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DiLeo should head back to where he is expert - give him a nice big fat bonus check for being a good company man and then tell him that he's too valuable in finding draft gems like Young, Speights, and that's where he can best help the franchise.

Andre Miller - I have no idea - todays 'actions' have no impact on it - but the sixers do need to find a guy who is a better shooter - if they can get a guy at the point - then more power to em - if they can use miller to GET a better shooter - that would be good too.

Draft - best player available - unless it's a small forward :)

Trades - trade everyone not named brand young speights iguodala - not sure you'll find takers - but i'd trade everyone else if someone would take them.

Free Agents (your link didn't work) - but ramon sessions still makes me all giggly - i'm just saying

I'm angry that things haven't changed but I'm not disappointed in the season cause it's what i expected - i'm just worried more than anything - stefanski CAN NOT do the billy king thing and keep deluding himself that he's one piece away - cause the sixers are not very close - it's a VERY IMPORTANT OFF SEASON - and it's on stefanski - this off season is going to be pretty impactful long term i believe.

Next season they'll probably slip into the playoffs next year, keep in mind that the pistons are in free fall and a radical make over will probably happen this off season so they might slip out of the playoffs (and charlotte can replace them)...i think wade is well on his way to becoming injury prone - so the heat might have issues next season as well

but i don't see any way they progress towards the upper echeon (top 4) of the east

I think mike bibby is a free agent - the hawks really have no one behind him do they?

Joe reply to john on May 1 at 18:05

Why no Small Forward? Assuming Iguodala isn't starting there, you don't have another on the roster.

I'd say PF is the position you look at least.

john reply to Joe on May 1 at 18:22

Cause Thaddeus Young is still on the roster and he's the small forward

He is not a power forward - elton brand (or thad young) are

okay, i'll say something about last night. i was there, and it was pathetic. no effort, no pride. the arena was half-empty, but the crowd that was there was very vocal and involved in the game. unfortunately, it was obvious from the tip that the sixers didn't show up. all year i at least got the feeling that these players like eachother, but last night undid a lot of that. Samuel Dalembert must go. i don't know what the solution is, but he must go.

one thing i noticed was that Orlando uses moving screens as if they're legal. they make very little pretense. Gortat and Lewis specifically did it quite a bit. in Lewis' cases it's particularly effective because when he screens, he totally pins his man out of the play, and then just puts him on his hip and carries him to the basket. when you just focus on him doing for a whole play, it's astounding. he's just pushing players all over the floor. amazingly, most of the Sixers weren't even resisting. those plays almost always ended with an easy (and very-deep) post-up for Lewis.

i've been curious at these half-filled games as to how much can be heard by the players. i was in the upper-deck screaming "moving screen!" as loud as i could every time i saw one. did anybody hear me, by any chance? there was one time late in the game when i shouted it and the refs immediately called it on Gortat, and i gotta wonder, could they hear me all game?

They probably had a better chance of hearing you than DiLeo. His whispered protests can't be heard two feet away.

The Coach: an interim coach who will not be back and cannot really get much more out of his players. I say bring Tom Thibedaau from Boston, and get an offense assistant like Eddie Jordan from Washington

Andre Miller: sometimes seems to score easier than anyone else on the floor, he is old and will want money...vs the sixers probably would not do as well without him if they continue to play the run game

The Draft: three point shooting guards, a point guard who does that even better

Free Agents: where is the list?

Next Season: will be more of the Iggy or thad discussion. Depending on who the coach is...i wouldn't be surprised if they won 40 to 45 games. Orlando, Cleveland, Boston, perhaps Chicago and Atlanta are more balanced and have better role players.

Vent: the reason this season was so hard, is because it seems like their shortcomeings were more about effort and focus then ability. Evans logged heavy minutes as a backup center in the playoffs last year...Theo took those minutes this year, and if not playing Howard, might have been more respectable. I think no one epitomizes ths team more than Lou Williams and Sammy Dalembert. These guys show up once every 3 to 4 games. that mans 50 games they cannot be counted on. i don't know how many times I see Lou shoot 2-8, then chuck up another 3 pointer. Sammy catches the ball at the foul line sometimes intercepting a pass to another teammate...and he shoots it. They need to shift their mantra from opportunistic defense and scoring...to methodical strong defense. and a movement offense like in Washington a few years ago. I see Thad Young as an Antwan Jamison clone who needs to work on rebounding

sorry about the link, it's up there now.

Get a real proven Coach. Dileo cant motivate...
I agree with john...try to move the entire roster outside of Speights,Brand(move him if you can get good value)Iggy or Thad.
I have no idea who to draft at 17...hopefully Dileo does.
I dunno....this is almost a decade of mediocrity from this sixers team...what more can you say. Honestly if they blew the whole team up it wouldnt matter to me. Id rather have the team win 15 games and build towards greatness than continue to just be mediocre year in and year out. Heres where Ed earns his paycheck.

john reply to Gdog on May 1 at 17:19

I think Elton Brands trade value is probably at the nadir of his career - two seasons missed and a big fat contract - i don't think you could get much for him right now anyway :)

"hopefully dileo does" - that was my BIGGEST concern actually when they named him coach- the draft - he's ignored it probably - so i'm just worried big time.

