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Game 5: Sixers @ Magic

I would like to see this lineup when Howard is out and they bring Battie or Gortat in:

G: Lou Will

They are not going to the post with battie or Gortat. As soon as Howard leaves this game...take this lineup and have Marshall camped for 3...this would cause serious matchup problems and give Marshall some good looks, but more imporantly the lane would be open. On the defensive side, only Ratliff is stopping drives...it seems like when the guards drive against Sammy it is either a foul on him or an easy layup because of how close they are calling fouls on him. I don't see the trouble sticking Marshall in there for 2 minutes of Howard Rest time

I'd be fine with that. It's also an opportunity to get Speights some burn and get some offense out of the 5 that way.

Mike reply to Dave on Apr 28 at 18:54

i support any lineup where Lou Williams finds himself on the bench. my hate for this kid knows no bounds right now. i truly believe he kills his team about 80% of the time, in so many different ways.

Joe reply to Mike on Apr 28 at 19:01

I dislike Willie more. To each their own.

Mike reply to Joe on Apr 28 at 19:08

willie doesn't take as many bad shots as Lou. he has seemed to play within himself more this year, accepting his limitations. come off a screen & hit midrange jumpers in the 1st, and play solid D. that's all.

lou, on the other hand, constantly takes awful rally-killing jumpers & attempt things not in his repertoire. he still hasn't learned how to run a fast break, and is probably the worst defender on the team.

About the switching on picks:

They certainly have done a much better job contesting the three- but they have gotten stuck in some lousy switches. Orlando has used weak picks to force Willie Green on Lewis. This is a bad match-up, and Green must follow Alston over or under the screen,. Switching the Alston/Lewis match-up kills them.

Not nearly as much of an issue when Miller/Iguodala/Thad switch... unless it is on the last shot of the game (:

I don't think I'd ever switch on Alston, probably go under. Again, if he beats us with jumpers, then you live with that.

Finally someone with a logical and sane view of this series in that Bucher article. Loved the DiLeo is the X factor.

SVG tried to post up Lewis on Thad early in the first game down there and Lewis scored but SVG didn't go back to it but one or two more times that game. I hope he doesn't try this tonight b/c I think besides Howard, this is their best mismatch on the floor by taking Thad down to the post.

that article on espn is the FIRST balanced article I have seen in the media all series. This series is reminding me of the presidential election last year!

It's funny that they kind of hid it on ESPN too. If you go to the NBA page, you really have to look to find anything about the Sixers. I guess you can't blame them, they care about page views and ratings, I suppose this Sixers/Orlando series isn't driving a whole lot of either. It's just a shame, I think it's been the best series of the first round so far. Real playoff basketball.

Gary Payton really is a moron, huh?

Tip coming up, let's go.


Lets do this

Magic broadcast. Was hoping for Zumoff, oddly.

Can someone send me the link to watch this game streaming wise for those without nbatv?

Did you check justin.tv Mike?

Can't give them open looks on the break like that. Damnit.

i am in the philly area so im watching at comcast but my buddy in nyc was wondering about links. i'll tell him to try that one, thanks.

Joe reply to Mike W. on Apr 28 at 19:53


That is what I am using. Pretty pissed about it. Something better will likely turn up. It is being streamed by justin.tv but the direct stream needs a pw I don't know, so I'm using that site.


for those on nbatv not watching in philly, zumoff seems to think howard might get suspended for game 6.

Shit, I completely missed it. Did he throw a punch or something?

BS call for Sammy's first. Loved that spin move by Miller.

Sammy can't use up his fouls like that.

Shit, I just rewound and saw that, he should be suspended.

He absolutely should get suspended. Whether stern has the balls to do it or not, who knows.

Joe reply to Mike W. on Apr 28 at 19:55

If the Magic win, Stern would love to suspend him...

Anyone see what happened to Lee?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 19:55

Howard elbowed him, too.

Howard elbowed Lee

Iggy should've taken that three instead of passing to Green.

What happened with Howard anyway? I missed it.

we are colder than last game.

Guokas dead on, we don't want to give Thad any looks.

Too many shots for Willie. Come on, GO TO THAD.

Thank you.

Goukas' whole thing is apparently making fun of the other team. Check the scoreboard, chump.

6 boards and 2 blocks for Sammy in that run. Hope he doesn't disappear for the rest of the half.

is it just me or are the magic getting a lot of ticky tack foul calls? and we are getting none.

We are not at the scoring pace we need to be at.

This is not going good, guys. Not driving, Green still in game and not playing defense.....

Come on, WILLIE, we neeeeed you son.

Willie is playing with confidence!!

