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A Couple Favorites

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 10:46

Funny line in DiLeo news conference: Orlando TV guy says, "Coach, it's a best-of-three now." To which a Philly writer responds, "Good counting."

Also, I asked Van Gundy beforehand if the Sixers would be able to leave the Orlando guards open on the perimeter if Jameer were playing. "That's an irrelevant question," he said. Good thing I only voted him second for NBA Coach of the Year.

john reply to Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 12:43

Why, because he refused to answer a hypothetical question that has no real impact on how this series plays out or is coached? It's like Rivers ignoring KG questions as much as possible. Focus on what you have, who is playing, and winning with that roster, don't whine and lament about what you don't have.

I mean Van Gundy does enough whining, but passing on a question about whether Jameer would make a difference is like asking Mrs Lincoln if she would have been happier if Abe had skipped the theater that night.

Joe reply to john on Apr 27 at 14:38

You should be able to tell Tom was being sarcastic with his last sentence.

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 10:48

I like Turkoglu eight field goals Sunday, seven in first three games combined.

And that Iguodala is the Sixers' leading rebounder with 7.5 and Miller second (7.0).

Those rebounding numbers are amazing. Can't say enough about the series the Andres are having.

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 14:25

DiLeo said "It would be very difficult" to play that way if Nelson were healthy. Didn't think Van Gundy would answer, but my pregames notes were on Nelson, so I had to ask.

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 14:28

From Monday's chat with DiLeo: He said he took Turkoglu saying whoever Young guarded (Turk or Lewis) was supposed to take the shot on what turned out to be Turkoglu's game-winning 3-pointer on the pick-and-roll as a sign of respect for Iguodala, who started on Turk but switched over to Lewis.

"Andre Iguodala is a premiere defender in the league," DiLeo said. "Thad is a good defender. They didn't want to go against Andre Iguodala."

DiLeo said he didn't think that would be bulletin-board material for Young heading into Game 5 on Tuesday evening in Orlando.

"Thad's very grounded," DiLeo said. "I don't think this will affect Thad. It may motivate him in some way, but he certainly won't be down. Turkoglu made a great shot."

No Sixers players were made available for comment Monday.


What are your thoughts now on the series? Do you consider Tuesday night the must win game like I do for the sixers?

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 15:32

DiLeo again said Monday that he's having a hard time playing Speights, who sat both home games, because for matchup reasons with the undersized Rashard Lewis at power forward.

Speights averaged 5.3 points, 8.4 minutes and shot 7-for-10 (70 percent) in three regular-season meetings with Orlando.

“We like him a lot,” DiLeo said. “We want him in there. We’re going to try to find some way to get him in the game, especially if we’re struggling offensively.”

The Sixers shot a series-low 38.8 percent from the field in Game 4.

I think he's having a hard time finding minutes for Speights because Van Gundy is playing Hedo, Howard and Lewis for 40+ minutes/game. He might be able to find minutes for him when Battie or Gortat are in there, but those guys are hardly playing.

I just watched a minute on CSN of the replay of game yesterday. Wow, I did not realize how biased, IMO, fouls were being called on sixers w/ Howard. I thought the 1st 3 games were well called, not last night, definitely.

You know, if they are going to continue to double Iggy like on the game tying play last night, where Sammy dove down the lane for the dunk (and they hit on this same play earlier with Theo getting the dunk), then lets borrow from the Magic's playbook and instead of bringing up a big to set the pick, just let Thad or Willie set the pick and force them to adjust their defense and sort of pick their poison.

Good idea, wonder if they'd just go under, or switch the screens in that case. Like if Iguodala set the pick for Miller, would we wind up with Alston on Iggy?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 27 at 20:55

Interesting scenarios. Although, I would guess they would go under with our lack of threats from the perimeter. But if you set multiple high ball screens, you would think they would eventually have to switch or we either end up with the 'DiLeo the Burglar' play from earlier in the season when he briefly swiped it from SVG.

It's evident to me that Andre Miller is the fiercest competitor on this team. Yes, sometimes he can't keep up with opposing guards because he's 32. But look at the effort this guy is putting in every night, and see how he has played in this series.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 27 at 21:02

He was a true warrior last night. With the switching we were doing, he was in a mismatch more times than not last night. And he even held his own in the post a couple of times with a bigger man to guard. He plays like he knows he doesn't have long and he is getting near the end of his career. He seems to sense that window of opportunity is closing by the days.

But you can tell he was extremely drained physically down the stretch of the regular season because he has that pep back in his step the last week. I can only hope it doesn't catch up to him tomorrow night or Thursday.

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 22:14

IMO, Sixers have to win Game 5 to win the series. Games 7s on the road are very difficult, especially for inexperienced teams (no Sixer starter and three of the top six reserves have never won a playoff series).

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