I don't feel that they should - but what do people think Jason Kidd has left?

Less than Andre Miller.

That's a real pathetic list isn't it?

I doubt he'd do it, but would you guys sign Sheed for the MLE and put him at the 5?

john reply to Brian on May 1 at 17:35

ONly if he agrees to see a therapist to determine if he has attention deficit disorder (for years i've thought that's his problem)...

Steve reply to Brian on May 1 at 18:45

I would definitly take sheed at the 5. Hed help with the three point shooting and could might be able to get him to take a one year deal although 2 is more likely. For a coach i dont think many people will agree but I would want Avery Johnson. He knows how to get his teams to defend and play smart basketball. I mean he got the Dallas Mavericks to play defense for God's sake.Would you guys approve of Avery?

First, kick DiLeo upstairs into his old position of scouting. I like Dave's idea of Thibodeau with Eddie Jordan as offensive coach. This team should not be so horrible defensively with the athletes they have.

Second, depends on whether to keep Iggy and Thad. If you do keep them, and want to try Iggy at the 2, draft Calathes. He is a phenomenal passer, ballhandler and shooter. His downside is he isn't that athletic and he can't handle burner types. But look at it this way, he is 6'6" so Chris Paul / T.J. Ford types aren't going to stop him from posting up either.

If they don't want to try Iggy at the 2 then they should trade Thad or Iggy. Maybe see if Golden State would take Thad and Lou Will for Brandan Wright and Marco Belinelli. GS doesn't have a classic 3, just big 2 guards. Monta Ellis is damaged goods and Lou would be a great fit for their system. For the Sixers, Wright is a legitimately sized PF, who can play D in the post and is a threat to block some shots. He also is an efficient player who lost his position to Randolph (who is even younger). Belinelli is a classic SG who does have deep range.

Who is untouchable? No one.

Eddie Jordan isn't going to take an assistant job unless he exhausts ALL head coaching possibilities - strong indicators that the kings might hire him

Brian, Great job on the Blog... Appreciate good ball conversations.

1) The Coach - DiLeo has to go. He is overmatched and not the right temperament. This team needs a taskmaster, or at least a strong personality from its coach. I am a big believer that teams take on the personality of their coach and their best player. I would love to see Avery Johnson or Eddie Jordan(with a Defensive Asst).

2) Andre Miller - Thanks but no thanks. He doesn't fit with this team. With him, you would need shooters the caliber of Boston's wing duo. I would prefer Hinrich if possible. If not, I would have Iggy as the point forward with a 2 who can defend both guard spots and hit shots. All this team needs from the guard opposite Iggy is someone who can sometimes initiate the offense, defend his position, drain outside shots and run the break. That is it. Miller fails on 2 of those and a 50 is not a passing grade.

3) The Draft - I would love to see Gerald Henderson, Stephon Curry, Tyreke Evans maybe Jeff Teague. You need shooters who can defend. Curry would be great, have questions about his defense, but I heard he has another growth spurt in him. Evans might not be a pure shooter, but I like him because of what I believe he might become. I also would like Henderson or Ellington too. Any of those can step in and meaningfully contribute to this team next year.

4) Trades - Sam Dalembert needs to go. It is hard to do, just like dumping Willie Green is hard to do in the modern NBA. That said, Ed needs to explore every last option to move those two. If you cannot move Sam, open his job to comp from Sp8s and Smith, may the best man win. I would love to try and get either Hinrich or Gordon from the bulls without moving any of your core(Iggy, Young, Sp8s).

5) Free Agency - I would like to see Carney back, Ive heard that Stefanski is considering that. Carney is a shooter who can defend very well. Ben Gordon too(more shooter than defender), but that would need a S&T. This team needs floor stretchers in the worst way.

6) I do think this team, barring injury, will make the playoffs next season. Being anything more than 1st round fodder is a different story. They need a fresh voice, not someone from the Larry Brown influenced coaching tree.

Last night burned me out on a few people, mainly DiLeo and Sam. DiLeo runs an offense where Miller is a spot-up guy, but since he cannot shoot, he turns it down, passing it a covered guy and now they restart the set with no time on the clock. I watched that happen multiple times yesterday, its maddening. The reason why this team has faltered during the last two series is that teams figure them out by Games 4, 5, 6. Their defensive ideas are horrible, they switch every damn thing.

I am glad this series is over because now I won't have to watch Miller or Green guarding Lewis down low while Thad is stuck on Redick or Alston. I am sick of watchin Lou butcher possessions without accountability (especially his godawful pump fakes on long jumpers, just pull the damn trigger!). I am tired of watching someone(esp Iggy or Thad) on this team get hot then having Miller ignore them for possessions at a time to feed Green or himself or Evans. They need a new approach. That being said, once Iggy, Thad and Sp8s fully mature, things can get better. People need to leave this "Iggy aint a star" nonsense alone. He is very good and still getting better. He reminds me of a bit of a Lebron-Lite mixed with some Pippen to be honest. He can score, pass, defend, rebound. His shot is inconsistent, but that can get better. He just needs to be surrounded by finishers. Now, teams can double him at their leisure, knowing the Sixers cannot make them pay. Thad will be a finisher, Sp8s will be another, Brand can be one as well, now he needs pure distance shooters to give him room to slash and create. People understand that Iggy can be the best overall player while Thad becomes the best scorer.

