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Chad Ford is having a chat on ESPN and I had to comment, but it wont go through. As a sixers fan living in Boston, it is a shame that 2 of the first 5 games of the closest series statistically are placed on NBA TV. When you compare the celtic/bulls series to the magic/sixers...you have 4 close games on our part, 3 on the bulls/celtics. I know i am beating a dead horse, but once their so called "experts" have made their picks they spend more time disregarding any effort of the sixers and state that the Magic are just playing bad. Even in yesterday's loss, Sammy D should get some credit for stepping up in the fourth quarter defensively and offensively. I guess it just bothers me that since this series has no "star" quality, and just good basketball...ESPN, TNT and ABC deem it unworthy. I guess this is a product of the NBA promoting the individual over the team...I see where that strategy has gotten them in the the 4 major sports ranking. And i am a Basketball fan first too

I sent in a couple of questions too. He answered one question by basically saying the Magic are just playing horrible basketball and he's surprised the sixers have been competitive. In another he said the Sixers could take Flynn with the #17 pick. Doesn't really surprise me, I mean, ESPN's Sixer blog didn't see fit to write a single word about game 3 or 4 until this morning.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 14:35

You know, perhaps people are (a) generally disinterested in who's going to be Cleveland's sacrificial lamb, (b) understandably disinterested in a series between a boring, drastically underachieving team and a boring .500 team. Why should anybody but Sixers/Magic fans care about this series? The games are close, but not all that enthralling, unlike Boston/Chicago. There aren't any huge stars. Howard's fun to watch in dunk contests, but not so much in real games. Iguodala's dull. I don't think it has anything to do with some media bias against us, anymore than it has to do with some media bias against Orlando.

I guess it's more fun to watch two teams play zero defense if one of them plays in Boston.

Dave reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 16:55

I can respect the fact that the defending champion struggling against an upstart Bulls teams that goes after them is a good ratings winner...but Denver just beat New Orleans by 58 points in NO. I guarantee their next game will not be on NBA TV!!!

no matter what happens in this game tonight, the 76ers are scheduled to play Thursday in Philly...Boston is in Chicago and already has the TNT time slot. ESPN does not have rights on Thursday...

So how do you reward the most competitive series so far? With NBA TV coverage for game 5 and game 6. Maybe if i had the NBA package, or lived closer to Philly it wouldn't bother me....

You don't even get NBA TV w/ the league pass package after the regular season is over in most places. You have to sign up for some other sports package to get it.

thanks for putting the link Brian. I think you wouldn't be thrilled about the perspective to have King back either :-)

as for Gonzales' article, I left a comment there, in the "Sixers deserve more attention and you should actually watch their exciting players before complaining about how unspectacular they are" territory, but it wasn't published... no insults or profanities of course

I though censors were in the USSR only, I guess I was wrong

that article is crap and the guy should wmove his arse and watch some games before criticizing how boring the team is

Yeah, I stopped reading his column a while ago, but the headline caught my eye.

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