I know they got a 3 out of that, but why not go for the 2 for 1?

Two on Thad. Lou coming in with Ivey.

Good first for Green.

20-21 after 1. They hit what, three threes? Need to get out on shooter. Miller completely lost Redick twice.

Let's go, big second.

Stern is there too. "I enjoy dirty elbows thrown by Dwight Howard."

can someone let me know where i can watch this game please if there is anywhere

There's a link above.

Joe reply to r on Apr 28 at 20:13

read the entire comment section

Man, ORL is pushing the ball at every opportunity getting into early offense before we can really get set.

Come on Lou! Damnit.

Im getting nervous that we're close to getting down big.

Take a time out. I don't like the way this is looking.

Joey Crawford is notorious for calling it really tight in the post.

big one iggy

Big shot by Iggy.

Man, Lou has a ways to go tonight... Damn!

Lou Williams, despite the negativity on this board, has been one of my favorite players for the past 2 years. And even I find myself right now wanting Willie to take some of his minutes...

Iggy, stop leaning back on your follow thru...

thanks guys lets fuckin go

man our jumpers are awful tonight (besides Willie i guess)

Excellent foul by Ratliff.

They are fortunate Hedo just missed that 3, with Ivey cheating down. Just stay with the shooter Royal and let Theo handle DH.

Damnit we need ball movement from side to side. Move the ball guys. Too much one on one on the strong side.

Man, this is intense basketball being played. I have no idea how they're right there, to be honest with you.

Brian I was just saying the same thing. I can't believe only down 2.

Atta boy miller.

Too many offensive boards.

This game is eerily similar to last game. Low scoring. Our defense is pretty decent. We just can't make shots.

3 on Sammy. Not good. Evans here? I say give Speights some run.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 20:34

Hopefully he shows me up and gets some time and knocks down some shots, but I just don't want to see him.

They just did it. He didn't score though. Thad took his guy off the dribble and got all the way to the rim but had to pass. Give him the ball and spread the floor and let him create!

get lou out of there im getting sick of this.

Shit. Get Green back in there for Willie. DAMNIT.

Get green in there for Lou, I meant.

I want to see how Lou responds.


NICE. Willie going to the hole and one!

Thad's afraid of Howard. He should've scored on that drive instead of dishing.

3 on Theo. Where does DiLeo go?

Key stretch here with Reg in. Just hold the fort down.

And the answer is.......Reggie Evans. He's got 6 fouls to use.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 20:40

Try Sp8's now with DH out?

I would.

Yes, Lou is finally out of there.

2 fouls on Howard, keep attacking.

Their 3 balls seem to always be so timely. That really hurt.

Sucks not having a shot blocker in there.

Turnovers are key when both teams are not making shots. Sixers have 8 so far; the Magic 4.

are you kidding me with that. what an awful finish to this half.

Great transition defense there. That's just wonderful.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 20:43

They are playing the Sixers' game against the Sixers. Lovely.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 20:43

It was Thad's fault, too, not Reg b/c he was the one closest back to the man.

That wasn't a bad shot by Willie, he was trying to go 2 for 1.

Come on, get a hoop here. Don't go in with ORL on a huge run.

Donny Ice, Ice Cold last 2 games.

Should have just gone for a 2.

Open look at a three, I'm fine with that.

F me. I'm going to say this right now, if the Sixers come out flat in the third quarter again tonight, this game is over.

We have to have an offensive burst in the 3rd b/c we can't win scoring roughly 80 pts.


Iggy pulling a disappearing act like game 2.

C Webb in agreeance with the suspension.

Never. will. happen. He's a star.

Over/under on how many times ESPN shows that clip tonight?

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 28 at 20:54

They show it once, initially. Then a replay of it, that's probably it.

Reversed and done to Howard. Endless clips.

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 28 at 20:55

They showed it during the Bulls game. I had it muted though.

Joe reply to Bryon on Apr 28 at 20:56

That is TNT actually... so I don't know if it qualifies. It should though probably.

Bryon reply to Joe on Apr 28 at 20:59

Good, like Payton said, they are going to run it on NBA TV, so the more it is shown nationally maybe it will happen. My hopes aren't up though...

If they don't suspend Howard I may not even watch game 6.

15-4 in bench points for Orlando ??? WTF !!