Thanks again Brian. Good work.

The Coach - Don't care. Won't affect anything really. Green won't be starting with DiLeo or a new coach and the rotations are going to be similar enough it won't matter. I care more about what personnel will be playing. DiLeo at least has a clue. Something Mo never did. If players aren't up to play for a game like last night on their own, nothing you can do. Motivation is what people use to explain things they can't explain IMO.

Andre Miller - Let him walk. Best guard to play for the Sixers since Cheeks? He will be missed, but I couldn't justify tieing up the rest of our space in him when we have numerous holes and have to be looking to the future, as well as now. Fake it. Low ball Miller. He will leave.

The Draft - Fill one of your 2 major needs. Either PG or SG/SF aka shooter. Fill other need with MLE/BAE(Bi-Annual Exception ~1.9 million)

Trades - No one untouchable. I would want a top 20 NBA player right now for Iguodala though. Speights and Thad have legit value and I wouldn't trade them unless it was well worth it. I would deal Brand if the right offer came along. I'd trade anyone else pretty easily, but I would want immediate cap relief for Sammy or a good player, that is, I wouldn't trade him for less than nothing.

Free Agents - Ronnie Price, Chris Quinn, and Bobby Jackson are cheap PGs. I like Quinton Ross for cheap at SG. I'm blanking out on anyone else. Von Wafer won't sign here.

Next Season - Playoffs not 100% guaranteed. If they resigned Miller, yes.

Finally, Vent - Not much to vent about. A complete waste of a season besides ditching a terrible coach in Cheeks for a decent coach in DiLeo. Hopefully Willie Green plays in less than 30 games next season. Not much else to say. Thad was a collasal bust and is looking like a somewhat rich man's Rudy Gay. AWESOME!!

Joe, why would you say Wafer won't sign here?

The Coach - DiLeo could be the guy if he had better personnel. Our roster will probably be pretty much the same next year. I kind of have a liking for Avery Johnson. He would make sure these guys play defense consistently.

Andre Miller - Don't care really. Love the guy immensely but he short-changes us in most of our weak areas. Will miss his heady-ness and savvy, but most of all - his on-court communication.

Draft - PG's: really like Eric Maynor, Jonny Flynn, but really coming around on Ty Lawson - he just may be the best fit especially with an improved jumper this year. SG's: bring Wayne Ellington home already - he was so focused down the stretch this year, zoned in. A.J. Abrams, although he isn't really worthy of a 1st round pick.

Trades - please, please get rid of Lou. He can't even handle being a consistent scorer off the bench, so what else does he bring - NOTHING. Not a cap guy, but trade him for Jamal Crawford. Would be a significant upgrade.

Free Agents - I'm on the Ronnie Price bandwagon. Most of our shots will be divvied up amongst Brand, Iggy, and Thad anyway. I think he would be a serviceable fit. And he shouldn't cost a lot.

Playoffs - No reason we shouldn't be top 4 in the East, at worst top 5. We're not talking about a daunting conference here.

Vent - See game threads throughout the year, plenty there.

The Coach - Please do everything possible to get a guy like Eddie Jordan here.
Andre Miller - I say sign him to a realistic deal.

"He would like to re-sign with Philadelphia if the opportunity presented itself," Andy Miller said. -- http://www.nba.com/2009/playoffs2009/05/01/76ers.miller.ratliff.ap/index.html
Draft - Point guard. One with good IQ. Outside shooting is preferable. The way I see it, we don't have a backup point even if we keep Miller so this is the most important position.
Trades - Players to try to move: Lou, Green, Dalembert
Players to try to get: Hinrich (I see Chicago trying to keep Gordon, and they will have to offload a big contract, most likely Hinrich's), Arron Afflalo, Roger Mason Jr.
Free Agents - Quinton Ross. Rodney Carney (LOL).
Next season - Charlotte and New Jersey will be on the rise. Too much will depend on the offseason so it's too early to tell.
Vent - [I've vented as much as I had to last night.]

John reply to Alvin on May 2 at 12:24

Why haven't people learned not to listen to anything an agent says yet?

#1 Definitely No to DiLeo. He did a decent enough job as an interim coach replacing a local legend. However the way the team wilted away after clinching a playoff berth and the complete collapse in a must win Game 6 raises major questions about DiLeo and the staff. Tom Thibodeau, Eddie Jordan, and Avery Johnson top my list. (Maybe Doug Collins? Just throwing that name out there)

#2 No to Andre Miller. I'm as big an Andre Miller fan as anyone. If it weren't for him this team wouldn't have made the playoffs the past two seasons. However if we're looking at Igg at the 2 and Thad at the 3, then we're gonna need a play maker at the point who can shoot and defend quick point guards.

#3 Draft? This isn't the deepest of drafts so I'm not too concerned about who they take. Gerald Henderson and Ty Lawson would be nice additions for the future.

