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I was at the "game" for the 2nd half. The best part was when Turk and Dumbert were tossed out, all cheered. When they reversed Dumbert to just a T, the loudest boo of the year went out by the fans!!!! Priceless!!!!

Step one

Please hire real coach

Step two

Get the bulls out of the playoffs - watching Salmons do good things while willie green sucks makes me sad

And in the ultimate insult, John Salmons - who I think at this point we can all agree is better than any 2-guard on our roster - is straight killing the Celtics. Blame Iverson for crushing his psyche in Philly.

Heat of the moment reaction: If your last name isn't Iguodala or Young, I could care less if you're back, coach and all. (OK, Moses can stay if he wants.) Thad was garbage tonight but I think we can all agree he's improved a ton and will continue to get better. 'Dala was way too passive this game, but he was the only guy on the team who didn't get brutally and publicly sodomized on defense. And make no mistake, we lost this game on some of the worst defense the NBA has ever seen. Paul Westhead bad. Doug Moe bad. Steve Nash bad. Miller may have scored points but he made Skip look like Chris Paul tonight. Just awful.

This team is trapped in mediocre hell. We're too talented to get appreciably worse, but not good enough to get better. Having EB next year will help, depending on who the coach is. And while I think TD is a nice guy and a hell of a scout, I don't think he should be back. This team's strengths and weaknesses did not change appreciably under his watch. Even with a better coach, though, without a shooter at the 2 and a PG who can guard someone it's hard to feel optimistic.

John reply to Matt on Apr 30 at 22:56

No - don't blame Iverson at all - Salmons was FINE in philadelphia.

Blame billy king for having TWO restricted free agents and deciding to keep willie green INSTEAD of John Salmons.

I'm so tired of pointless Iverson bashing. It distracts from the real issues that have bothered the sixers for a while now (perimeter defense, stupid dedication to their own late round draft picks who don't deserve it, and lousy FT shooting)

So the sixers had one more win than they had last year - they still lost in the first round (and more embarassingly in my opinion as they needed a lot of luck to win the two games they won and gave away a couple others) - a few players took steps forward (Young and Iguodla) Miller got a year older - willie green still sucks - reggie evans was exposed and his trade value has probably plummeted, lou williams took a step back and you have to HOPE it wasn't 'contract drive / no one knows who the kid really is' last season and sam dalembert couldn't be traded for the same pieces tyson chandler was traded for.

Go ahead Stefanski fix it - and if you start by hiring DiLeo full time as far as I'm concerned you now have a huge hole to dig out of

Applause reciprocated. I will not let this game cloud the memories of the intelligent discussion, prolific game threads, and endless passion exuded daily.

Ending aside; What. A. Season.

I can't wait for October.

Guys, Thad has to either learn to play defense or we need to give up on him. Watching him tonight defend was a joke.

My dream of staying are only Iggy, M16, Lou, and Royal. MUST LEAVE SAMMY, WILLIE, RUSH. After tonight, Miller's defense was poor also, guys. I would still want him back, however.

I know most of you don't like Lou but I really believe if he had played instead of Green this year, he would have improved and maybe had won this game for us tonight. He does not get enough shots to get in a flow w/ the 2nd team. But we can discuss.

And, we need a REAL coach.

John reply to DeanH on Apr 30 at 23:06

Yup - give up on Thad Young after only his second season - that's a good idea...and coming back from that injury I'm sure he was 100% healthy and can't ever get better.

Only two guys showed overall improvement this year - focus on the entire season - not a couple games - and that's Iguodala and Young...they took steps forward while some stayed stationery (could willie get worse?) and some were much much worse than last year (Williams) and who knows why that happened.

Royal Ivey is fungible and replaceable - find a real - young point guard who can actually start in the NBA - keeping Ivey is a luxury a team this far from being a serious contender for a divison title can't afford.

Miller might be one of the most sought after S&T free agents this off season but what re yo ugoing to get back and if comcast is more worried about the luxury tax than getting better and the cap is going down - will it really matter?

For instance - sixers currently have no second round picks - heat have 3 - will budgetary constraints prevent the sixers from paying standard fees (50K) to get a guy they want (for instance, I'm pro tyler smith)

"Guys, Thad has to either learn to play defense or we need to give up on him. Watching him tonight defend was a joke."

Thad's been one of our better overall defenders all year. He had a bad night. Which is not uncommon for a 20 year old playing 40 mpg in the playoffs.

