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Courtney Lee Out For Game 6

I will be disgusted if he is not suspened for game 6.

What would everyone else's reaction be to the league failing to follow their own rulebook

I'd be completely pissed. Of course, we're probably the only ones and I doubt the NBA cares about disenfranchising Sixers fans. Nothing would shock me at this point.

I fully expect Howard to be suspended. There are plenty of examples out there of Stern suspending starts, even in the playoffs. The rulebook is black and white. Think about it logically...he has to be suspended. Has to.

Tray reply to Mike W. on Apr 29 at 12:39

Yeah, I agree. It's a blatantly intentional elbow and the rules and past precedents are pretty clear. Besides, the league doesn't have a huge incentive to get Orlando into the second round, much less to get them in the second round in six games.

I was never a big Phoenix fan, but watching Nash play was exciting...and the NBA had to make a very unpopular decision and suspend Amare and Diaw for Game 5 in phoneix in a tied series. Horry gives Nash a cheap shot and gets rewarded....but Stern held firm and followed the rules. There is absolutely no excuse for Howard not getting suspended

Anyone think Rondo might get suspended?

I haven't seen the video enough to comment. I am sure the Celtics fans/coachs can justify it by saying he was going for the ball. I think he will be fined, but not suspended...regardless...lets say they called it correctly and it was a flagrant...then the Bulls had the ball down 1 or 2 with 2 seconds left...still would be hard to tie the game, but with the way that series has gone anything was possible

Well, if it was a flagrant then Del Negro gets to choose who takes the foul shots, they get get 2 of them, and the ball. He's got Gordon (87%) who he can use to shoot them. I'd say the odds are pretty good it at least goes to a second overtime.

Since it was only a regular foul, Miller had to shoot (after getting stitches) or Boston would get to choose who took the shots for Chicago (Probably Aaron Gray, 57.6%).

Rondo call was a flagrant though... you can't just suspend a player for a flagrant. It should have been a flagrant.

There is a difference between something that should be an ejection and something that should be a flagrant.

I don't think Rondo should be suspended, although I do think the refs blew that call.

well that definately changes things...I did not know that.

Regardless of what happens, and I have never been a big Shaq guy...but man I can't stand SVG...this guy is awful

Rondo wasn't called for a flagrant, right? That's why it was Miller who took the FT.

Man, I will feel insulted if Dwight Howard isn't suspended for 1 game. He's not a dirty player at all, but that elbow was uncalled for, and shouldn't exist on a professional basketball court.

I hope JJ Redick will start now :-)

but Ron Jeremy will go with Pietrus, obviously

big loss for Orlando, but we couldn't take advantage of that last night, despite Lee's subs playing horrible

I don't think Howard is a dirty player either but he compromised his honor and valor as a man by doing that. It was so early in the game, so it wasn't as if he was boiling over with pent up emotion. And Sam wasn't anymore physical with him while jockeying for position than he has been the whole series.

When you pull a punk move like that, it will cause people to lose respect for him throughout his career.

Superman my ass, Superbow..

Quick quote from David Thorpe's chat on a different subject:

Perez Burrows (G.B Bahamas): Hey David: You did a work-out on Nick Calathes. Whats the skinny on him and is #31(Sac) too high of a pick for him? And also, how does this look for a coaching staff for Sac huh? Mo Cheeks Paul Silas Terry Stotts Henry Bibby Shareef Abdu Rahim

SportsNation David Thorpe: He's the closest thing to Steve Nash I've ever seen. Period. You have to see him to believe. Incredibly crafty but very fast with the ball.

Thorpe always over-inflates the guys he's worked with, but I know there were some people here who were dying for the Sixers to draft Calathes, so thought I'd pass it on.

Brian - Agree Thorpe always over-inflates guys. The reasons I am not high on Calathes is the probability he is anything near Nash offensively is very low, while defensively he is probably about the same = not good.

I'd take him with a 2nd round pick but wouldn't with my first if I had a choice.

Would anyone trade Iguodala for McGrady?

Bryon reply to Terry on Apr 29 at 14:28

I hope i was suppose to laugh at that...

Alvin reply to Terry on Apr 29 at 15:44

I might have been willing to try Green + Evans + Smith + Lou for McGrady and Wafer. But I don't think even Lou's kicker can even up the salaries.

So, too bad then.

Joe reply to Terry on Apr 29 at 16:28

Early Orlando McGrady was a hell of a player.

Alvin reply to Joe on Apr 29 at 17:26

Yeah but Thad wasn't even in high school then.

No Howard for game 6 reports George Diaz (Orlando Sentinel): http://twitter.com/georgediaz/status/1651377850

Nice. So what's the lag time between news breaking on Twitter, news breaking on the blogs and news breaking in the mainstream media?

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