#4 Trades? Igg, Brand, Thad, Speights are the only untouchables in my book. Thad was such a liability on D in the playoffs but he's only 20 and I question how healthy his ankle was so he's still a keeper. Before he was hurt he was on that 20 ppg streak so I'm still optimistic. I still have hope that Elton Brand can be a 20 and 10 guy. Let's all just hope he's healthy. Oh yea and Sammy D has to go no matter what. Unfortunately thanks to Billy King his contract may be untradable.

#5 Free Agents? Ben Gordon would be a legit outside threat but the name I've been thinking about for a while now is...Allen Iverson. The perfect redemption story, AI comes back home to Philly on a mission to win an NBA title for the franchise that made him a global superstar and for a city that for the most part adored him. This is all contingent on AI taking a "hometown" deal, be willing to complement Iguodala, Young, and Brand, and doing whatever it takes to win (Practice?). Probably very improbable but anything can happen.

I'll skip to the rant. The Sixers are one of the most storied franchises in all of basketball. They are carrying on the legacies of Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Billy Cunningham, Dr. J, Moses Malone, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones, and Charles Barkley when they put those jerseys on. I would love nothing more than for the Sixers to become relevant again and build a new winning tradition.

Bryon reply to Tim on May 1 at 22:38

me love rant...

i wouldn't be surprised if byron scott is added to the list of available coaches this summer. his team absolutely quit on him against the nuggets. since the hornets are now the 2nd team of his (jason kidd & the nets) to quit on him, i'm not sure he's the best candidate either.

i'm really surprised by how many people don't want to make an offer to miller. like him or not, he was undoubtedly the glue that held this team together the past 2 seasons. we're talking about a 30 win team without his leadership. sitting close to the court is the only way you get an idea of how much he directs every single thing about the way they play on offense and defense. even though he can barely move, he is their defensive QB, playing much the same role as tim duncan on the spurs. he is directing the entire show, letting everyone know where they need to be on the court. i'm just not sure who that guy becomes with miller gone.

Joe reply to Mike on May 1 at 22:03

I'd love to have Miller back. I think the issue arises when the team has 8 million to work with likely after their 10 men they have signed and their draft pick. Miller would, seemingly, want all of that leaving the team with nothing else, but maybe a minimum signing or 2. I just don't think ownership can do it.

Mike reply to Joe on May 1 at 22:13

right, and that is perfectly reasonable. i'd just hope they'd spend the money VERY wisely if they're not using it on someone as valuable to the whole operation as miller. the names i'm looking at in the '09 FA class are not impressive.

deepsixersuede on May 1 at 22:46

If Bibby could be had for midlevel exemp. he would fit with our roster [similar to Atlanta] except for amount of wins.Draft a young p.g. [D.Holliday] that can defend and can at least be an average shooter.Get Sam and L.Will. out of here and hope somebody gives us a shooter for L.Will.[Azuibuke?].Theo was right in what he said and I hope he comes back. Go with a center rotation of Jason,Elton and a veteren [Theo?].No more 4 on 5 offense.Guys, how many of Theo and Iggy!s comments do you think were pointed towards L.Will.? I want a veteren in L.Will!s place [ex.K.Dooling] who is less flashy but is more consistant defensively.

Dooling is coming off a very good shooting season. I'd definitely take a shot on him. He's not a FA, though.

Statman on May 1 at 23:08

Hey guys, I post regularly on the Deep Sixer site but that blog has been overrun with incoherent ramblings the last couple days. I have to congratulate all of you on some pretty intelligent conversation, even while venting ;-). My two cents on Miller: I like parts of his game, but I really wouldn't bring him back at any price.

First, he gets cleanly beaten off the dribble too often, a major part of the Sixers' defensive disorganization this year. Today's NBA is point-guard centered, and it's almost a must for elite teams to have a point guard who can penetrate and/or stop penetration (hopefully both).

Second, though he has a decent assist-to-turnover ratio, I'm not convinced that he's a pass-first point guard. In the halfcourt, instead of penetrate and dish, it's almost always penetrate and shoot (unless he sees the lob, which happens once a game, if that). On the break, there were any number of occasions this year when I wished that he would have dropped it off to Thad or Iguodala rather than barreling in himself, with mixed results (we saw it a few times as Game 6 got out of hand).

The thing is, Miller is much more unselfish than Iverson (anyone would have been), but as point guards go, he still dominates the ball more than average.

As I've said on Deep Sixer, the players I would keep and try to build around are Iguodala, Thad, Speights, and Brand. Marshall and Theo I could see bringing back in limited roles (maybe not Theo if his attitude is poisoned now). The others, definitely expendable.

Note to Brian: Iguodala at the 1 is an interesting idea, but he isn't nearly the elite defender at guard as he is at small forward. He's not great at running around picks, which is what he was doing a lot of the time early in the year when they tried him at 2. Where he DOES excel is at staying in front of his man and challenging jumpers. In the Magic series, there were very, very few times that anyone shot over him successfully. (This says nothing about the offensive side of things, probably a more interesting question -- but I wouldn't favor the idea simply because you would be turning an elite defender at small forward into an average defender at guard.)