That's called the Lou effect when Reggie Evans has two of them. And I'm not piling on Lou here, but he is our only offense or scorer off the bench.

funny how both teams are shooting 16/37 and have 20 rebounds !!

but Orlandod has 5 threes, that's the difference (together with the bench points)


Joe reply to Alvin on Apr 28 at 20:59

getting to the line

The Polish hammer has as many points as our entire bench. Our bench has taken 7 shots for 4 points in 28 minutes.

make or break 3rd coming up

I'm sorry, but screw the bench. We need Thad and the Andres to carry this team in the second half. If Willie's still hot, fine, give him shots. Otherwise, those three guys need to step up right here in the third quarter. This cannot stretch out to 15+ points in the third quarter.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 21:00

If anything, we need to get it within 5 at the start of the fourth to stand a chance.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 21:00

In Donyell I trust.

First play of the third, Sammy picks up his fourth. That's a killer. Leaving him in.

How was that defensive three, he was doubling Howard, left and they called it right away? That's bs.

Sammy to the bench. This is the key right here.

Not a good start. I know asking for a good quarter is like asking for a solar eclipse but yeah it does happen once every few years right?

That was a big steal by Miller there. Looks like Iggy is trying to take over right here. We'll see if he can hit his foul shots.

Why does Iggy not want that 15 footer from the free throw line right there.


Refs forcing DiLeo's hand. Maybe he'll go to Marshall or Speights at the 5 now.

Bryon reply to Alvin on Apr 28 at 21:08

He's going to have to go to Sp8's out of desperation b/c I'm not sure Reg can handle it.

Forcing turnovers, that's really our game.

Goals for third quarter:
- Force turnovers
- Make free throws
- Get Thad and Iggy scoring

Hope we see way less jumpers this 1/2. Don't they know they are not jump shooters? Can't fear Howard on every play.

do the sixers realize that they do the same thing to them they are doing to Howard with open shots?

Here comes the run, can they absorb it??

Damn, I just KNEW Iggy was going to miss one.

Here it goes.

WTF with all the turnovers.

3 on Thad. This is just abysmal.

pretty sure we've seen this game before

4 on Thad. They need to get him out of there. I can't watch.

that's just a lot of fouls...

Isn't it hilarious that one of the premier Magic blogs is called Third Quarter Collapse?

Miller offering motivational ploys to the team. Iggy needs to stop pressing so much.

2008 redux so far.

Willie. Green.

Timeout anyone?

The only team playing is the Magic. Sixers look like they could careless. I cannot believe I am saying this but Willie Green is the only sixer playing like a NBA player right now.

There we go. A little momentum? Hit the friggin' foul shot?

End of 3rd run here? Maybe keep it within 4 or 5???

I'm really surprised Young and Lou have been so weak this playoffs.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 21:18

Agree about Thad. Someone needs to tell him to man up. Would help if someone other than Miller gives him the ball sometime.

I'm surprised Lou even had ONE good game.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 21:19

Their youth is showing severely. And I'm not even sure it is youth with Lou, probably giving him too much benefit of the doubt there.

Our guys are seriously feeling the pressure.

The stress of these games is killing me.


we need to call a timeout right now. GOD DAMN.

Have to keep this under 15, preferably under 10 by the end of the quarter.

Things have gotten completely out of hand, but Orlando hasn't capitalized. This should be a 20-point game right now. If they can right the ship in this timeout, they have a chance.

There is that Green on Lewis switch.

Will anyone step up and attack? When Iguodala tries he messes up. It needs to be Thad/Lou/Miller. I'd even give Speights a chance- maybe he would attack the rim?

Timeout 3 minutes too late.

We lost this series in Game 2, then lost it again in Game 4. This series is going exactly like the entire season: a complete waste.

Honestly, game 4 was like this, the Sixers just hit a bunch of 3s.

The Sixers need to start playing their game and not let the magic dictate.

Pretty play out of the TO.

Offensive rebounds. Zzzzz.

Sixer-like FT's :)

Awww, Howard got a bad call.

They called a foul on Howard. WOW.

"Where amazing happens" is about right.

Thank you, attack.

Why was the hit on Sam not counted as a foul?

Here we go baby. HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, that looked like a charge on Iggy. I'll take it.

Attack and the refs MIGHT reward you.

I would send in Lou and tell him to try and get to the rim.

Come on. Close. Don't end this run.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 21:28

Why did he take Theo out with Sam still having 2 fouls to give? That is the difference b/c they are attacking our rim at will He can't be 'saving' Theo.

It hasn't been pretty, but for Sam to be out so long, this isn't bad considering.

Willlliiiiiieeeee. green

Need a hoop. Don't let them push it back up to 10.

Big three. BIG.

Bringing in Evans????

Play it smart, work the clock and get a two-for-one here to end the quarter. Preferably with 2 makes.

At least they have stopped taking 18 foot jumpers.

They need Marshall to hit some 3s (and no one else to shoot j's.

Damn Turkeyglue

I love Iggy like no other, but he frustrates me with not making free throws, consistently.

