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Thad's Turn To Be The Hero

hanwayl on Apr 25 at 7:20

Must be great to be there at the Wach. But even though I watched the game through live-streaming (in Taipei), the indifference of the crowd was glaring even on a computer screen. So discouraging.

I hope Thad gets a boost in confidence from this game. He's always excelled expectations in terms of mental toughness during the regular season, so I'm looking forward to the same poised and calm at the next game. Go Sixers!

Mike W. on Apr 25 at 9:47

Brian and all. Sorry for not making it at the half. I am not exaggerating when I say that going to the bathroom and refilling my beer took the full 15 minutes, so I didn't make it down there.

A note about the crowd. Yes, there were some empty seats, but overall the crowd was extremlely rowdy and hungry, especially in the 2nd half. Also, for some reason (especially in the lower level), people were very late into the arena. I dont think it really filled up until midway through the 2nd quarter.

The sections I was in/around were unbelievable. The cheap seats reminded me of the old 700 level (talking sections 205, 206, 207 at this point). People were screaming from the very first possession, and into it the entire time. A few magic fans were also in our sections, and as you would expect, got the life scared out of them. One guy even covered up his magic shirt (with the free white t shirt) in the 2nd quarter.

I loved the limited sound effects on the PA system. Especially in the 200s where people were on their feet chanting defense the entire game from start to finish.

Remember last year how game 3 drew a decent crowd, and for some odd reason, game 4 did not? I still have no idea why that was, except maybe for the difference between friday night and monday night. Here's hoping the same thing does'nt happen this year on a Sunday night.

Most underrated off court moment of the night: JJ Reddick being placed on the kiss cam, and getting up and walking away b/c of it.

Most underrated off court moment of the night: JJ Reddick being placed on the kiss cam, and getting up and walking away b/c of it.

that was hilarious. only time he got off the bench all night. :)

Rob reply to Mike W. on Apr 25 at 10:37

I agree now with the limited sound effects if the crowd is like that all night. As we were talking about at halftime its hard to understand why these games wouldn't sell out when you think about the NY game and Cleveland at the end of the year in a somewhat meaningless game. That being said the crowd was great and I am usually calm but I must of jumped out of my seat when Thad made the game winner because my calf is hurting me today!I would hope now that game 4 would draw better, not like last year. Maybe the difference is that the fans knew they were not going to be Detroit and we have a real shot to take this series? It is great to talk at halftime. There is nothing to me in sports like playoff basketball.

i couldn't fall asleep until 5 last night because of the adrenaline from that game. great seeing everyone!

It's a tough series to call. On the one hand, we do look better than them on a gut level. But, both games we've won we've won by two points, they were drastically better during the regular season, they have shooters, we don't, they make foul shots, we don't, they're two threes away from being up 3-0 and they've really gotten nothing from their second and third best players. Last night they get nothing from Turkoglu, Lewis and Lee and they still almost won. To me then, it really comes down to whether Turkoglu or Lewis can start getting anything going. If they do Orlando can and maybe even should win. If they don't, how can Orlando win? On defense, I guess, but they can't seem to stop Iguodala or Miller.

Well, two sides to every story. Maybe Hedo and Lewis aren't doing anything because they have Iguodala and Thad glued to them. Our defense is shutting down their second and third best players, their defense hasn't really done anything to slow down any of our top three (outside of Thad last night).

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 17:02

Defense has played a role but they do seem to miss a lot of bunnies in the lane, open jump shots, etc.

I agree with Brian. I believe our defense has been overall very good on the 3's , not many open shots and getting 1 or 2 open shots a night is not enought to get into a rythmn. Now, a better statement would be are the sixers going to be able to adjust to their changes to get 3's and start making foul shots as I am sure they will not be getting many open layups any more.

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