He's young, at 20. He moves his feet well. He uses his length well. And he gives effort. Any defensive lapses he has will be cured with time.

Worry about the defense of our PG's much more than worrying about the defense of the 20 year old playing out of position who played great defense the majority of the series (RE: everything up until the Turkoglu made shot), and who gives effort on the defensive end.

Right. Where are my manners?

I've been waiting for a great Sixers blog for a long ass time. Even made a pitiful attempt to write one. This year, DF became that. Can't tell you how great that has been. Thanks.

My only question now is when and how do you get plugged into the TrueHoop network? If I read one more post about the Clippers I'm going to shoot myself.

I just saw Derrick Rose block Rajon Rondo's fadeaway jumper with 5 seconds left in 3OT. Chicago won 128-127 to force Game 7.

When asked, "Where did you find that energy to block that shot?" Derrick said, "I just didn't want to lose."

Sixers should be ashamed of themselves.

John reply to Alvin on Apr 30 at 23:09

Cause they wanted to lose?

Glad to have found this blog this year. Good insight from Brian and all around. Hope next season gives us more than an average team to root for. If they can find some chemistry they can take a positive step next year and be above average.

I just hope by next year I can have my site up to answer everyones obscure statistical questions and find an affordable way to get the stats for every game every day :)

As for this pathetic showing- reminded me of the Indiana and OKC games. Don't know how much of that is on the players vs the coaches...

Don't want to throw one guy under the bus- but why did they change their defensive approach tonight?

I think the decision to double Lewis allowed a lot of bad players get easy, open 3's- and the flood gates opened. If Howard was single covered to deny open 3's, why would they abandon that tonight? Very odd, disturbing defensive 'adjustment' by DiLeo. The guy is a decent offensive coach... and they played good defense for 5 games of the playoffs...

Tom Moore on Apr 30 at 23:26

MILLER: "To lose like this is pretty bad. It was a replay of last year (a one-sided Game 6 loss to Detroit), only worse."

I am looking forward to the draft and next year. I had unrealistic expectations for this last year, and found myself unable to get behind them like I did the previous year. Its not so much them underachieving... I just expected a winning season and things rarely if ever clicked for this team.

Next year should be more enjoyable, even if they don't win a ton more games.

I'm sure we take John's point that this team is missing some major pieces. But though that's the case, this loss never should've happened. There's no reason that a team like Chicago, led by an extremely promising but still inconsistent rookie point guard and a modern-day Andrew Toney, should be playing this much better than us. It's obvious that this team is collectively a huge headcase. It's also clear that Iguodala, if he really is a top ten player in the league, is a top ten player of the C-Webb in his prime variety. I think we're a very mediocre team that, with the loss of Miller, isn't going to improve much at all next year, healthy Brand or not. I mean, another first-round series like this next year and Iguodala will be entering T-Mac territory.

Well, if you want to look on the bright side, Iguodala and the Sixers can get knocked out in the first round 4 more years in a row before they reach the level of ineptitude that was Kevin Garnett before he went to Boston.

Tray reply to Brian on May 1 at 1:07

Well, you can take comfort in the fact that Iguodala has a playoff record just as good as Garnett did in Minnesota, though of course, KG would've made the Finals the one year if not for the injury to Cassell. But even in a fantasy world where Iguodala's just as good a player as the Minnesota Garnett, a guy who dominated the game in every non-scoring aspect, as well as being a pretty solid offensive cog, what's so wonderful about that? As you point out, he never made it very far (until Cassell and Spree showed up) because he lacked the offensive support and he wasn't a dominant scorer himself. So what if the same's true for Iguodala? I don't see Pierce and Ray Allen walking in the door anytime soon. Or Sam Cassell for that matter. Our equivalent to Cassell is leaving us. I suppose in due time Thad will evolve into a more productive player than Szczerbiak...

So if Iguodala winds up on the level w/ Garnett in his prime, you won't be happy? My point is that there are plenty of players who didn't get out of the first round their first two or three times to the playoffs. Doesn't mean a thing about him as a player, especially not when he went to the playoffs as a 7 and 6 seed (don't remember what seed they were when they last went, maybe 6?)

Also, I think it's a little premature to say they'll never get a combo as potent as Spree/Cassell. Brand + Thad could easily outproduce those two next year. Plus, Evans, Green and Dalembert all come off the books when Iguodala is 27 years old.

