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One Foot Out The Door?

Stefanski on 950 ESPN in 5 minutes...

Let me know if he is blowing and new smoke... or just the vanilla variety.

Found the stream online and they just cut off?

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:09

online streams are a pain - but it came back on

He's blowing smoke to me -

Just before the call some caller was ready to give up on thad young and trade andre iguodala for tracy mcgrady (to save money)

Then another interesting name was mentioned - Kevin Martin - would you make a deal for martin that had iguodala as the center?

Stefanski just mentioned four players to build the team around

Williams (He has to say williams, he signed the deal :) )

What about the other 80M man? He's not key to their foundation?

john reply to tk76 on May 1 at 16:20

He was referring to guys he felt as 'young' - pointing out at 25 that Iguodala was still young

He mentioned that anyone who says brand wouldn't make a difference in this series might be off their rocker.

Misanelli has a good point in terms of improving this team - there are only a couple assets on this team that can be moved to improve this team - and Iguodala is one of them

Trade Iguodala for Michael Redd and see what happens to this team.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:24

What about Kevin Martin?

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:25

Again, I'm not saying I agree with it - but IF as a team the sixers decide that Young and Iguodala are 'redundant' pieces - one has to go - and depending on offers you trade the one that gets the best return.

Is the final team meeting with a bunch of front office types or with DiLeo only? Cause if it's DiLeo - I think it's damning for DiLeo - and Miller saying "if you want me back - don't hire this guy"

Mike reply to john on May 1 at 16:11

miller said the opposite just last week, basically insinuating he'd only consider returning if dileo was the coach. i don't even give a shit anymore, because this team is going nowhere.

i still haven't gotten over last night. i don't know if i've ever been as disappointed/infuriated by a team after a loss.

john reply to Mike on May 1 at 16:13

Well that was last week before DiLeo crapped the bed in game 6 (along with the rest of the team)

I've never listened to Mike Missanelli before - he's pressing Stefanski pretty hard - Stefanski is dancing away from the questions - but Missanelli is asking them.

Basically said "Sam has to go - do you agree"?

Sam asked to be traded at the deadline?

Is this news or just something I forgot?

Someone has to ask Sam if he will waive his trade kicker.

Paraphrasing ES:

- Still love the core young guys
1. Iggy
2. Thad
3. Speights
4. Lou Williams
- Basically, he said people want those four players.
- He wouldn't hesitate to trade anyone on the roster
- He agrees that they need perimeter shooters (hoped Rush would help, no such luck)
- He thought Iguodala played very well and really grew as a player. Need shooters to make shots when he gets doubled.
- Iggy is our most valuable trade asset.
- Will look at the draft, free agency or trades to find a shooter.
- Interviewer: "I don't think you can go one more minute with Sam Dalembert as your center."
- ES responds: "I'm not going to pin last night's game on Sam. He asked to be traded at the trade deadline, I tried to accommodate him, nothing worked out. Sam hasn't made the request again since then."
- ES won't comment on Sam's lack of professionalism.
- On DiLeo: "We have not talked about him staying w/ the team at all yet. I'm going to give it a week or so before I sit down with him."
- He's taking DiLeo off the hook. Basically saying a coach shouldn't have to scream and yell to get his team up for game 6.
- Still doesn't have an answer as to why the team played like that last night.
- Interviewer ends asking for ES to get rid of Sammy and Williams and then saying they need to trade Iggy. Ugh.

That's it.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:22

His argument to trade Iguodala is that it's one of the few ways to get an IMPACT player on the roster...if you don't think Iguodala is a 2 guard - then you get a very good 2 guard back for him and put Young at the 3...if you feel iguodala and young are both 3's then you have an extra piece and stefanski said himself that Iguodala is the most valuable trade asset and thus would bring the biggest return back.

I don't agree or disagree but he has a rational that could almost make sense for trading Iguodala

What impact shooter would be a fair value in return for Iguodala? Or, to be more accurate, what shooter is going to have a bigger impact on the Sixers than Iguodala does?

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:26

I don't know that - the only name i heard mentioned that wasn't completely ridiculous was Kevin Martin but I don't know how good martin really is (keep in mind that straight up it wouldn't work, have to take some thing back from the kings, maybe udrih) to make the numbers work.

I'm not saying I agree with him but his reasoning is at least rational to me as opposed to a guy like eskin who would just say 'trade him cause he has no heart'

Mike reply to john on May 1 at 16:34

i would shoot myself in the face if they traded iguodala for freaking kevin martin.

These callers can't be a representative sampling of the fan base, can they? If so, maybe Philadunkia should be the ESPN Sixers blog.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:40

They are representative of a larger fan base than the intelligent blogs like this one or the good phight (for phillies) trust me :)

I still think that if the 'sam asked to be traded' thing is new news it's pretty revelatory - not only that it existed but that Stefanski made it public. He avoided so many questions, I don't think inserting something like that into the interview wasn't a calculated move.

