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Game Three: Sixers vs. Orlando

"It would be super if Sammy could reach double figures in minutes"


I'll watch on another crappy streaming, since Int'l League Pass decided to blackout the third straight Sixers game... f'k them....

I don't really think that Howard scoring 40 is a good thing. We got the win in Game 1, Howard had a big game, but that game was won on offense. The more shots Howard takes, the more efficient their offense is, the more they score, and most nights we're probably going to want to hold them to 95 points if we want to win.

Bryon reply to Tray on Apr 24 at 15:03

Exactly. Which is why we need to hit a target of 25 points a quarter ourselves while holding them to 95 or less. Third quarter killed us in game 1 and second quarter killed us in game 2. But we have had a one quarter lull type of thing all year. If they could somehow string together 4 consistent quarters of scoring it would bode well more times than not.

My only concern for tonight is that Hedo or Lewis will snap out of their lulls and go for 20+, at worst both. That really is my only uncertainty, b/c they had some open looks that rimmed out in both games especially game 2.

Another thing, I worry about the quotes about trying to focus more on Lee. This will surely allow Hedo or Rashard to get in a rhythm which won't be good at the rate they can knock down threes. Just stay with the same plan and see how the rookie fares in his first game on the road. If he burns you again and actually costs you this game then switch it up. Time is of the essence, but I would still rather take my chances with Lee than letting Hedo or Rashard turn loose.

One of the major problems that the Sixers face is that Miller has to guard somebody; if he's guarding Lee, the Sixers are going to be exploited. The real issue is that Lee gets easy penetration. They need to stop his drives. Let Iggy and Thad handle Hedo & Shard, continue to force them off the arc.

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 17:33

I think the Sixers will win tonight and the Magic even it up Sunday. But I don't think Orlando is as good - and certainly not as experienced -- as Detroit last year.

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 17:34

Good news for Sixers: Orlando is 0-9 all-time in playoff series when losing first game.

Made it in one piece with plenty of time to spare. Playoff block party going on

One worry I have about the Sixers is that they rarely can stop the bleeding after just one loss.

The last few months of the regular season they followed up a single loss with a win only once in 7 tries. The other 6 times it was the beginning of 2-6 game losing streaks.

They need to bounce back tonight and not start another streak of losses like plagued them the end of this year and the end of last year.

It really helps that they are coming home.

The only time they did not lose the 2nd game was when they were coming home off of a road game- like tonight.

Of course those type of trends carry more weight for gamblers, and I would never stake money on this team (or any other.)

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 19:03

Van Gundy was testy before the game, which is unusual for him. Suppposedly, he'd upset he heard DiLeo, at the morning shoot-around, said the Sixers have to be more physical with Courtney Lee. Asked about it, DiLeo's response was, "We never said anything about taking hard fouls. We need to be more aware of him." Stay tuned.

Stan is rattled. This is the playoffs, they should foul him hard.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 19:40

No need to worry, just another panic attack.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 19:48

Hard doesn't describe it. They need to foul him period. He has gotten way too many layups without being sent to the line to earn them.

Bryon reply to Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 19:41

What were the comments from Stan? Was he just chippy or did he reference it specifically since you said supposedly?


Avery Johnson - 'Sixers, going with the home team.' - Smart man.

Jamal Mashburn - 'Magic, they have played good on the road all year.' - This isn't all year.

It's on. Let's go!

Damn Iggy.

Dre Miller with the really nice board and subsequent lay-in.

Yeah Sammy, him or Willie have to get around 10 for us to be in it. Come on.

Let's go.

That's right, let's get into the lane.

Seriously, it is 12-11 in a NBA playoff game and the crowd is louder on a non-call by the ref than they are when either team has the ball, except the brief roar when Iggy just made that 3. It's like it is game 24 of the season.

Man Willie had Thad on the cut and posted up and didn't give it to him, but Miller cleaned up the 2nd chance point.

Announcer just said...'crowd getting up on it's feet for the first time.'

I know. Lets go....

Dalembert has managed to stay in the game. That has definitely helped the rebounding.

The Magic are getting easy drives though, they are just missing easy shots close to the rim. We must make it harder for them to get to the rim or it may become a long night.

Shocking that Thad has been the one missing shots.

Sammy has done well, to not pick up another foul after getting that realy early one. Hang in there.

Daly is letting Howard catch the ball too deep. Miller is amazing out there.

