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Game 3, Who's Going?

Mike W. on Apr 24 at 0:47

Hey Brian. I'll be there. And im a brooklynite like you. I'll be 207 row 6. Cheap seats baby!

Nice. I thought I was the only Sixers' fan in Brooklyn!

Definitely head down to Finnegan's at the half.

Of course, I will be there. Bringing my wife so not sure I will meet up with you at halftime. Will be there early, 210A, row 4 near 211.

I think we should win, hopefully a blow out!

Time for Thad.

Courtney Lee is getting all the plaudits, and he's not even as good as Young. As usual all the attention will be on the two Andres. Apart from Iggy, Young is our best finisher at the rim. Apart from Marshall, Young is our best 3-point shooter. Apart from Lou and Iggy, Young is the guy most likely to beat his man with sheer speed.

Keep giving him the ball and watch the good things happen. It drives me nuts that what's holding this guy back are his teammates and his coach.

Agree, this should be Thads break out night. Also being at home means that the bench/role players should have a good night- maybe even some Speights energy if he gets the chance?

From the Magic I expect a quieter night from the over-hyped rook, but one or both of Hedo/Lewis to step up.

Mike W. on Apr 24 at 9:48

Brian - Park Slope. Moving back to Philly in a few months, but have had a couple years in Brooklyn now. Taking the good old Bolt Bus down in a couple hours. LETS GO.

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 10:10

I'll be there covering the Sixers in my 21st year on the beat. Like the Sixers chances if they can get to the line more -- and make better than the 60.5 percent so far -- run more and do a better job on the boards. More detailed info at my blog: http://www.phillyburbs.com/opinions/blogs/intell_blogs/tom_moore.html

That Orlando game 3 in '99 was amazing. That was really my first experience with the Sixers in the playoffs since I came of age right after their last playoff run in the 'Spoon - Hawkins - Bradley - Bol - Gilliam - Shackleford era (and what a fun era that was!). I remember how excited I was that the Sixers were actually in the playoffs, and then when they laid the smack down on the Magic in front of a raucous crowd, wow. Now I live in the midwest and unfortunately can't make it to the game but I'll be there in spirit. Let's run, run, run and get the FU Center rocking!

Bryon reply to Nick on Apr 24 at 11:44

Good memories. Even better memories were the Clint Richardson, Caldwell Jones, Darryl Dawkins, and Lionel Hollins days. And of course all of the usual stars, Cheeks, Erving, Toney, and Bobby Jooonnneees.

They would always face off against the Milwaukee Bucks and Sidney Moncrief, Junior Bridgeman, and Marques Johnson before usually having to meet up with the vaunted Celtics. CBS was the only network to offer coverage back then, how times have changed.

And besides the Spectrum only being a little over half-full, the building would rock just as hard as it did for the final game played there this year when it was a sellout.

Yeah I'd like to see the Wach/FU Center be extremely intimidating for the Magic. Croce still says that game 3 vs Orlando in 99 was the loudest he ever heard the building, and that includes the games in the finals and conference finals.

I think that was the loudest sporting event I've ever been at. Just amazing atmosphere that night.

Rob reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 11:30


I was at that game and it was amazing. As I have stated though,since the Minnesota game they have stopped the sound effects during play. I was not sure why so I asked. The organization said that after the Spectrum game they got a lot of feedback and people seemed to like less of that and more of what they did in that game. However I think chants of defense and the PA announcer getting the crowd pumped is a good thing. The crowds have been a little less pumped because of the reduction in sound effects during play. I hope the crowd is into it tonight.

Yeah, I don't think the Spectrum game should really be the model. The Spectrum is much smaller. I'm usually not a big fan of artificial noise, but if the crowd isn't doing it organically, the PA system could definitely help. I hope it's loud in there tonight.

Nick reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 12:30

I agree about the sound effects. Before when they were constantly played I thought it would be better to have a more organic crowd without the noise. But I have to admit that I kind of miss the noise sometimes, especially some of the synthetic rhythms that I have come to associate with the sixers (e.g. da da daaaaa-da). I'm getting goosebumps thinking about a crazy sixers crowd!

noah reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 15:54

I was at that game too, and what a game it was! I remain convinced to this day that as much as injuries derailed Penny Hardaway's career, the psychological beating he took at the hands of the Philly faithful played just as big a role.

glad you mentioned '99. their whole run from '98-'01 remains some of my fondest sports memories. the reason i keep thinking iverson can win somewhere is because of those lasting images i have of him raising a hand to his ear. i'll never forget that.

i'll be sure to make it to finnegans during halftime tonight. not sure what time i am getting there either.

I'll be there, section 204, and I'll have some kryptonite.

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