Welcome, Statman.

Yeah, that's a very good point about Iggy fighting through screens defensively. I think it would actually be a bigger problem defending the two than the 1. When a point comes off a high pick and roll, I think that's more of team defense issue. But when you're guarding the two, certain teams are going to run you off multiple screens all game long off the ball. That takes a toll. Imagine him running around after Rip Hamilton or Ray Allen.

I had a post all ready to be written if we advanced against the Celtics calling for Iguodala to guard Rondo. Oh well, maybe next season.

DEEPSIXERSUEDE on May 1 at 23:15

Brian, E.S. said again today on E.S.P.N. radio that L.Will. is asked for in trade talks, who do you think may have interest? Does he fit next to Stuckey,D.Harris or my personal choice [Golden St.]? Dooling was just an example of the type of guy along with maybe a 2nd rounder I would take back in some kind of deal. Or does a better coach that holds him accountable turn him into what we all hope he could be ?

I have serious questions about Lou's future. On one hand, he gets to the line a ton, which isn't really something you can teach. On the other hand, he doesn't really do anything else particularly well. He showed flashes late in the season of being a decent spot-up shooter, but can you get him to somehow stick to that and cut out all the foolish jump-pass/turnovers? I just don't know.

Personally, I think if people are really asking for him in a trade, you should do it right now. Otherwise, I'm afraid the odds are we're going to be regretting that contract a year or two down the road, and it's a 5-year deal.

deepsixersuede on May 1 at 23:23

Playing off your Iggy at the one idea there is a guy in this draft that handles like Iggy and is similar in size that I would love to see here if Miller was brought back to show him the p.g. ropes.He was the primary distributor for his team at the small forward/two guard spot and his name is Terrence Williams. His shot from 3 really improved this year and he would fit with this group because he ALSO is a terrible foul shooter.

deepsixersuede on May 1 at 23:56

Statman, enjoy your deepsixer commentary. It seems the organization is more concerned about moving Iggy to the 2 guard spot for defensive reasons than offensive ones, E.S. has said this before. My question is this; Does the softer, less physical defense Thad plays make him a better candidate to chase the 2 guards around than Iggy?

My turn! Just got home from the Phillies lost w/ Sammy (opps, Park) pitching!

I am thrilled to see Statman here. I was going to ask Kate for your email to get your thoughts here!

1. Coach - I would prefer a different coach but if money is tight, I would prefer to use it on the Lux Tax and stay w/ Tony for 1 more year.

2. I really appreciate Andre Miller but we have the Old Brand and think we need a young point man. I know EVERYONE here will disagree, but I would like Lou as point and draft a point guard (would like to try to move up and get a premiere draft pick).

I really appreciate Miller and would not be mad if they resigned him, however.

3. see 2

4. Untouchable - no one except Speights
must go at any cost - Sammy, Reggie, Rush, Green
Starter and reserve 3 pt shooter

5. Mo Williams, Felton, Ben Gordon, Sessions, Villaneuva, Robinson are all fine w/ me. I really would not mind AI IF he is a reserve and low cost.

6. I think we will be in the playoffs next year and win atleast 45 games. (predict 50 games).

7. I am sick and tired of Willie Green and Sammy D. I want them gone at any cost.

I am also sick of people constantly roasting Lou W, he is young, he has improved greatly this year (yes he has more to do) and think he gets more blame than he deserves. I saw him many times this year make up for a horrible start, drive, get thrown around, and just get roasted. Lou, given some direction, I believe, could be a premiere guard in this league. Yes, I do not like his poor throws, jump passes but so often I think his teamates do not put effort out like him. But, he needs to learn how to play defense.

I also am sick and tired of the incompentent radio hosts talking sixer talk and bloggers that have no idea what they are doing and saying and just criticize and never give constructive thoughts.

Finally, Brian, you have done a great job this year w/ the blog. Don't know how you do real work but that is not my problem! Thank you all for putting up w/ me thru the year!

Go Sixers and shock the world in 2009-2010!

Joe reply to DeanH on May 2 at 9:43

"Coach - I would prefer a different coach but if money is tight, I would prefer to use it on the Lux Tax and stay w/ Tony for 1 more year."

The way the tax works from the Salary Cap FAQ.

"Teams under the tax level receive a full share (1/30) of the tax money."

I have no idea how much teams are over the cap really, I'm sure exceptions factor in somewhere, but I would guestimate, from glancing at hoopshype, that 70-100 million is going to be dispersed to the 20-25 teams or so under the tax. One of those teams, recieving the 3-4 million, is going to be the Sixers, with their below average attendance figures.

If they signed Miller for 8 million, then used all the MLE, they would be around 3 million over the cap.(lots of quick, rough estimations) That means they are paying the 5 million for the player's services. Then, they are paying 3 million in cap penalties. Then, they are forfeiting the 3 million they would have gotten if they were below the cap. I don't think Sixer management is going to be OK with spending 11 million dollars, overall, on some MLE player next season.

I wonder how much the average coach makes though and then how much DiLeo would make. I would think he would be a good bargain, but are we talking 2 million? 5 million?

