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Round 1 Advanced Stats

Don't see two wins in the meat-grinder that is the playoffs coming anywhere close to being a fluke. There may have been some that said game 1 was a fluke but that myth was disspelled by the game 3 win, in part, because over 82 games in the regular season ORL had the second best road record in the league.

We have definitely out-foxed SVG in more ways than one. The collective input from our head coach and assistants is one way - compared to SVG and his non-humble emperor-like ways. Another would be, with our pressure out to the three point line and on their shooters, he hasn't really had an adjustment besides dumping it down to the big man which he really doesn't go to enough. Not to mention, he doesn't have a dearth of options to go to on the bench.

Whereas we have a so-called 'x' factor to go to in Donyell. Or the depth we use with our bigs to pound on Howard. But especially where we subtly switch up our defenses and go against the supposed gameplan and double hard down on Howard at the least expected time, like he did late in the 4th quarter last night that resulted in a timely stop.

Their bench is much worse than I thought it was. SVG is basically down to a 7-man rotation and it seems like he's only using Pietrus and Johnson to buy time when someone needs a blow.

I would be interested in a similar analysis for Orlando - I'm assuming that the season 'opp' stats are how opponents did against us all season, not Orlando's regular season numbers. As for our offense, clearly Orlando struggles to guard Iguodala and Miller, but there is some hot shooting in there. Iguodala in particular has been unusually good shooting mid-range to long twos.

I ran Orlando's numbers through the formulas real quick, here are their four factors numbers for the season, you can use the chart above to see how they compare to their numbers in each game of the series:

eFG: .502
TOV: .130
OREB: .240
FT: .251

eFG: .465
TOV: .118
DREB: .759
FT: .209

Basically, they shot their season average in game 1, and have dropped off significantly ever since. They've allowed the Sixers anywhere from 9% to 4% better eFG in each game.

Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 8:54

Dwight Howard: "In 82 games, we weren't outworked. We're being outworked in this series."

Is he seriously surprised that another team really wants to win in the playoffs?

Dwight, you're in Philadelphia. What do you expect?

Damn, I'm so psyched and it's more than 9 hours to tip off.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 26 at 10:19

I need to calm down myself. lol

Fri. night was pretty exhilarating to say the least. Can that possibly be topped? These playoff games wear me out having to bring out the microscope with each possession so magnified. Be nice to be at the Wach. Sammy wouldn't have to incite the crowd in the 4th quarter, that's for sure.

Can we please give Thad the ball up top or somewhere on the perimeter in space tonight? Rashard doesn't have the lateral quickness to stay with him off the dribble. It seems like the team has forgotten the 6 or 7 games he had before the ankle injury.

Counting on Willie to get around 10 pts tonight or Sam and Reg to get a few is asking too much. Thad needs to get his points and he can't get them without a certain amount of looks, which he didn't get nearly enough of in game 3. Give him the damn ball already!

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