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Sixers' Reactions

As I posted in the other thread, Iguodala when asked about DiLeo didn't exactly give ringing endorsements to the future of DiLeo as head coach. (that's how i read it)

That's how I read it as well.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:12

I'm curios as to peoples reactions not to what he said but the fact that he said anything at all - publicly - i know how i feel about it but I'm itnerested to see where others fall

Well, I'm not sure I'm happy about what he said, but I suppose the fact he said something and didn't quietly slink away shows he's actually pissed about what happened. I take that as a good sign. Someone in that locker room better be pissed enough to do something about it this summer. Possibly a month with a shooting coach instead of sitting down and sharing your plans for the future with Stefanski would be a better use of time for Iguodala.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:18

No reason he can't do both - I mean the stefanski meeting takes about an hour or so :) Then he heads to chicago and works with ATTACK or heads to Florida to work with the IMG fellas (I think that's the name)

Does the Pete Newell big man camp still exist? Are there any success stories since we know it didn't work well for Dalembert - and how do they focus on defense and rebounding - if those things occur - i'm thinking Speights should go as well.

EVERYONE on the sixers roster (except maybe miller cause I don't think he's going to get faster) has crap to work on this summer.

Oh, and you're off base in the Willie vs. Salmons debate. It's not that the Sixers should've signed Salmons instead of Willie, it's that they shouldn't have signed either. Salmons was a complete bust until last season and nothing about his game in his first four seasons said he was worth the full MLE deal he got from Sacto.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:25

I'm going with the available information and my belief is that billy king felt he 'had' to sign one of them and chose willie green OVER Salmons - and they both were unremarkable to me but salmons has more versatility and size than green - so given the fact that it was one or the other (and neither didn't seem to be an option) i would have preferred salmons OVER green

Well, I would've preferred Paul Pierce or Dirk Nowitzki over Larry Hughes as well, but no use crying over it now. At the time, the right call was to sign neither. One over the other is a moot point, no one had a gun to BK's head saying you have to sign one of them, as far as I know. He was just a douche bag moron.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:30

Except Billy King (adn Dileo) were in the right on that and over ruled by the rat - and that was a decision billy king didn't make

Hey - i don't begrudge the fact that King turned down dalembert for childress (much) - just the fact that on a national stage - in the playoffs - both teams underdogs - John Salmons is contributing SO MUCH MORE than Willie Green to his own teams possibilities, it's just depressing to see it thrust in the face...

Fair enough.

Did you listen to Miller's post game interview? It was spot on- he sounded like a coach and it gave insight into how well he understands the game.

he essentially talked about how the Sixers denied outside shots for the first 5 games, and then went back to trying to protect the paint with double teams and help- daring Orlando to beat them the only way the could- with open jumpers.

Miller tried to backtrack when asked if this was a specific change made by DiLeo, but the point had already been made.
As for Theo's comments- he really threw DiLeo under the bus. In some way it seems like he's blaming DiLeo for letting Sam be Sam (he told DiLeo that the players need to have consequences for lackadaisical play, but felt he was ignored.) But honestly- what can anyone do about Sam- just don't let him give you a kiss.

I found the caressing of Hedo's hair more chilling than the air kiss.

As for Sam, I think the complaints have more to do with off-court stuff, which obviously leads to on-court problems. Overall, the Sixers are screwed. They're a better team with him on the floor, they NEED him on the floor when Thad's playing the four because they're so small, so they have to put up with his juvenile crap, which absolutely kills a team. Cheeks dealt with it by feeding Sam the ball way too much to keep him happy. DiLeo never played that game, but the end result was pretty much the same. Can't live with him, can't live without him.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:36

Pass the beer nuts?

Its going to be painful to see what kind of crap comes back for Sam in a trade. Assuming they lose Sam and Theo this summer, they are left with no one to protect the cup.

I know he's a scrub, but it would have been great if they could have traded for a pick to get D'Andre Jordan last year. then at least they would have a big body on the bench. Now they have to replace to centers with very little cap space or assets.

My expectations for next year are low- I think they will have to take a step back. That's a real bummer given the Brand move, but it is what it is. I guess it would be better than trading away Thad for a vet.

pls ignore typo

john reply to tk76 on May 1 at 12:39

so that would be wasted year 2 of Brands contract and Iguodala being another year older (and miller if he's still here)

Not saying I disagree - but it's disheartening.

