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Sixers On The Brink

Rule 12A--Section V--l(5)
l. A player, coach or trainer must be ejected for:
(1) A punching foul
(2) A fighting foul

q. Elbow fouls, which make contact above shoulder level, and punching fouls, although recorded as both personal and team fouls, are unsportsmanlike acts. The player will be ejected immediately.

If Howard is not suspended it is just because the NBA wants to market him in the next series and not ruin his reputation as a squeaky clean star.

They didn't give him a personal either. Just the tech.

Steve reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 23:51

Do you think he'll get suspended? The entire TNT studio were all adament that he should and will get suspended for game 6. C-webb pointed out that you could see howard look at dalembert and then throw the elbow.

Bryon reply to Steve on Apr 29 at 0:18

And according to what you posted above, he should have been ejected immediately.

And a tech doesn't automatically count as a personal like in college?

Tray reply to Bryon on Apr 29 at 0:22

Oddly, no. It counts towards a separate count of technical fouls. If you get two T's you're out.

But in that case, should've been a dead-ball foul too, right? I mean, physical contact like that, say he elbowed him in the chest, or just shoved him. That's a personal foul, right?

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 29 at 0:59

Yep, according to those rules above it should have been a team and personal foul with a subsequent ejection for the unsportsmanlike act.

I mean, what was that ref thinking? He blatantly elbows him and you feel the need to immediately blow the whistle and call him for a tech, but with that much physical contact it wasn't a personal foul. But on the flip side a simple reach in with contact is? I'm obviously perturbed by the guy being allowed to stay in the game tonight. ugh.....

I suppose they'll suspend him. They really have to by their rules, for one thing, and for another, it's the only way they could possibly drum up any ratings for the remaining games in the series. ESPN loves a suspension. Besides, if they were willing to suspend Amare and end Phoenix's season, back when they were so popular, they surely wouldn't go out of their way to save the Magic.

couldn't watch the game tonight b/c of work, but heard about the elbow and saw SVG's smug postgame comments. if this doesn't fire up the sixers and the home crowd, i don't know what will. this series was on before, but now IT'S REALLY ON; next game here's hoping they run the magic off the court, howard or not.

What did SVG say in the post-game? I tuned out.

Steve reply to Brian on Apr 29 at 0:09

he called out dileo for claiming Howard camps in the lane all game. Dileo also said that he thinks Howard should be suspended and the team has sent in the tape to the league. Stan came up to the podium and said are we going to talk about the game or lobby for calls for the next game?

I hope he's back making cheap porn this time next season. I bet Dwight Howard does too.

Bryon reply to Nick on Apr 29 at 0:15

What did SVG's smugness consist of? Was it related to the possible suspension? Or just his usual...

Jordan reply to Bryon on Apr 29 at 0:21

I believe his comments were to the effect of, "Oh so I guess it's all about lobbying to the officials now."

Bryon reply to Jordan on Apr 29 at 0:23

Dag, where did you guys catch these post-game comments since NBA TV went to the next game? Online?

Tray reply to Jordan on Apr 29 at 0:24

Perhaps you four would like him to lobby for his own best player's suspension. He has to at least pretend to think he doesn't deserve to be suspended and that calls for his suspension are misplaced, that's his job.

It wasn't about that. He was whining about something else DiLeo said.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 29 at 1:43

Then perhaps you'd like him to lobby for more three-second calls against Howard. This is the playoffs, one coach bitches about calls, the other coach mocks him for bitching. Tony's right of course, but you don't see a ton of 3-second called in the playoffs.

I posted the videos above, both DiLeo and Van Gundy's comments.

Charles Barkley on TNT said he will be and should be suspended. They have a seat for him on TNT. Barkley said he should have gotten tossed and Orlando is lucky he did not get tossed. Could he get suspended for 2 games???? I know that is not possible but he should, IMO as a sixers fan!

Jordan reply to DeanH on Apr 29 at 0:40

Two games is pushing it.

I know, I was joking or wishing? I thought I made myself clear that I was not serious in believing that!