But I still can't recall if it was public that he asked before hand - you'd think i'd remember something like that.

So he wanted to be traded - and still no one wanted him...woo booy :)

It was public. Has been for a while.

Guys, I have read alot of thoughts in the past day but not much solutions. I do not personally see how we will make this team work w/out trading either Iggy or Thad. I just don't see it happening any other way. If you disagree, please explain how you can build this team w/out trading Sam for Lebron James!

There's work to be done, a lot of work. Personally, I don't think trading your best player is the way to go and I think it's too early to pull the plug on Thad. I mean, you could get a shooter to play the two, start iggy at the three and bring Thad off the bench for 30 minutes and he won't be making $3M per year until 2012.

I don't think you need to move either guy to clear up a logjam. Especially when one of them is obviously your best player and the other is on his rookie contract and insanely young.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:47

I agree with you - i promise - just 'seeing' the possible rational of the other side which i don't agree with (i don't believe iguodala cant' be a two guard) but at least seems almost rationale as opposed to some other crazy folks :)

I suspect that Andre M is frustrated because too many of the players don't get it and management is forced to support those players. Theo must be frustrated backing up Sammy's act and took out his frustration on the coach in the media. As LB would say you shouldn't have to coach motivation. I guess a laid back approach doesn't work with these guys. Bring in an A!! kicker. Any suggestions?

john reply to sfw on May 1 at 16:30

Many...but not about the coach so much

These callers crack me up.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:36

The stereotype about Philadelphia fans DOES have some basis in fact :)

I'm waiting for the 'bring back larry brown' discussions :)

I love listening to guys rail against the team with just no sense of how the league works. None.

It's very titillating to say Willie Green and Sam Dalembert need to be gone. It's a little more difficult when realize each has 2 years left on his contract and no willing takers for their contracts.

When you put the sixers game on - it's like watching the spurs game - you can't watch this

That's a direct quote

Fans don't want a team that wins, they want a "super star" to come out and see...they care more about style over substance

dear god - i should just give it all up and be a clippers fan

Billy King sat next to Snider at the game last night? Seriously?

I just heard that too. This franchise just continues to baffle me in every way possible.

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 16:58

I've always felt one of Sniders biggest flaws was a loyalty that gets in the way of smart obvious business decisions.

I personally would have fired king the moment Brown left :)

I would have demanded compensation for Brown as well

If Stefanski really said he doesn't believe Miller is sending a message as Mr MOore says below - I am going to start worrying - it's a pretty obvious freaking message in my opinion...

well, what do you expect him to say? "Miller's being a prick, making it pretty clear that these negotiations are getting nasty."

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 17:04

No - but there are good and bad ways to spin this and I can think of possible explanations that don't make Stefanski look like he's foolish.

And now the radio guys want miller out cause 'he doesn't do enough'

:) this cracks me up. These guys are worse than the WIP, if you can really quantify absurdity.

I like the fact that you spent 5 comments defending his logic.

Tom Moore on May 1 at 16:56

Stefanski on Miller at PCOM today: "I don't know if that's sending us a message."

They should fine him :) Send a message right back.

That's what you get for listening to radio call-in shows. Doesn't matter if it's WIP or National Public Radio. The people who call in are the ones who really most need to shut the hell up before they embarass themselves. (As opposed to people who post on comment boards, who are thoughtful, articulate and full of insight.)

But in the spirit of call-in Philadelphia crackheadedness, my prescription for fixing the Sixers:

1. Keep paying Willie, but reassign him as the Sixers community ambassador...to Detroit.
2. Sign Allen Iverson and play him at the point.
3. Trade Iguodala to Golden State for Whoo! Jackson, Biedrins, and an old pair of Chris Mullin's shorts.
4. Trade Elton Brand and the Sixers dance team to Houston for Ron Artest and their dance team (fierce).
5. Find Matt Gieger and make him an assistant coach.
6. Find John "send in a goon" Cheney and make him the head coach.
7. Trade Sam, Thad, and everyone else on the team to the Wiz for Gilbert Arenas.
8. Keep Reggie Evans.

Your opening night starting lineup: AI, Agent Zero, Ron Ron, Jackson, and Biedrins. Who woulnd't pay to see that? It would be the craziest Sixer team since the John Lucas/Vernon Maxwell era. Maybe I should call in...

john reply to Matt on May 1 at 17:05

Not for nothing, ron artest is a free agent this year isn't he :)

Can we re-sign Manute Bol and have him be our three point specialist?

Real and Speightacular reply to Matt on May 1 at 18:17

LOL! Great stuff, Matt

I'm pretty much convince the average fan/radio caller does not care much about the Sixers. Not as much negative as apathetic. They certainly don't follow them closely or get into the cap and trades.

Fans follow these things with the eagles, but we are pretty rare being intense Sixers fans. Most of the city stopped watching when AI stopped winning, and have not found a reason to turn them back on. This last game certainly did not help win back the casual fan.