Tray reply to Brian on May 1 at 1:49

If it happened, I'd be very happy, of course. I don't see it happening because, I mean, he's a fine passer and perimeter defender but he's just never going to lead the league in rebounding or blocked shots, or be 7 feet tall. I don't know how efficient he'll ever get on offense, but that's a smaller hurdle. As for losing in the abstract, of course it says nothing about you when you're just a 7 or 6 seed. On the other hand, if you do manage to steal home-court advantage both times, and then get a shot to steal a win because the opponent's best player is out, that's different. I don't know if we should've won either series, but we should really be playing a Game 7 in this one at least. I thought he was terrible in the last couple games against Detroit, and this series he faded after getting off to such a fine start.

As for Brand and Thad compared to Cassell and Sprewell, I just have no clue what kind of offense you're going to get out of Brand anymore. And Thad is starting to scare me a little. Either way, Cassell wasn't so much valuable in a concrete sense as for what a great postseason player he was. You do need someone like that on your team, I think, if you want to avoid bizarro letdowns like this. Iguodala and Thad aren't great competitors or leaders in the way that someone like Rose seems to be already.

Didn't Garnett make a WCF with Sprewell and Cassell ?

Also, I wouldn't compare the competition in the East to what the West was at that time AT ALL. Those KG led Wolves teams probably have a shot to make it in the ECF this year.

I find little solace when we just got beat by Marcin Gortat and JJ Redick.

My starting team next year would be EB, Thad, Iggy, Miller and a new shooting guard. All agree???

I really don't want to see Brand at the 5 or Thad at the 4. I don't know what I want to see, but Thad was abused in the post by a guy who isn't even a big 4 in this series. I have to think teams took notice of that and we're going to be in for much more of the same next season if he's our starting 4.

For what it is worth, did not mean them in order other than EB as Center (Dalembert has to go and I want Thad and Iggy on floor at same time). Looking forward to your thoughts!

John reply to DeanH on May 1 at 10:02

No - because your starting front court is still out of position.

John reply to DeanH on May 1 at 10:07

Draft projections at this point are nuts - the draft is supposedly pretty 'equal' after the top 2 or 3 picks - and by equal - it means a lot of talent that's probably mediocre at best. It's a weak draft - so you might have a variety of choices that are equal at your pick - so maybe you can pick for need.

I can't see a third 'surprise' contributor like the last two years - but from what i've been reading, calathes is the guy the sixers should get if they can.

And they should probably buy second round pick or two because their bench is god awful

Any idea on how to get there??????

First of all Brian, awesome blog. I really enjoyed reading it this year and you did a great job, thanks a lot.

One thought that I had percolating tonight is crazy and it could just be that a long week of work plus the sixers have made me delirious, but I'm gonna throw it out anyway:


Why it's good for the Sixers:
Right now they're the fourth team in town. Other than crazy diehards like us, there's not a lot of passion amongst the casual fans. The Sixers need to change that.

Why it's good for AI:
He gets a chance at redemption in Philly and for his career in general. His stock has fallen mightily recently and I don't think he wants to go out like this.

What could go wrong?
Iverson could be an immature diva and set the growth of the team back. That's why you HAVE to make it a one year deal. And he has to know that while he can be a leader of the team, it's not HIS team. He's not the focal point of the offense or even the last one introduced -- he has to adjust his game to fit in with the current group. If the experiment fails, he's gone and we've lost a year, but are we really championship contenders anyway even with EB back?

So those are my percolating thoughts -- I was disappointed with the way Iverson acted toward the end and I can't believe I'm even suggesting this, but as I said the Sixers have made me delirious.

Sorry, don't want to see AI unless is as an aging vet 8th man here on a championship team for old time's sake.

I could not watch him again being the offensive focal point of a mediocre team- which is what he would try and be.

Tray reply to Nick on May 1 at 1:10

I don't see how you could think he'd make us any better. At this point, honestly, he's a more dangerous version of Willie Green. More dangerous in that at least Willie's teammates know he's bad and aren't going to let him take 15 shots. Iverson would bring you the same Willie inefficiency, while taking up way more possessions. He's also a nut.

I'm an idiot.

Brand is old. He can only fit as the center. Thad is better than Iguodala. Get a shooter to start at the 2 and start Thad at the 4. I'm thinking... trade Willie Green and Reggie Evans for Jamal Crawford. You can NEVER have enough scoring! In the draft take Chase Budinger so he can be depth at the shooter position.

Joe reply to Joe on May 1 at 0:02

I'm a bigger idiot. After doing these things, sign Iverson, let Miller go. Start Crawford and Iverson in the backcourt together. Best backcourt in the NBA?