Good sign that Donyell is in the game to help pad the lead. Good, good sign.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 20:34

I mean, we've got the defense on it's heels a little with our penetration the last couple of possessions, so what better time than to bring in a shooter.

SVG on interview: 'our defense is awful.'

Good 1st quarter. In general the rotation is not bad, preventing good 3-pt looks. Negating their 3-point shooting will remain a key. Hedo and Lewis have been quiet. Dalembert has 1 foul and is still in the game.

Thad has not scored, but I'm sure we can get him started, especially with the extra attention they will have to put on Miller.

Come on, no bench lulls. They have to score.

You see the different with Ratliff. Dalembert is letting Howard catch the ball too deep, and he gives him too much space. Ratliff never shies from body contact and that should make it less easy for Howard.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 20:42

Foul trouble.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 20:43

But Sammy has to let him, with the strenth advantage Howard has on him. Sam's practically a bean-pole.

Nice pass Iggy. Miller called '3 down' when they came across half court.

Great pass from Iggy, I love the part of Marshall's game where he mades smart cuts towards the hoop.

Yes, Lou, go to the hoop.

No quick ones now Sammy.

I think Reggie got that call because of his complaints on not getting one the previous time.

Good to see the crowd at least excited when Marshall caught the ball on the perimeter.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 20:45

But they should be rocking when we are on defense, and they're not.

Those 3 free throws Iggy made has him in rhythm.

I'll give you credit Reggie, you can't fake hustle.

Man, this is nice to finally be up and not have Reggie kill us without a true big in there.

Beating a dead horse here, but the crowd needs to get with it! We are up 12 at home!

I mean 11 people stood up on Hedo's first free throw.

Shit, that was goaltending. come on.........

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 20:54

Maybe not after the replay.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 20:57

It's deceiving because you're thinking it's impossible to block it unless the ball is coming down. But that's how amazing Dwight's leap is.

I have to say I didn't have much confidence with Ivey taking the shot though.


Ugh. Sammy gets his 2nd on an Alston penetration instead of on Howard.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 20:59

Yep, but how did he get to the hoop that easily in the first place? Shame it wasn't Reggie who gave up the foul because then it would have been a good one.

Lou needs to drive more, they can't stop him just like we can't stop Alston's drives. If Lou can just keep getting to the line he'll score enough.

The Sixers fans must not know that white-out night you are suppose to cheer.

OMG illegal screen?

What. a. look.

Even I didn't see that lob to Ratliff coming.

The Magic hasn't really had shots where they just really missed or didn't get except for that one right there by Howard. The defense is on point.

Lou had crisp rotations on the possession right before that but Hedo still hit the corner 3.

Good focus by everyone. Just close out the quarter, guys.

The rotations were poor on the last few possessions. We cannot slack off at the end of the half and let them make a couple of threes.

3 fouls each on Daly and Theo. Put Speights on Howard. It's worth a try. Sure he must have learnt a bit from Theo, right?

Hope everybody goes and grabs a beer at halftime. The team will feed off of them if they would get into it.

Key point here with Reg spelling Theo and Sam.

These people are almost inexcitable.

Howard out of the game. No 3's.

I knew they were gonna let Shard try to drive on Donyell there. That's ok. He shouldn't have fouled him.

LET"S GO!!!!!!! Maybe that layup will remind the crowd to show up in the 2nd half.

Like the commentators said, no shotblockers when you put Reggie at the 5. With Howard out I would have liked to see Speights.

Smart move by Lou to go to the hoop to create the 2-for-1. Great play as usual by Miller to get the 60-49 lead at the half.

I see fouls going to be a problem down the road. Lewis started to make a couple of baskets at the end.

yikes, this is a sad crowd and way too many empty seats -- makes me feel like taking a cross country trip for the 2nd half. although i guess i shouldn't complain since they're up 11 at the half. maybe playing in a library helps them relax.

Young seems a little bit jittery so far. Hopefully he'll come out rolling in the 2nd half. We have to keep an eye on Theo and Sam's foul numbers. If they sit down with 4 fouls early, it's time for sp8s to show up.

Library. Vocabulary justice.

We've had more production from the bench in the 1st half of Game 3 than the whole of Game 2.

To improve:
- get to the line more
- get Thad scoring
- prevent Ratliff and Daly from fouling
- don't let them drive past so easily

The rest of the stuff is fine. Let's just get the W.

HELLO! This is the playoffs.

Maybe the crowd can somehow hear me and become motivated.