The first and most important move is to quickly and decisively name the head coach for next year (not named Dileo in the name of all that is holy - in fact no one currently employed by the sixers please) - and make a plan wth said coach and stefanski on how to best utilize the current roster and what pieces could be moved for improvement.

Does anyone think that when the OKC/NOH trade fell apart for CHandler that Stef called and said 'Dalembert has basically the same contract, let's do this deal' - and then laughed and hung up on him?

Well, I think OKC wasn't happy with the deal for Chandler and got their doctor to get them out of it. Buyer's remorse, so they weren't going to turn around and make the same deal for a similar player.

I'm about 95% sure Sammy will be the starting center on opening day.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:47

I wish there was a way speights could become a center :)

I think he could, playing alongside Brand. Who knows.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 12:51

So - a good off season - a strong coach - and someone telling sammy to shut up or get fined

You're saying there's a CHANCE?:)

One in a million, right?

Starting Speights next to Brand next year would be a way of taking a step back for the sake of the future. I think Speights would struggle guarding centers (Brand would help him), but its probably better long term to deal with the growing pains then go another year with Sam or some other stopgap vet.

But when Iguodala talks about being frustrated playing with mistake prone youth (reminds me of Paul Pierce a few years ago), I doubt starting next to a young PG, Young and Speights would help him loose the scowl.

john reply to tk76 on May 1 at 13:02

Well - it all depends on what Speights does in the off season - I'm not ready to anoint him just yet as he's more soft defensively and possibly a worse rebounder than Sam - he's just MUCH MUCH better offensively. So it depends on speights putting in the work ( the thing that people fear about him) to improve his game - something sam has never done

There's no possibly involved. He's a worse rebounder than Sam. Sam's a very good rebouder, on both ends.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 13:23

Hence the work comment - he can get better - sam seems no interested in improvement after all these years

Speights will be less of a rounding liability playing next to Brand. Both also can block a shot, but neither are really centers defensively. I think they can get by, but again, expect growing pains (sort of like what they have with Sam, but flipped offense/defense knuckle-headism- and with at least some hope for growth.)

Real and Speightacular reply to tk76 on May 1 at 13:46


Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 1 at 13:37

I dunno. I feel the heebie-jeebies putting Marreese in as f/t center. For sure he'll get abused by the handful of "true" centers, not sure about the rest. Then again, he could operate like a slightly less defensively-challenged Stoudamire. Really depends, as you've all said, on what coach comes in and the style they want to install. I just see him dominating as a PF. This off-season and next are ultra critical for his long-term development.

Is there a way Thad could be involved in a draft swap so they could get Harden? Would the Bucks love to have Thad in exchange for Sessions? They gotta swap their way out of this, back into the light, in a way soft draft year.

Harden being the guy who did absolutely nothing in his two NCAA games and didn't even look to shoot the ball when he's the only good player on his team? How is that guy a lottery pick? He's like the Iguodala of a couple years ago to the nth degree.

john reply to Tray on May 1 at 15:36

It's a weak draft
Iguodala was a ninth pick in a much better draft and the sixers got lucky cause the raptors were stupid

Comparing Iguodala to Hardin is disingenuous and just demonstrates an irrational hatred and lack of appreciation of ANdre Iguodala to me

Don't think he was comparing them as players. He was saying that Harden played in NCAAs like Iguodala used to play for the Sixers. Meaning, hesitant to shoot. Of course, Harden was supposed to be their best player, so it was a bit inexcusable.

Theo Ratliff - future coach to teach Speights how to defend - or bitter aging player complaining cause he didn't get enough minutes in game 6?

Seer... and a former 6er.

Ok - so I am torturing myself by listening to jody mac spit into the microphone and 'box score analyze' the sixers.

During the sports update they had Iguodala on the mic and there was a portion of his quote I either missed in the paper or didn't make it - and it went something like this

Iguodala said something about 'getting rid of the things that are holding us back'

I gotta wonder what 'things' he feels are holding them back.

Sam and maybe Lou? (and his lack of a jumper ;)

john reply to tk76 on May 1 at 13:45

I jumped to Sam and Willie personally :)

Iguodala said somithing about young players. So it can't just be those 2. I'm hoping its not a problem with Thad, so I'm guessing Lou or Speights?

Real and Speightacular on May 1 at 13:42

DiLeo's language (verbiage or body) is not that of someone who wants another round of that. He's going back upstairs. Book it. (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease)

Andre Miller was the guy saying all the right things after the defeat. And he was the one guy who looked like he wanted to win last night.

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