They'd probably take the most shots... I guess that's a start.

Great blog all year Brian!

I don't know why the SIxers mailed in this performance. I do think they will lose Miller (and for nothing). I did want the Sixers to move him at the trade deadline as I figured he'd be gone at the end of the year and it'd have been nice to get something for him (as he had the biggest expiring contract for this year).

I don't know what one player could fix what ails this team. I think Nick Calathes might help (superb passer and outside shooter) but we need more than one piece. I don't think we are devoid of talent but I do think they don't mesh as well as they might.

Tom Moore on May 1 at 0:57

No chance Iverson returns.

Be interesting to see if Miller is back. If he is, that may rule out using mid-level exception to sign a shooter, given impending decrease in salary cap and luxury tax.

I don't think resigning Miller w/out a shooter is worthwile. Or do you think Lou could grow into the shooter, Tom? Any hope for next year?

Alvin reply to DeanH on May 1 at 1:49

It is going to take a lot for me to forgive Lou for being the cancer that he has been this season. I don't ever see him becoming a consistent shooter. In fact relying on him to be the sixth man is one reason this team flatters to deceive.

I guess it could be worse. We could've had home court and lost in the first round like the Brandon Roy-led Blazers.

Alvin reply to Brian on May 1 at 1:47

Yep, and we didn't lose by 58 either.

Here's the goofball who beat us by getting suspended, twittering away during the game:


Get used to seeing a lot more of him. Their ticket is punched to the conference finals. Neither Boston nor Chicago is playing a lick of defense.

Tray reply to Brian on May 1 at 1:56

Yeah, they're just playing the most exciting first-round series ever. But seriously, I could see Boston, at least, beating Orlando. In a three-point contest with Ray Allen, Orlando will lose. Lee's guarding him (if he's even available - otherwise they'll be forced to start Pietrus, and he's a dim bulb who will find a way to lose them a game) won't help. Rondo vs. Alston would be a gross mismatch. And if Turkoglu struggled to contain Iguodala, just wait till he matches up with Pierce. I have no idea how Davis is supposed to guard Rashard, but you could do worse than Perkins on Howard.

Real and Speightacular on May 1 at 6:37

It's been a pleasure, gang. A lot of blogs fall prey to personal sniping and I'm impressed that our little disagreements never devolved to guttersnipe. Most of the credit for that goes to Brian whose writing attracts a crowd probably far less prone to that kind of mindset in the first place, but when our lesser natures rise, he is not afraid to step in and give warnings when the boundaries are being pressed. Kudos to a fun yet highbrowish community of sports fans.

Sorryass ending tho. But at least tempered as Brian says, by slightly lowered expectations as we're a bunch of rationalists who've seen this pattern play out time and time again. There's a bunch of things to fix up in the offseason as this is a flawed squad. I think it's going to require some radical moves, possibly including trading either Iggy or Thad (it's duplication, really, as Iggy is not a true 2-guard). Definitely coach has to go. A team can absorb one up and down starter (Sammy) and mebbe one inconsistent bench guy (Lou) but all the rest have to be pretty solid, reliable/consistent high-level performers and that includes the coach. DiLeo as a coach is too weird for my uses and he's not a guy like say the Raptors' Triano you can afford to let grow into the job a little more over the next few years. I suspect his motivational skills are way suspect as is his ability to adapt in-game.

My boy M16 I'm positive will be an all-star in or before his fourth year if he gets the right coach and space to blossom. But you knew I'd say that :)

Anyway fellaz, well done. See you in the offseason (keep yer fingers and toes crossed for Jeff Teague)

according to nbadraft.net

sixer's 17# pick would be tyreke evans....what i've seen he's a capable 2....but with the possibilty of andre miller leaving...the 1 needs to be filled...

patrick mills anyone?

Brian, great job!
Andre Miller brings it every game but is a defensive liability(as we've all seen). I'd love to see him help groom THE point guard of the future. Don't know if he'd stay here with an affordable contract. Don't know who that point guard would be. This team is young. Not sure how I feel about Theo calling out the coach(organization man). He may not be back which would be a shame. GOTTA get a shooter and point guard of the future. GOTTA get something for Sammy! Welcome back Jason Smith & Elton! Time to talk the future! Coaching & Players! Thank god I had a baseball game last night and missed that pathetic first half. Enough said.....................

Alvin reply to sfw on May 1 at 9:13

Honestly, the manner of the loss is what's most disappointing. And to see Iggy, Theo and Reggie make comments like that show that they are mad, which still gives us a bit of hope in the future.