40 pts. in the paint. Shooting 57%.

I just realized.. they haven't had many offensive rebounds. Sammy staying on the court for a dozen minutes was a part of that.

Good call ref, Hedo with the steps.

Come on Willie. Hell yea I'm cheering for you tonight.

Whew, that was a serious charge.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 21:45

But no call. If it would have been the opposite, DH would have gotten that charge call.

Nice rhythm on that 3 from Miller. Sweet.

Miller for 3!!!

How much of a lead do we have to have for the crowd to act like they are in the building?

I wish Game 4 would be at the Spectrum. That Friday night was electric as it can get.

Donyell with the sneaky block and good foul on DH.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 21:49

Iggy hits a jumper to go up 15 and I can hear a pin drop. WT....

Great block and hard foul by Marshall. I just love this guy, he does all the right things. I need to get a Donyell jersey.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 21:50

Cool, I want the fathead.

It's OK. The team seems to not be in it b/c the crowd isn't in it. Just absorb this hit. Just put the ball in the hoop.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 21:54

Why is Miller the only guy trying to get to the hoop?

Fucking hell. We had this game then gave away a couple of soft baskets and look what happens.

How many heat checks are we gonna give Green?

Come on Miller, they're going to have to ride you.

SVG on the wired: Panic. lol

Damn they fouled Lou!

Make These.

Gave up 3 at the line. ugh

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 22:03

Come on Iggy, just concentrate. It's free.

How often do teams get big leads then forget what got them the lead in the first place?

The Magic seem to have adjusted, throwing bodies against Miller. He needs help from Iggy and Lou.

Without Young the defense seems to have fallen by the wayside. Stay with the guys on the perimeter. Don't let them get hot from 3. Foul Howard. Make the damn free throws.

DiLeo interview: Rafer getting to much penetration, breaking down the defense.

Iggy and Miller have 47....

We have to out-score their reserves.

Royal, don't look at the ball, go find a man.

Go to the hoop, LOU!!!

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 22:11

He's allergic to the lane tonight somewhat.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 22:12

Or maybe he's 'walled off'.

Is Thad even playing. Damn.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 22:10

Tony must have heard me, or maybe it was Miller. Finally.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 22:10

Yes, that's his play right there.

that's right, Mr. Young. A timely basket right there.

Yes, Lou filled the lane and got the call.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 22:17

But he looks tight. Shit.

We were up by 3 for almost 3 min. and they hit a 3 to tie it. Iggy looks like he has gotten the clue he needs to help Miller with the drive and foul.

Who the freak WANTS IT!

Uh-oh. I think I hear the crowd and wouldn't you know it they shoot an airball.

Is Thad playing? Go to Thad now.

Sammy with the hustle.


Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 22:27

But he's still tight.

I like the call from the coach on the double right there. Shake it up.

Sam has to emplore the crowd. Sad.

Son of a... he broke the double team but then he forced a pass to Sam.

Someone tell me why the hell Green is on the court!!!

Alvin reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 22:37

Scratch that.

Does Willie know how to jump to contest a shooter w/o fouling him?

Then he gets a key roll. Let's go!

He's falling back again on his free throws and even Legler noted it. Iggy that is.

Damn I had that feeling Iggy would miss both. Reminds me of Game 1.

Good foul.

Alvin reply to Bryon on Apr 24 at 22:42

Made sure he couldn't jump.

The crowd somehow realized they had sticks.

Loyer calling the play. DiLeo watching and listening.


OMG I am going to have a panic attack.

Just get tight on one DH.

Loyer/DiLeo same as before.

So he was playing.

OMG a left-handed lay-up over Howard for the win!!!

I jumped on my bed when I saw it go in, I swear I almost tore my left hamstring and knock the laptop off the bed.

Thad Young!!!!!!!!!

YOUNG!!! I thought he almost lost the ball or travelled. What a close victory!!!

Is 71 the key number? The big 3 had that in game 2, and the big 3 1/2 had that tonight. You know who.

OMG someone get a video of that last play! That was the birth of a star right there. Game winner in his 9th playoff game. Even though the team was very reluctant to give him the ball.

This was posted at realgm. A great homemade clip of the game winner from the upper deck:



Alvin reply to DeanH on Apr 25 at 10:33

It's not just about the series. As pros you have to expect to make most of your free throws.

Iggy is 14-23 (60.9%) while Lou is 3-8. These two in particular have to shoot the ball better.

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