I didn't really process the thought and ramifications at the time it happened - but we got shafted, by him not being ejected from that game at that moment. According to the rule book posted above, the ref did not act properly. Son of a ...............

Wish I had DVR b/c I really did not pay close enough attention to DH being in the lane. Was watching more of the screening and switching on the perimeter. Wonder if DiLeo really has a valid argument or just reaching for straws with us being one away from elimination.

Tony should have went public with why the refs did not eject him immediately, too.

Yeah, I haven't noticed or paid attention to that. Mostly, I've been concerned w/ the offensive fouls he commits, the traveling and the moving screens. :)

Bryon reply to Brian on Apr 29 at 1:02

Usually Dre Miller alerts the refs and us at home by hollering it out on the 3 seconds, but I guess he couldn't by all the switching going on keeping him occupied on the perimeter.

As I hit upon in the pre-series posts, Lou defines sporadic. The 3/4 of the season Lou has reared his ugly head. Really, what did this guy do so differently in game 1 to score like that besides knock down those 3 three's?

And it is eating away at me that we are FINALLY getting some offensive output from Willie, and if everyone else on our roster would hold serve with their usual scoring, we would win these games. Paging Lou?? I'm looking at you too Thad.

But Lou feels my wrath b/c as far as the bench is concerned, you can't expect Reg, Theo, or Ivey to give you offense. So Lou carries the burden, fairly or not.

Lou, you need directions to the Wach Thursday night? We're in game 6, by the way. Game 1's don't win the series.

Great recap, I just disagree about Dalembert, he was terrible in his 20 minutes, despite decent rebounding numbers

he committed three of the most stupid fouls I ever saw from him (and this is saying something), two on offense (...) and the fourth after 14 seconds in the third on a stupid, stupid, stupid double team

his limited minutes, due to these stupid fouls, were one of the reasons why Orlando got so many off rebounds, that asbolsutely killed us, as you correctly said

few def rebounds = few fastbreak points, also

Sam was a HUGE factor in Magic's favor, he even added two stupid (needless to say) goaltendings in the fourth that didn't help either...

the rest of the recap is perfect, as usual

let's move on to Game 6 and let's see what will the League decide about Howard

I think that if Dalembert did not rebound the ball and block 2 shots like he did in the first half, the game would have been a blowout from half-time onwards.

Yes, Daly does some stupid things but overall having him on the floor is beneficial to the team, even though sometimes it is himself that limits his minutes.

I hate SVG with a passion now. What a piece of shit.

I hate to be those sour grapes kind of person after a loss...but two things to think about. If the rule was upheld, Howard out of the game...and then SVG (smug jerk) would be forced to scramble. and if I'm not mistaken Howard had a prety deccent game...now even if the rule is and should be upheld, and a suspension granted, now the Magic have time to prepare for a game without him. I usually say let them play...which is why i have hated the ticky tack fouls on our big men against Howard....It is amazing how specially he is treated for someone who has won 1 playoff series. also, still up in Boston, got to hear Doc Rivers talk about Rondo's foul. He called it a good foul, and that even it Rondo didn't slap Miller in the face, Perkins would be over for the block. if anyone could see that replay, miller had a clear lane to the basket and would have scored, would not have been blocked by Perkins. I guess that is what he is supposed to say, but I ask what would happen if it was Iggudalla throwing a blatent elbow at Pietrus. Do you think that would be ignored...or if it was peirce who was whacked in the face, tooth chipped and missed a free throw...I can hear Tommy Henishon now crying for a flagarant foul.

I hope Gortat doesn't get the majority of the minutes.

No one wants to hear it, but Gortat is a player. He is still better than Sammy IMO and he will outplay Sammy or at least cancel him out.

Battie is atrocious.

Well, if Orlando's center is merely canceling out Sammy, I like our chances.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 29 at 12:43

oh yeah. For sure. lol. I'd rather have a distinct advantage though and if Battie plays a lot... that will be the case.

Get ready for Saturday Night Fever.

Time: TBD

Place: Amway Arena

Looking too far ahead? - Naw, just confident our guys will come out like gangbusters and spank that ass in Game 6 Thurs. night.

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