But it sucks not to see someone come out and say, "I should have done better." It is a cop out to start pointing fingers at everyone else. That and Andre Miller, the one guy who would have had reason to blame everyone else, didn't seem to do so.

one more thing. It was killing me listening to Tony talk about the defensive effort this team plays with normally. I guess he wasn't watching the games at the end of this season.

1st off...Brian great job on the blog. I liked it also when you had a lot of thoughts on the Eagles as well --hopefully dont boo the birds will catch on as well as this blog. OK back to the Sixers..
This looked like the team that lost 7 in a row at the end of the season. The inconsistent effort tells me a lot of this is coaching and Dileo just isnt good enough.
Piss poor effort by the sixers players all around cept miller and maybe Sammy.

The Sixers have at least 5 major problems...
1)Thad and Iggy lay the same spot. or flipside..Thad and Brand play the same spot.
2)Iggy cant play SG..and we dont have anything that even slightly resembles a real SG.
3)Elton Brand could turn out to be a bust or just flat out not fit with this team
4)We now have no PG and a team killer as our backup PG..
5)We have no cap room to get better and nobody that anyone else would want outside of Iggy, Thad or maybe Brand.
Im not sure what the sixers can do to move forward...I doubt even with a healthy brand they get beyond the first round or beyond 45 wins. Kind of sad...


Brian...this blog has gotten me through a lot of long days at work. It is nice to be reminded of the passion for sixers basketball that doesn't stretch to a national level.

We can be upset that they blew a chance to win the series again, but when you really look at it...the Magic were a supperior team and had at least a ten point lead in every single game except game 3...and in that game the sixers blew a 17 point lead, needed a last second bucket to win. Winning a 7game series as the lower seed is just something the sixers don't do...haven't done in 24 years so it is not that suprisng.. In some ways it would have been harder had they shown more effort and determination to lose by only 3 points. The fact that they were blown out shows everyone that despite giving the magic a run for their money...this is an incomplete team and needs major shake ups.

Thank you for everyone that gave thoughts thru the year on this blog. Real and Speightacular stated my exact thoughts.

Brian, this blog is the best blog of them all! Why, you and your great insight on the games. What a gentleman you are in person and on the blog. I appreciate you keeping this so current.

I think the sixers need to make a megatrade and make sure to include Dumbert and Green to have ANY chance of being a successful team. And the young ones need to practice this summer like their lives depend on it.

It takes two to trade, Sam and Willie have bad contracts and bad games, any 'mega trade' that includes those two isn't going to bring back anyone of any great shakes cause you don't get salary relief at the right time or talent.

The sixers have very few valuable trade assets - miller might be valuable in a S&T to the right team, Iguodala might have some value (and definitely would probably be more appreciated on another team) - Young and Speights as well just due to youth and upside.

That's probably the list of 'value' on the team. If you want a 'mega trade' to include crap as dalembert and green, don't expect to get a 'mega return'

These last 2 years we have seen the good and bad of the Sixers in their six game playoff series. The are plucky and athletic- and can surprise even good teams (putting them in a 2-1 hole.)

But, credit goes to Detroit and Orlando. They did not win all of those regular season games without a reason. The showed themselves to be winners by responding to adversity and soundly putting down the Sixers after falling behind 2-1. Sort of illistrates the difference between and average/streaky team and a good one.

A lot of people seem 'disappointed' by the season the sixers had. Maybe it's the emotion of the moment of losing a game many (including me) felt they should have won. I personally am not disappointed by the season, they performed kind of how I expected (though I expected the Raptors to be better, so I thought 3rd place, not second) and lost in the first round as I expected. There were things i wanted to see - and some of them were achieved and some of them werent. The Brand injuries just screwed everything up in my point of view cause he's not integrated yet - so the sixers are a year behind schedule. Now they will have to (hopefully) learn a new coach AND a new player (which might work to their advantage if EVERYONE is learninga new system as opposed to just brand?)

ANyway, said it a couple weeks ago, crucial offseason for Stefanski - but if he's hamstrung by budgetary constraints - it won't matter much anyway

I was disappointed. Based on their 2nd half of last year, they looked like a 45+ win season without Brand. They had great chemistry and young players that I expected to improve.

In terms of expectations:

Iguodala- despite slow start he was about what I expected. I was hoping his jump shot would have improved some, but on the flip side, his improved left hand was a pleasant surprise.