Tom Moore on May 1 at 17:11

DiLeo on Ratliff's post-game comments, "I don’t agree with his comments. We do hold players accountable -- maybe not in the way of his definition of accountability, but we do correct players and point out things. I’m not the type of coach that after one mistake I’m going to yank a player out of the game."

And that's the problem tk - and the callers are reflecting it - they don't want a winning team as much as they want a 'guy people come see to play'

if the sixers were 0-82 but had lebron or wade these guys would show up more than they do now.

'i'm not the type of coach that after one mistake...'

Tell that to Speights

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 1 at 18:16


In response to Brian's 'paraphrasing of ES's' comment above:

I totally agree on Ed taking DiLeo off the hook for last night's debacle. No coach should have to motivate grown men making millions of dollars to play game 6 at home in the 1st round of the playoffs. A coach shouldn't have to need a megaphone and lead a pep rally to get the guys ready.

These players had already played five games against this same opponent and in game 6, said opponent is missing 2 starters, but somehow the coach should have to 'rally' the troops. That's hogwash.

It's very convenient for us fans to find fault with coaches, but weren't we just doing the same thing the first 24 games of the season with Cheeks, with pretty much the same players. So, these same players looked just as lethargic from the early part of the season all the way to the most magnified game of the season last night. At some point, they have to be held accountable.

Now I'm not saying that blame for last night shouldn't be placed on multiple shoulders, but it's kind of similar to the NO Hornets debacle against the Nuggets the other night. Byron Scott shouldn't be blamed for his guys laying down in that game. The players basically quit on themselves and each other.

Just like our players did last night sans Miller. They quit. They gave up. They laid down. At some point they have to look themselves in the mirror and what they should see looking back is accountability.

The coaches can't shoot, they can't 'd' someone up, and they sure as hell can't place desire and want-to in these players mindset.

Joe reply to Bryon on May 1 at 18:42

Agreed. To add on your Hornets comment... the Hornets were incredibly lucky to win the games they did. Add in Paul's health and I think they overachieved to win so much as a game in that series. The Nuggets were better at 4 positions on the court by a lage margin and had better back ups everywhere, excluding Posey.

People blame coaches for no reason. If your team runs out of timeouts or something(Del Negro) then you are a pretty bad coach. If you start Tayshuan Prince at the 4 for no reason, you are a pretty bad coach.

The Sixers won 2 games against a 59 win team after winning 41 games in the regular season. That isn't underachieving.

Yes, the players are absolutely accountable. At the same time, the coaches are responsible for preparation and the atmosphere around the team (during practice and shootarounds). I've heard about the lack of focus, and seen it first hand. That should never happen, not in this situation. Accountability on the floor is another good point Theo made. I applauded DiLeo for using a firm hand with Speights (although I think he took it overboard), but no one else, and I mean absolutely no one else ever saw minutes cut because of poor play. Sammy had the "4 fouls and yer out" substitution policy, but how many times was Lou pulled from a game when he was killing them? How many times did Willie kill us in the first quarter and still go out there to start the third?

If the team came out flat for whatever reason it's the coaches job to figure out why they're flat and fix it

how much better were they in the second half versus the first?

Basically everyone was to blame for that debacle. Coaches, players. Like Miller said, they have no direction to point but at themselves.

Fair, but in defense, coaches responsibility for preparation can only go so far. None of these coaches should have to monitor these guys every minute of the day, much less they can't, not with media obligations, but point being - if the players themselves cannot take the game seriously enough for self-preparation rituals pre-game, then that has to be on the player. And to an extent, even so in practice.

A coach can holler, a coach can prod, but if the individual himself doesn't want to do particular things, extent of coach preparation is moot.

Secondly, I don't think he used a 'firm hand' with Sp8's; I think he used a rookie hand with a short to medium leash. Most of the young ones aren't polished enough.

On the Lou being pulled vs. Willie debate, I've said it before, the guy's hands were tied from the jump. You correctly admit that Willie is a killer in the first and third quarters - well, the alternative is Lou. You say that Lou was never pulled - well, the alternative is Willie.

Who could possibly benefit with that combo? We certainly don't want to mention the other alternative in Ivey.

Bryon reply to Bryon on May 1 at 22:30

btw, reply to Brian above @ 8:02

Well, he always had the option of going big, God forbid, with Iggy at the two. I think he did that twice. He could've used Ivey, he could've used Rush. I mean, you can't tell me that any of those options would've been worse than what we got out of Lou/Willie in certain games.

Bryon reply to Brian on May 1 at 22:54

I'm with you on the plague or a variation of it with the Iggy reference. But when those decisions were made it may have been because of the defensive end, with experience (Sp8's) and choices (Reggie) lacking.

As far as those options being worse, I cried for it all year. Sometimes it was Rush, maybe a few it was Ivey, but the alternatives continue to decline. Favorability of choices diminish, quality of players descend.

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