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Who's In Whose Head?

"Honestly, when you look around there are two first-round series even remotely in doubt at this point, the Sixers/Magic and Boston/Chicago"

Atlanta/Miami is very in doubt. Atlanta's ahead right now; if they win they would tie it up, 2-2.

Yeah, I changed the wording of that first paragraph in the excerpt, forgot to change it in the body.

And other than that, I don't know if momentum even exists, so I wouldn't be too worried about who has it. I mean, we obviously had lots of momentum going into Game 4. Then we lost. I've seen teams that went up 3-1 lose the next two games and come back to win Game 7. I would say that we were able to go up 2-1 in the first place (and by a total margin of -3 points at that) primarily because we were way more efficient on offense than we were over the course of the regular season. In Game 4 we go cold, but we do hit a lot of threes and beat them on possessions (rebounding and turnovers). I'd say that the cold shooting is likely to continue but the three-point shooting and outrebounding them is not.

my best guess is that both teams are doing all right psychologically. rashard and turk both seem relatively cool and detached (maybe you have to be to put up with van gundy) -- if anyone is to be spooked, perhaps it would be howard worrying about not being able to lead his heavily favored team out of the first round. speaking of howard, it sure seems that he hardly misses a shot down low; i still like the sixers single coverage on him and maybe the refs let him get away with stuff, but he has shown off some nice finishing skills; maybe the sixers can try to think of some ways to either front or deny him the ball or try to force him further away from the basket.

about the sixers, i think they really believe they can win too. it's probably not too much about tactics anymore, instead it's about making jumpers and FTs, all-out hustle and making good decisions with the ball. i think game 5 winner wins the series.

Howard is a much better offensive player than I thought he was. There's absolutely no reason he shouldn't be used like Shaq was in his prime. He isn't that good, yet, but he could be. Needs to become a better passer.

Mike reply to Nick on Apr 28 at 2:27

i had no idea howard is actually left handed. he taught himself to use his right in 8th grade after breaking his left wrist. that would explain how he finishes so well around the rim with either hand. i've been so impressed with him this series.

I wonder if Sammy will pick up any ideas of how to be a REAL center in the NBA from Howard? He is quite a player, wish he was on our team!

The only way we win is to shoot well and continue defending like we have the past games, overall. We have to cut down on stupid turnovers like Lou going to the basket w/ no outlet. We also need to show evergy and come to the ball when we are getting passes.

I would like to feel more confident that the Sixers could win this series but the NBA more then any other sport usually runs true to form with higher seeds winning in the first round. I looked back on Golden State upsetting Dallas 2 years ago and while they won in 6 they went up 3-1 by taking game 5 in Dallas. So while this one is tied I do agree that the winner of this game will almost defintely take the series.

Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 10:30

Think it all comes down to Turkoglu. If he plays like he did in Game 4 (and I don't just mean the winning shot), Orlando probably wins. He was much more active Sunday.

Fringe players tend to be much better at home in the playoffs.

One example is Willie Green.

Games 1 and 2: 2-for-11, 4 points

G 3 and 4: 10-for-17, 23 points

Turk shot the ball better, and he hit the game-winner obviously, but his overall game was still pretty weak. 3 rebounds, 0 assists, 4 turnovers. I can live with 17 points out of him with those numbers in the other categories. Honestly, I can live with everything the Sixers gave Orlando on the defensive end, I think if we get another defensive game like that tonight, it's a Philly win.

About time Thad showed up. And find a way to play Speights, especially when you can't buy a basket.

I shall refrain from getting too psyched up as I prepare for the inevitable disappointment.

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