Lou: I was utterly disappointed by Lou. In the past I've been a huge fan. Now I wonder what I saw in the kid. Maybe he was initially used poorly (put on the floor without any other weapons.) But overall he went from being a good value at his contract to being the next Willie Green.

Thad- The last 15+ games of the regular season made up for an otherwise unremarkable year. I'm still very upbeat about his future despite the playoffs.

Miller- As a player continues to impress and meet/exceed expectations. As a long term part of the future and his missed trade value I have posted enough of my view. Miller has been one of my favorite Sixers. Respect him immensely. Probably has accounted for more wins than any other player these last 3 seasons.

Brand: One continuous nightmare. His play and then injury, recover and surgery was a slow and painful exercise in frustration. I certainly don't blame him... and it has to get bnetter from here, right?

Sam: Met expectations. The guy is a loser with talent. A decent guy who is a locker room cancer. 2 More years at 25M (with the tradekicker)- good luck trying to move him. I fear to see the refuse we have to take back in return.

Green: Actually met my expectations this year. Again, miscast as a starter- but that's not his fault. Granted, I set the bar pretty low...

john reply to tk76 on May 1 at 11:46

I think the only two positives I saw this season are Iguodala and Young. Speights was a surprise but i'm not ready to ascribe good or bad to him until I see how he comes into camp next year and where he is defensively.

Young is young, he's still only 20 - and he showed enough to me to show he's still moving in the right direction.

Any year Sam doesn't get better in anything just aggravates me - I guess I shouldn't be disappointed because he is what he is - it just is so aggravating he still makes boneheaded 13 year old just learning the game mistakes - game after game after game

Lou was a huge disappointment but my bigger concern is WHY - what was the cause

I just hate that Willie plays - period - i hate watching john salmons play and be reminded that Billy had a choice (basically) and chose Willie.

Smiling Stefanski better get out his magic wand.

Anyone else see the quotes from Iguodala post game?

As the team's general manager, Ed Stefanski better get ready to listen.

"We could have been a 50-win team," Iguodala said last night after the Sixers lost Game 6, 114-89, and their Eastern Conference quarterfinal to the Magic, their second six-game, first-round playoff loss in as many seasons.

His solution?

"Moves. It's going to be a busy summer," Iguodala said. "I'm going to sit down with Ed and discuss what I think will get us over the [hump]."

As for coach Tony DiLeo, the team's assistant GM who replaced Maurice Cheeks in December and led the club to the playoffs, well, Iguodala didn't exactly endorse his soft-spoken boss.

"We'll see about that," he said, when asked whether DiLeo should return. "We'll talk. We'll try to get the best-case scenario."

I don't agree that they were a 50 win team (with or without brand) since the coaching was bad all year - but interesting comments (I found)

He’s delusional

john reply to Terry on May 1 at 11:33


I agree with many of his points - just not the 50 win one

Could they have been a 50 win team, sure! Could they have beaten, Magic, sure! Could they have beaten the Cavs, sure! If they have a group of different players!

12 hours later and slightly calmer (though not necessarily any more sensible), a couple thoughts on the future:
1. The only way 'Dala and Thad can play the 2 and 3, respectively, is if the team has a real shooter at the PG spot. With Miller leaving this is a possibility. You don't necessarily even need a true PG, but you need someone with range who can guard his position.
2. If you don't have that kind of PG, at this point you have to consider moving AI2 or Thad. Love 'em both, but they play the same position. I don't know what you get for them. If you can't move into the top 2 and grab Rubio I don't know that there is any point in moving up.
3. Tyreke Evans at 17 would be a gift. I think he'll go top 10 when all is said and done.
4. Wierdest thought since the loss: This team could really use...Jeff Van Gundy. Would be a total change of identity (and boring), but he would know how to use Brand - who is with this team for the long haul - and has built some very good teams without a true PG. We need to learn how to play real, tough defense, and Van Grumpy knows D.

Tyreke Evans is a shooting guard - and the nightmare of Larry Hughes still haunts me

And I really don't want anyone coaching this team named Van Gundy - he's the wrong kind of coach for this roster and he's an egotistical putz after listening him do NBA games for a couple years I hope he stays there.

hanwayl on May 2 at 9:49

Still very disappointed with the ridiculous performance of that Game 6, but gotta say this is one hell of a blog, Brian.

I used to read Passion and Pride, another Phiily sports blog last season, but they've gone downhill a little bit. Your devotion, insight, and constant updates has made this blog an oasis for sixers fans. Thank you.

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