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Attacking The Double

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I am worried how the Sixers are afraid/unable to score inside 15 feet with Howard manning the post. They won't shoot 50% from 3 most nights.

I agree, it is risky for Orlando to double so far out.

Yeah, that's bothered me as well. It's like they don't want to be embarrassed by a shot block. The thing is, Howard gets all his blocks coming from the weak side. If you drive it right into him, he's probably more likely to foul you.

anyway, that's another reason to really punish them when howard doubles. who else is going to protect the lane?

Hopefully Orlando doesn't do a similar doubling diagram...you know where we double the ball and leave Rashard Lewis, or Courtney Lee Wide open and no one rotates to contest the shot

That's been the big adjustment we've made. Rarely have we doubled the ball. We've either gone under the screen or switched. Orlando has done a horrible job of taking advantage of Howard rolling to the hoop with a small on him, let's hope that continues.

Let me play a little coaches devil's advocate just for conversation sake.

Let's assume Orlando keeps playing this way (doubling Iguodala/ball handler) with some defensive changes based on not being complete idiots and tons of video resources.

On the double team they again trap well and force Iguodala back into a situation where he either has to jump pass or get rid of it super quick (assuming there is someone in position he can even give it to quickly.

But instead they shore up their rotations by taking away the closest pass/best case pass (Miller coming to the ball), have a defender in the paint whose responsibility is to protect the basket while being prepared to dart out on the guy being left open in the opposite corner.

Now what?

I don't like giving Sam the ball too quickly while in a diving motion at all and if I am Orlando I'll take him having to consistently catch on the move and then having to make a play/decision all night.

If the trap is good and active making a pass to Miller cutting or Willie on the opposite wing becomes dangerous with defenders close by. Again that leaves the skip pass. And by that time you are up against the clock for a shot and/or force to shoot a lot of perimeter jumpers.

That's how I would coach the trap and rotations defensively.

Anything can be beat, but I think the defense I just proposed is much tougher to beat and would require better timing, positioning and precision on the part of the offense. That puts my opponent in better position to make a mistake and that is good basketball.

That's a good point and if something like that were to happen, then DiLeo needs to rethink how he's setting up the possession. Remember, the double with Howard doesn't happen unless Sammy is the one coming up to set the pick for Iguodala. Maybe you set the screen with Thad, maybe you stop running the iso altogether. The basic premise here is that (a) orlando sticks w/ that same defensive strategy and (b) you really think you get an advantage by playing into it. If neither is true, then you avoid setting the screen w/ sammy and triggering the situation.

Personally, I'd like to see Iggy try to split the double if what you're talking about happens. Or maybe try the double screen out there and get Iggy around the corner and into the lane with Howard stuck out on the perimeter.

I'm really looking forward to this little game within a game, as well as the seeing how the Sixers handle the screens on the perimeter on the other end. Will they continue to switch?

Yep. If Iguodala gives the ball to Sam in the wrong spot, or Willie at all they are at a disadvantage. the Sixers just don't have enough offensive weapons to be a real threat if you take away the Andres.

Thad really needs to step up on offense and one of either Lou, WG, Marshall or Speights has to give them some consistent offensive punch.

A solid defense can take away 2 good weapons.

I'm not taking game 4 as proof positive that Orlando can suddenly shut down the Andres.

No doubt- but on the flip side I am less confident the other Sixers step up on the road. They have been leaning on the Andres too much- even though they have admirably stepped up.

I was expecting Thad to have a break out game at home and be a possible series changer- which did not happen except for a few key plays. Maybe he will be able to step up tonight? I want to see them back to where Thad was scoring 20 a night and a primary weapon in the half court.

Absolutely. His drives have virtually disappeared in the past two games, he seems afraid of Howard and he really can't afford to be.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 17:28

While his drives have disappeared, it seems to me that his touches have disappeared, too. Especially when comparing it to those 6 or 7 straight 20+ games he had before getting hurt. I said on here before game 4 that the team needs to give him the ball on the perimeter with a spread floor and let Thad attempt to take Lewis off the dribble.

Let Sam, Theo, Donyell or whoever just go stand out of the paint to somehow pull Howard out of there, because it is not like any of the above are post up threats.

They need to run some pick and role not using dalembert...i thought one of the prettiest plays on Sunday was the dribble drive where Iggudala drew howard's attention in the paint and lobbed it to Dalembert for the jam, a similar play happened in game 1 and 3 for ratliff jams. this play works better than the pick and role because all the big has to do is dunk it...even the pass to Dalembert at the end of game 4 had me biting my nails...

It would be great if they could do some pick and roles with the guards like Orlando does....have miller set a screen on Turk...then Lee/or Alston is left to guard Iggs. And if they don't switch....Iggs and Miller can beat their man off the dribble...and then take it inside and try and get that play.

Rule question...you can't stay in the lane for 3 seconds...but can you stand out of bounds under the basket...quickly get in, establish position inbounds and catch alley oops. I don't know about you guys...but watching Evans or Sam catch the ball more than 3 feet away from the rim scares me to death

I don't think you can use out of bounds as a reset. You need to clear the lane completely in-bounds.

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