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Dealing With The Polish Hammer


It is official. Courtney Lee will be out for the entire series. We have to beat them tonight. And beat them again two days later.

I suppose that's karma. If they'd ejected Howard when they should have, he wouldn't have been in there to maim his teammate.

The Bible says, what so ever a man sows, that shall he reap! If a man digs a ditch for another, he falls into it himself.

It is the law of the world, just great to see it happen so quickly. Just maybe, the sixers, for a change, can take advantage of this BIG advantage.

I've been frustrated by the Sixers taking too many jumpshot this series- but with Howard in there its understandable. But tonight they have to live in the paint.

They should go to Miller and Thad in the post, and Iguodala has to be agressive driving arly, and not wait until late in the 3rd quarter to start driving.

On defense, they have been doing a great job closing out on shooters and controlling the defenseive boards- and see no reason why that should change. Anything else would be a sign of a let down. No way you can let down facing elimination.

Best case scenario, they score a bunch in the lane tonight, and it gives them the confidence to attack the same way in game seven.

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