Lots of question, lots of factors, just some food for thought.

John reply to DeanH on May 2 at 12:28

If money is an issue regarding coaching - the sixers are screwed.

What exactly did Lou Williams improve on in 2009 vs 2008?

Mike reply to DeanH on May 3 at 12:56

wow. please name ONE thing lou williams improved upon in 2009.

Brian, do you think over the summer you could find some thugs to take care of our problems? I just got done reading "Making Jack Falcone" and he gave alot of places to check out! :-)

Statman reply to DeanH on May 2 at 0:54

DeanH (and others) - thanks for the enthusiastic welcome. Now that I realize what a good site this is for true Sixer fans, I will check in and post more often.

Statman on May 2 at 0:49

deepsixersuede - my feeling is that Thad doesn't have the defensive instincts at this point to defend either the 2 or the 3 well on a regular basis. He gets beaten off the dribble by anyone who can penetrate (Turkoglu seemed to do it at will), he goes for fakes and gets out of position too easily, and he's always looking at the ball and often loses sight of his man (recall the Ray Allen debacle). Despite his troubles with Lewis, the 4 spot is probably the best for him defensively right now. Thad's best traits on defense are that he's quick to help and recover and he's got fast hands, traits that serve him well if his man is not a primary scorer on the other team (which would happen much more often if he were defending the 3 or the 2). I don't see why he couldn't become a Shawn Marion type at the 4 if he works at it; he certainly has the physical tools.

The reality is that the Sixers didn't have anyone this year who could consistently defend the 1 or the 2. Ivey got a couple high-profile stops in the Portland and Cleveland games, but statistically he was just as bad as Lou or Willie (Ivey's short stint against Turkoglu in Q2 of Game 6 was disastrous, for example). IMO, the Sixers haven't had effective defenders at guard since Snow and McKie were in their primes.

so, what are your thoughts on who goes and so on above? Would like to see your thoughts. And thank you again for your thoughts.

I made a comment about Thad defending Thursday night, I thought he was horrible. They scored at will. That is something he can improve, correct?

Alvin reply to DeanH on May 2 at 8:44

No doubt Thad has to improve defensively. Some days he looks good on the defensive end and physically he should be able to be a tough defender. But yes he was awful the other day but weren't they all.

Statman reply to DeanH on May 3 at 1:44

DeanH: here is a late reply regarding who to keep/get rid of, not sure if anyone will see it. I would keep Iguodala, Thad, Speights, Brand, and Jason Smith. I would not mind bringing back Donyell in a limited role. I think they have to get rid of Dalembert, but it would leave a huge hole in terms of defensive rebounding. I wouldn't keep Green, Evans, or Rush under any circumstances. Ratliff is gone for chemistry reasons. I would only take Lou back if he could get rid of all the bad habits he picked up this year. People forget his great start to the 07-08 season (49% FG, 40+% 3-pt), until the hit by David Lee. It seems the constant double-pumping and pump-faking started then. This year, his 3-point attempts went up while his 3-pt pct. went down, while (perhaps most disturbingly) his assist-to-turnover ratio went down. The 07-08 Lou was

Finally, as I mentioned, I would not bring Andre Miller back at any price, not just because he's a defensive liability but because he's not the pure point guard that will make the centerpieces of the team (most of them forwards, according to my list above) better. I took a quick look at FGA-to-assist ratio for the top assist men in the league. For the best in the league: Paul 1.46, Deron 1.36, Nash 1.19, Calderon 1.06, Kidd 0.88, Rondo 1.15. Miller, meanwhile, was at 1.95, higher than Baron Davis at 1.91 (surprise) and close to players like Devin Harris (2.18) and Billups (a surprisingly high 1.94). Obviously, there may be extenuating factors behind those stats, but generally they bear out my feeling that Miller doesn't pass as much as he should (or maybe "can't pass" as much as he should, since he never gets penetrate-and-dish assists).

Regarding Thad, if he stays at the 4, he needs to become more physical. NBA wing players who improve their defense over time are rare, but they exist (James Worthy and Ron Harper come to mind from long ago). Then again, the NBA is filled with good shooters who stayed mediocre defenders their entire careers. Tim Thomas comes to mind, for example (and TT is probably a worst-case scenario for Thad, if he never gets better on D). The best part about Thad, though, is that he has been an eager learner and hard worker so far, so if I were to guess I would say that he will get better over time.

I'm not sure you can blame Miller for the high FGA/AST ratio. I mean, this team really needed him to shoot and score a ton to be successful. His career number is 1.57 and if you look at his numbers when he was on more talented offensive teams he was very much the pass first point (06-07 w/ Denver, 1.19, 05-06 w/ Denver, 1.29). His two full years w/ the Sixers he had the highest rate of his career, but he also had no catch-and-shoot guys to pass to, which deflated his assist total in my opinion.

Not saying they should definitely re-sign him, but I think extenuating circumstances had more to do with this stat than Miller's nature as a shoot-first point.

Joe reply to Statman on May 2 at 10:45


This is going to be long winded.

Thad and Iguodala are both ball hawks. With them at the 2 and 3, you lose some quickness, but not a ton IMO. Willie Green isn't a defensive dynamo or something. You gain a fair amount of length by adding Brand and losing Willie. Length that will improve overall team defense.