Another switch

Could've and should've been much worse. Need that big fourth quarter now. Need it in the worst way. Iggy was huge down the stretch in the third, need 12 more minutes like that.

Well they are counting on the Magic letting up down the stretch (again.)

Well trailing by 9 going into the 4th, just like game 4.

Alright, don't let them go on another run and dig this hole deeper. Need to attack early.

If this can switch to a Sixer controlled game (attack, draw fouls, run) they could turn this around. Just not sure I've seen enough positive signs. Afraid they will just jack up 3's (be lazy)

No bench pts. just like game 2.

Not Ivey 3's...


Thad all alone under the hoop, they just never even look at him, instead, jack a three. Terrible start. 0-2 from threes, lead to 11. WAKE UP.

Lou, you in the building tonight? Lou.....

No Howard... stop shooting j's

SVG winning the coaching... when Sam/Theo out his teams goes to the cup.

Sixers shoot j's.

Thad looks terrible.

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 21:40

He was double teamed...but still

Things get hairy out there, they fall right back into over-helping, leaving guys wide-open for three.

The Pistons...err, Magic have asserted themselves. They don't look confused by the Sixers energy anymore.

Plan B (or is that Brand next year?)

They're +10 in o-boards.

What are you smiling about, Lou?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 21:44

That 25 million he got.

Sammy back in.

Is it a good thing that Thad is getting this out of his system this series? Hopefully has a good game before the series is over? Looks without any confidence out there.

Iggy, now that is called pressing. Damn.

Bryon reply to Bryon on Apr 28 at 21:47

I mean, it is over 6 min. left and you settle for the transition 3.

Well I guess we'll see what kind of adjustments DiLeo can make next game.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 21:51

I have a feeling we'll be back in ORL on Sat. night.

Please abuse Redick here.

Hell yeah Lou sit the f down

Still only 12- just no positive signs yet...

Not a one.

Sammy. heh.

Sammy at least has the right body langiuage and wants the ball. That looks like he pooped his pull ups and Iguodala like he took too much no doze.

It isn't looking like there will be a comeback this game.

Sammy's jumper cracks me up :D

It's the rebounding that's killing us.

Let's see if Iggy can make some 4th quarter free throws

Fuck yea

Why don't they drive at Howard all game? I don't care if he gets 6 blocks.

Come on. Two possessions. The Andres want it.

We need a SVG choke special...

Can't grab a board to save their lives. That's it. Had a shot, again. Blew it. Again.

Seriously, as bad as we have played and we are still within reach in this game.

That tells me more about ORL than us. They are NOT that good.

We just can't string together 4 solid quarters, not great, just solid.

No, and the Sixers are a .500 team. Enjoy watching them, but not a good team by a long stretch.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 22:10

So you are saying the Magic are good? If you say we aren't by a long stretch.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 22:13

Oh, I see you were referring to the Magic not being good.

Maybe they need a PF on the floor?

What day is game 6?

BTW, could this season be any more like last year?

Crap start, spring run, closing swoon and then the playoff series? I enjoyed the show more the 1st time.

Oh yeah, won 1 more game this year- guess that was their progress.

This series is nothing like last year's beyond the won/loss in games 1-5. The Sixers didn't quit in game 4. They didn't roll over here, either. Two-possession game with 3 minutes to go. You sound like the typical ESPN anchor.

I don't agree. Pistons were a better team and took advantage of the Sixers letting them play their game.

The last 2 games the scores may have been closer, but the Magic controlled the type of game played. I see that as similar to last year. The Sixers had the team on their heels only the 1st 3 games.

Now, next game might be different.

So these teams are pretty much even to you? I mean, game four was decided on a last-second shot. If that wasn't the Sixers "putting Orlando back on their heels," then they must be pretty even, right?

Reddick = stupid douchebag


Optimism aside, I'm still not convinced we are toast yet.

The last 2 games (4 & 5) we have not scored enough in the 1st half. We seem to turn it on when our backs are against the wall and we're down. If they would bring that same mentality when we are up, the results may be different.

The question is.........will the league drop the hammer on a 'star'?

It very well could be different. The Magic don't play as well as a team as the Pistons did. Once the Pistons got clicking it was over. The Magic will give them a chance.

Whether the Sixers can make the adjustments and step up and take the chance is another question. They need Thad to get out of this funk. Lou as well. Its been Andres or bust.

Bryon reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 22:19

tk, seriously, no offense but what does the Pistons from a whole year ago have to do with this current series? You keep referencing them as if it is a barometer or something.

Different teams on both sides, not to mention different years.

