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All Tied Up

Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 23:17

Bench has to play better. The backups only finished with 12 points on 5-for-20 shooting (25 percent) after having 42 points on 16-for-25 shooting (64 percent) in Game 1.

Also need more than 12 fast-break points and 18 free throws (to the Magic's 30).

I still say the Sixers need to win Games 3 and 4 to win the series.

One game at a time.

The free throw disparity really bothers me. Hedo should not be going to the line 11 times. They only sent Howard 7 times and still they trailed by 12 attempts.

It'd be nice if Iguodala showed up a little earlier too.

Mike reply to Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 23:21

yea what is the deal with the discrepancy from the foul line? the sixers usually excel at getting to the stripe, and it's not like they haven't been aggressive in taking the ball to the hoop in the first 2 games. i am not one to complain about officiating, but i can't come up with another explanation.

One thing I was shocked about tonight. Howard clearly fouled Lou and it was his sixth, but the zebras swallowed their whistles. Then they give the make-up offensive foul call on the other end on the next possession. I never for a second thought that would happen, not to a "superstar" like Howard. Shocking.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 23:36

They don't seem to be too crazy about him, and maybe in this postseason the only superstars the league really sees the need to protect are Kobe and LeBron.

If there's any extra motivation, you're right, it's going to be to get Kobe and LeBron to the finals.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 23:49

Definitely. That said, I don't think they're going to have to work too hard to get LeBron into the Finals. Orlando would get rolled by Cleveland, so would a Powe-less, KG-less Boston, so would we, so would Miami, so would Atlanta, so would Chicago. They could be the first team to go 12-0 en route to the Finals since LA in 2001. Kobe, on the other hand, might lose a game or two in Utah and could have a tough series against Houston.

I can only see two things slowing CLE down on the way to the finals, an injury to LeBron, or possibly they get too full of themselves and give away a game or two. Barring LeBron going down, I think their ticket is already punched. I think Detroit already put up as much of a fight as they're capable of. Still think they face ATL in the 2nd round, then who knows, could be any of the other four teams in conference finals, none of which really have a chance.

Tom, Has anyone asked DiLeo why Dalembert is done for the night when he picks up his fourth foul? I mean, especially on a night like tonight when the defensive glass is killing them, why doesn't he get back in there?

i really feel like tonight was a game you have to win if you expect to win a playoff series. i am very discouraged right now.

I'm feeling a little better now. Think about what happened in game 2 last year, the Pistons made a statement that they were clearly the better team. That's what favorites do in game 2, they prove game 1 was a fluke. orlando didn't even come close to sending that kind of statement tonight. Just get that game on Friday night, that's all that matters now.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 23:32

i just don't like the fact that we've gone down by 18 twice so far. i feel like that might be the truer version of each team. but i don't know, i'm sure i'll feel better in the morning.


Agree with everything you said. Sixers shouldn't doubt anymore that they can win this. They need to keep playing perimeter D like they are (why couldn't they do this during they year against teams like this). Besides the big 3, the Sixers need someone else (Marshall, Lou, Speights, etc) to step up.

Good teams don't throw games away in the playoffs. The bench didn't deliver and neither did DiLeo.

This game was such a complete waste. This is ominous. It's the same feeling I had when we blew that double digit lead in Game 4 in Philly against Detroit last season and I knew that was the end of us.

When the window opens you have to dash right in. Our window opened and we let it slide. I hope I'm wrong but I see Orlando winning in 5/6 now.

He must not have any, and I mean any, faith in Lou on defense to have him standing in the corner guarding Anthony Johnson while having Miller on Courtney Lee. While his effort is to be commended, Miller's strong suit is not exactly being able to stay in front of his man.

I realize he took Lou out in game 1 and brought Willie in after Lee had abused Lou in the 2nd quarter (I think). But it would seem Lou would have better lateral quickness to stay with Lee on drives in particular, although I am aware that Lou is no stopper himself.

Another thing, it was a brilliant adjustment for SVG to put Lee on Miller early in that game and get Rafer Alston off of him. Miller can still post him up though and by Lee being a rookie, Miller should feed him constant pump and head fakes b/c the kid is subject to bite early and often. This was a major move in his repertoire that he doesn't seem to pull out anymore.

good point about Dalembert, he has to stay in the game

Willie should play 5 min in the first MAX, and then get the f' out, unless he is like 3/3. A total waste. He bricked at least three wide open looks. I'd rather try Iggy at the two, with Thad at SF and Marshall in earlier

Also we need to hit the offensive glass more, we are way below our average (12.7 per game in reg season, 2nd in NBA). We need to get more second chances, with Howard out NOBODY from the Magic can rebound the ball consistently,

In the third we were settling for jumpers (missing them, of course) and there were no black unis around their rim... this has to be addressed also

Tom Moore on Apr 23 at 10:47

Brian, he always cites foul trouble, even if he only has two or three. It's the standard line.

That's just silly. If he's going to limit him to 9 minutes anyway, then just let him play until he picks up his sixth foul. I bet he could make it through the first half most nights :)

Tom Moore on Apr 23 at 11:11

I'm referring to DiLeo not playing Dalembert after he gets in early foul trouble.

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