Look around the NBA at playoff teams for some anecdotal evidence on team length at the SG position. I'm going to go with who I think are the "real starters."

Out West, Kobe, Brewer, Smith, Butler, Artest, Roy, Ginobli, Terry. That is 6 out of 8 guys that can reasonably play the 2 or the 3.

In the East, West, Rip, Allen, Salmons(I'm gonna say he starts next year), Lee, Iguodala, Johnson, Wade. Excluding Philly, 4 of 7 teams have reasonably large 2s.

Top 3 East Ds are Boston, Cleveland, and Orlando. Out West, Houston, San Anton, LA. Out of these 6, 5 start 2 BIGS. 4 start SG/SFs at SG IMO. The ones that don't have size at SG have either KG(DPOY 08) or Lebron(runner up 09) Both have huge frontcourts as well.

Remember, the Sixers didn't have problems with defense when Miller, Iguodala, Thad, Brand, and Sammy played on the court. In fact, it was a great lineup. The problems, early this year, were bench play, turnovers, bench play, and turnovers.


In those 342 minutes, their defensive rating was 92. Their offensive rating was 102. That defensive rating is absurd.(The offensive rating would be last in the NBA though too, lol) For reference, Boston had a 98 with their starting lineup. Cleveland had a 95 with theirs.(102 with Varejo as starter)

Long story short, Lou shot like 30% the first month and destroyed the team. The defense was superb early in the season. Last season, the Sixers were a top 5 D. This season, average. What happened? I don't know. I think Sammy's decreased PT/foul trouble was a huge factor. I think Miller's D declined. Iguodala got better IMO. I Thad forgot about rebounding completely and took a step back defensively as well. And I think Speights is the worst defender I have possibly ever seen at the PF position.(I still love Speights long term, but that doesn't change what I just said.)

Next year, with Iguodala at the 2, etc, etc, I think this can be a great defense. My reservations would be on offense where they were really bad last year, but I expect that to improve as well. I had high hopes for this team and I still do for next year, but only if they get back to defense first.

Statman reply to Joe on May 3 at 2:04

Joe, good thoughts, agree with a lot of them. I don't remember much about the early season D except that Iguodala wasn't nearly the defender I thought he would be at the 2 spot (the first Atlanta game sticks out, when Joe Johnson went off -- though Iguodala did have excellent defensive games against JJohnson, Roy, Wade, and Kobe later in the year).

Thad does close out jump shooters well, so he can be effective against players who don't penetrate, IF he doesn't lose sight of them watching the ball (remember the Spurs game in SA when Matt Bonner went off in the 1st quarter? -- all Thad). However, Thad seems to have a lot of trouble against anyone who can penetrate (maybe part of it was his ankle injury at the end of the year). The iso against Turkoglu at the end of Game 4 showed all of Thad's defensive flaws: he had to play off because he was afraid Hedo would blow by him, and he overreacted to the jab step by stepping further back. I'd be willing to be proven wrong though.

Here's one theory as to why the Sixers' defensive numbers were so good with Brand in the lineup: they controlled the defensive glass much better than at any other time during the year, and Brand is a willing and capable help defender (who contributed his share of blocks). The end-of-year starters meshed better offensively, but Thad is a bad defensive rebounder even at small forward, let alone PF (Speights is the same as Thad that way, so playing them together is doubly bad). In any case, maybe you are right that having Thad at the 3 can work defensively, with the right other players on the court. I just know that at the end of the year, he had a tough time there.

Joe reply to Statman on May 3 at 8:52

The Charlotte game(maybe a month into the season?) sticks out more than any in my mind. Felton and Augustin tore up Miller and Iguodala by running off screens over and over and hitting lightly contested(at best) jumpers.

As for the Turk play, that jab step was as soft as a Thaddeus Young drive to the basket.

In the end, I'm probably just overly optimistic and cherry picking some stats, but what else to do at this time of the year especially when Brand haters will be in full force very soon.

In many ways, it is ashame that Iguodala didn't play more at the 2 spot this year and that Reggie and Speights got their minutes cut so that Willie could play 25 a game. Oh well.

deepsixersuede on May 2 at 8:11

A defensive tutor over the summer for L.Will. and Thad [Mckie?] is probably more important than another shooting instructor at this point, because with Brand and Spieghts back the 4 minutes may be slim to none. I think our shooter or p.g. in the draft HAS to be a good defender also. I would hope Thad!s length would allow him to challenge jump shooters if not able to get up in their face but playing the 4 in high school has probably slowed his progression in this area.On Sportsnet this morning the Deleo apologizing is starting already [E.S.].I have a feeling he will be back, which I think weakens our organization in 2 areas [scouting and coaching].

I'm sorry DeanH but I am certain that if I have to watch Lou start at the point I would collapse and start foaming in the mouth.

i'm sure most of you have heard about Dalembert's comments, seemingly indicating he wants out of town. wouldn't be the first time:

Of all the 76ers under contract, center Samuel Dalembert seems to have the most tenuous situation.