I've felt the same way about both series. If it hasn't seemed similar to last year to others then that's fine.

I just here the same 'nobody respects the Sixers' after 2 wins as last year (mostly at realgm.) They are an average team facing a better one (who has played poorly.) I did not think the Pistons were all that good last year either.

The Sixers have a long way to go to be a top team, and sometimes it seems like a few wins and the management starts blowing smoke about how close they are.

I like the fact that DiLeo is still coaching and they're still playing. This season isn't over, not yet.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys. My wrap will be up later.

Well, do or die at home on Thursday. Howard should be in an ill-fitting suit, so we'll see.

I don't think they should suspend him. Was not premeditated enough.

Intentional elbow to the head like that, on a dead ball, is a 100% guaranteed suspension in the regular season. So if the league isn't full of crap, it's a 100% guaranteed suspension in the playoffs as well.

I will e sure to take a happy pill and look forward to game 6. If they can break through they might even be able to win out.

Michael B. of CSN Philly said paraphrase:

"where was the heart, careless throws, missing open shots, you need to atleast try". This was the sixers playing like they know how to play. Disgusting. As of right now, not going Thursday night. Saving my money, selling tickets for whatever.

I'm sorry, but I didn't see a lack of heart tonight. The last six games of the season, yes. Tonight I saw sloppy play, terrible play at times, but not a lack of heart. If they didn't have heart this would've been a 30-point loss, it wouldn't have come down to the final 3 minutes.

the other stage people agreed with you. But Michael was very clear w/ his opinion. And I agree with him. There was no heart parts of the game.

The reason it was not a blow out was because it was only a few minutes at a time.

From ESPN's recap:

"Howard and Sixers center Samuel Dalembert got tangled up going for a rebound in the first quarter, and Howard was called for a technical foul on the play."

Tangled up, huh? No mention of a possible suspension.

So positives so far...

-Iguodala has rebounded well from last years ugly playoff showing.

-Andre Miller can really step up in the playoffs (his numbers are great.)

-The team is resilient

-Competitive in a series even without much contribution from Thad, Lou or Speights. All should bring more to the table in the future (and Brand.)

Well, I side with the 'typical ESPN anchor.' We haven't really improved that much, we're just playing a much worse team that has matchup problems against us. You can't drone on and on before the series about how Orlando's not that good, how they struggled against good teams once Nelson went down, and then once they start to beat us put them on some 59-win pedestal. They lost a very big piece, and without him, they're just a really good, somewhat offensively limited big man who they don't go to nearly enough and several big, essentially catch-and-shoot guys. Granted, Iguodala has made huge strides. Besides that, though, we're still immensely mediocre.

So you see no growth from last year to this? Outside of strides for Iguodala?

I listed my positives. I'm hoping people can come up with some more... at very least to help lift the mood. I've admittedly been the biggest whiner here tonight.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 23:35

I've been going mental since we lost Game 2 to be frank.

- Andre Miller has been amazing. I thought he couldn't better last season but I was wrong. Granted he's going against Alston instead of Billups but still.. amazing effort from an outstanding competitor.
- Iggy has been better than last season, but still I don't see him ever being the man.
- Thad, whom one day could be the man, has been disappointing. He needs someone to tell him that we need him to score. Which is what I think Mo said to Lou earlier in the season, which brings me to...
- Lou has been expectedly bad. He has been piss-poor this season apart from a few great games.
- Green has actually been better than the regular season.
- Ivey hasn't featured much in the playoffs. I like his tenacity and toughness but he can't make a damn lay-up.
- Speights hasn't seen many minutes.
- Theo has been doing fine.
- Marshall effectively won us Game 1, we can't expect him to do it every single time.
- Evans has been what we expect: the typical hustle guy every team needs. Except he's playing way too much.

agree with all your points.

ESPN later did mention more than likely a suspension.

Let's just add up ppg and crown "the men" of the NBA. Fun times.

#1 Dwyane Wade - First name inexplicably misspelled, but stud.
#26 Tin Duncan - Has been "the man" for last decade. Best PF ever?
#27 Rudy Gay - Potential to be "the man."
#28 Pau Gasol - He has Kobe, so obviously not.
#29 Andre Iguodala - Nah
#30 Rudy Gay - Another potential "man." Wait, how many wins did the Grizzlies have? Oh wait, no other 12 ppg scorers on the team. No wonder why, must be that poor supporting cast.
#31 John Salmons - Rose has really made him better. Rose could be "the man" one day.
#32 LeMarcus Aldridge - Good 2 headed monster with Roy, an obvious man. If Oden doesn't bust, and they get another star, they will compete. Should have made that trade for VC.

That was fun.

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