebounder back in the game?

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 23:31

Certainly an option, although maybe DiLeo was bad at that dumb foul/technical situation.

Yeah, but that was in the first half, and he started him at the beginning of the third.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 0:46

Well, it is a little frustrating when a player's picking up a foul a minute. But sure, he should've come back in the game.

Why no Donyell for Ratliff on these offense/defense switches?


This kinda game can't get you depressed. But it sure makes you damn angry.

Well, at least Orlando didn't cover.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys. Tough loss, but home court is ours heading back to Philly. I hope the Wach is full on Friday night.

I said on another thread that you couldn't ask for more than a split to start a series on the road. That is why I emphasized game 3 as the pivotal one. Because if you lose the first game back at home, then you are talking about pressure. And not to mention you gave up homecourt.

As far as I'm concerned, the most-pivotal game is the one you're playing in the playoffs. Have to win game 3.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 21:45

So true, but I was taking the angle of we haven't been a blazing road team all year.

Mike reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 21:45

yea friday night has turned into a must-win, absolutely

Gary Payton has said twice that Miller tried to score too much and should have distributed more.

Distributed to who - he has no post up player, he has two '2' guards that are still at the Orlando sports complex practicing. The guy had to take the game over for us to even be in the darn thing.

I have no problem w/ the game Miller played tonight. Looks like I'm having a software problem w/ the blog. Don't know how long it's going to take to get fixed. The wrap may have to wait.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 22:00

Yeah, me neither. This was, in a lot of ways, a worse game from the Magic than the last game. Howard somehow only takes 6 shots, Lewis was really awful, Turkoglu pretty bad, Alston didn't really make good decisions. Lee played well; that was about it.

Lee has been impressive, but I hate to say he can be this impressive the entire series and it won't make a bit of difference if the Sixers continue to shut down Hedo and Lewis.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 22:29

I agree. He couldn't have passed any more. Pass to Willie -> Miss. Pass to Lou -> Miss. The only people scoring were Miller and Thad. And Iggy later on.

I'm mad about the rotations though. Why is DiLeo allergic to playing two big men at the same time? Why did Green play so much? Why did Lou take so many jumpers and not told to go to the hoop?

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 22 at 22:56

You know, in the papers today, DiLeo was quoted as saying that they wanted to be assertive and aggressive and go to the hoop more but somehow Lou was immune to that.

On the two bigs lineup at the same time, you think he is worried about the second big (whoever that is) not being able to matchup with Rashard's quickness for a four-man - where they would be able to take advantage by giving the ball to Shard on the perimeter and allowing him to drive by his man off the dribble therefore breakind down the defense.

As for Willie and so many minutes, he really doesn't have many options there besides Lou. Should he give those minutes to Ivey? Tough one.

He probably keeps Willie in there so much b/c of the 'possibility' that he can at least knock down a few shots from time to time. Notice I said possibility.

I stated last week it was going to take offense to win this series.

71 from the big 3. And only 16, sixteen, from everyone else. Pit. i. ful.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 22:15

43 out of their big 3. If someone would have said their horses would only score that much, most would have considered it a Sixers win.

Best 3 out of 5 now. I still hold with my original prediction of Sixers in 6. This team is not better than us and that is taking into account Howard being in foul trouble tonight.

Tray reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 22:14

They really don't look that good, do they?

Bryon reply to Tray on Apr 22 at 22:16

Who, the Sixers?

Tray reply to Bryon on Apr 22 at 22:39

The Magic, I mean.

Bryon reply to Tray on Apr 22 at 22:27

Well we shot almost 50% for the 2nd straight game. We had a starter only play nine minutes and not ONE significant contribution from anyone on the bench tonight.
And our two main ball handlers and distributors had 9 of the 16 turnovers. Very uncharacteristic. And Howard still played 30 minutes in this game, only 8 less than game one.

In Dennis Green fashion - ..they are who we thought they were.

Flawed frauds.

They should have found a way to win this game. If you said Howard is gone with more than 5 minutes left and Hedo and Lewis would shoot under 33% plus the Magic would shoot about 25% from trey I bet everyone on the board would have the Sixers winning that.

Someone other than Miller, Iggy and Thad is going to come to play. Lou Will was doing well the last month (up until this game).

That being said, I like the way they are playing D otherwise. Sticking with their man on the perimeter though WG and Lou need to do better on Lee.

LOL this time I was quicker with the recap

for Game 3 I'll come here for the Game thread, Brian, I loved doing it at Liberty Ballers but we lost, so we have to try something different...

good night guys

Panic attack?

Gortat on SVG:

"The nature of our coach, he panics very often during games," Gortat said. "He's got some behavior which is not good for us. With his gestures, he makes us nervous on the floor."

Van Gundy actually ripped him a little in the post-game. Kind of called him a sissy for tapping rebounds instead of grabbing them.

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