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Jasner Jumps The Gun

I like DiLeo's laid-back, humble style and would be fine with him coming back, although I think you're right that it depends on who else is avaialble and interested, because I think DiLeo is also a good player personnel guy and might be more valuable back in that role since right now Stefanski is doing that too.

I'd rather have Eddie Jordan, though the fact that Aaron McKie runs the defense was an interesting fact to learn

Agree. the whole offensive and defensive coordinators and assistant head coach thing was interesting.

I'm a huge fane of Blue, but he needs to improve this team's defensive rotations. How long has he been back with the team?

by "fane of Blue" I mean fan of McKie

Sean reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 15:40

You know, I thought their defense at times reminded me of a quasi-version of Temple's matchup zone, especially with all the switching, but I thought I was seeing things.

As far as rotations go, I think the problem is that they don't have a consistent philosophy on how to filter the opponent on drives. The Spurs, especially when they had the twin tower alignment, would try to force the drivers baseline, where Duncan or Robinson would be waiting. The Sixers help far too much on drives, but I think it is the players who have the lapses, especially Green and Young. They help on drives where there is no threat at all, that does not seem schematic to me.

They do use a match-up zone a good bit of the time. A poster broke it down in detail (including youtube videos) on the realGM orlando board.

Sean reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 16:50

Yeah, that makes sense, I have to look up that post. That explains their issues with switching, though the Matchup Zone works better with college's smaller court, unless you have Ivey, Iguodala and Young on the perimeter, with their versatility and range. Miller struggles with a lot of "matchups" which lends to their issue with penetration.

That is part of the reason that makes me reluctant to resign Miller, and makes me rather have Jordan as coach. The Sixers have a distinct inability to exploit mismatches and/or ride the hot hand. I would love to know if Miller calls the plays on his own or are they all called from the sideline. I've contended that the habit with going away from the hot hand, unless that person is Lou or Miller, causes that player to lose rhythm.

Sean reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 15:48

I think McKie's been back the whole year, since re-retiring from Memphis

is this like the first article jasner has written all season? was he sick or something?

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