Before the NBA's trading deadline, Dalembert requested a trade, believing he was not being used properly. Sixers general manager Ed Stefanski tried, unsuccessfully, to trade Dalembert, who will be paid approximately $11.4 million next season and $12.2 million the year after.

Dalembert's contract is about as desired, and easy to ship, as a boat anchor.

"The frustration came down to, [in] the beginning, we were losing and I wasn't playing much," Dalembert said.

"Sammy did tell you that he asked to be traded at the trade deadline," Stefanski said. "We tried to accommodate him and were unsuccessful."

Yesterday, Dalembert did not say, outright, that he wished to leave the Sixers, but indicated that both sides needed to do what was best, needed to decide if it was time for a fresh start.

One source close to the team said Dalembert wants out of the franchise.

"Right now, he's a member of the Sixers, and we hope he gets better over the summer and works on the things we asked him to work on," Stefanski said.

When asked if Dalembert was dedicated to basketball year-round, teammate Andre Iguodala said, "Year-round? I think Sammy enjoys his summers."

Dalembert, though, talked about each player's need to "stop fooling" himself.

"Everybody needs to sit down and decide what needs to be improved," Dalembert said.

"Myself, I look at it this year, work on different things offensively . . . not a factor offensively, but make myself a factor."

Dalembert said he and his teammates need to look at themselves and discipline themselves.

"Our 'identity' is supposed to be running, but we don't do the things defensively," Dalembert said, then pointed to a lack of consistency. "This year, for whatever reason, so many things were going on . . . I was out of the picture, I end up playing the lowest since my rookie year."

Mike reply to Mike on May 2 at 12:05

by far my favorite comment from that article is:

When asked if Dalembert was dedicated to basketball year-round, teammate Andre Iguodala said, "Year-round? I think Sammy enjoys his summers."

Mike reply to Mike on May 2 at 12:34

Between the team and individual meetings, players spoke about where this team might be headed after consecutive .500 seasons, consecutive six-game, first-round playoff losses.

"I don't think I can say it, but I think we're going down," said swingman Iguodala.

Ouch, did he really say that?

John reply to Brian on May 2 at 14:23

Yeah, on Thursday he said it - presenting it in an article on Saturday is a day late and thus makes it seem like he said it after some thought - he more 'downlow' about it on friday - talking about tweaking.

As for dalemberts trade kicker - it the whiny little bitch wants to be traded, he can waive the kicker - or he can sit on the bench and keep his mouth shut and get fined 10K every time he cries about it to the media.

Tom Moore on May 2 at 13:49

Besides the two years and $25 mill remaining on Dalembert's contract, a team acquiring him must play a 15 percent trade kicker upfront (roughly $3.75 mill).

It's possible to move Dalembert, but only for somebody another team is trying to dump.

sfw reply to Tom Moore on May 2 at 15:14

I guess we need to find another Big DOG, Keith VAN horn or CWebb somewhere. With only 2 years remaining on Sammy's contract he will start to become appealing to someone. Unfortunately we'll probably have to take on a couple extra years of bad salary.

John reply to sfw on May 2 at 15:17

It won't become 'appealing' until after free agency next year - I don't see a lot of reports about people trying to clear cap room for 2011 yet.

Joe reply to Tom Moore on May 2 at 15:28

Sammy can waive part of his kicker, under certain circumstances, to make money match, but in those circumstances he can only waive the minimum amount that would make money match.

It would seem, from what I am seeing, that if they found player(s) in the 9.5-10 million range, they could use a loophole to get around the kicker, assuming Sammy was willing to waive his kicker to get out of Philly, which seems reasonable.



Dalembert for Mike Miller.

Mike Miller's salary is 9.9 million, for arguments sake, next year.

9.9 *1.25 = ~12.4+.1=12.5

Dalembert makes 12.1, so he would get an additional .4 million as part of his trade bonus.

I haven't double checked on this though and there could easily be extenuating circumstances I am missing. Just making an effort.

Joe, you sound like you're in the business..........

Joe reply to sfw on May 3 at 10:04

Read realgm's CBA/Business forum sometime. Those guys sound like they are in the business.

sam should donate the $1500/month my roommate & i pay him in rent to make the salaries match. this month's check is gonna cause me even more pain than usual.


If you want Avery Johnson - understand that he just said that the sixers need to move louis williams to the starting point guard - and he put him in the same 'strata' as Devin Harris

Also said - no chance that Iguodala is an NBA 2

THis is the guy some folks want as coach?

heh. I think this is why I like Doug Collins. I remember him saying "Why are they running plays for Willie Green and ignoring Thad Young?" during a broadcast.

john reply to Brian on May 5 at 13:04

Johnson admitted that willie green shouldn't start

Johnson also said that the sixers have no 'natural leaders' yet (Iguodala could grow into it) and pop was lucky that avery was on the roster when he took over the spurs - cause Avery was a natural leader as a player.

He gets added to the list of guys 'if they coach the sixers next year - i give up'

That list now contains

Avery Johnson
Larry Brown (Just in case)

I still say JVG is a good coach, and could make this roster a top defense in the league. Same goes for Larry Brown, although I don't think there's any chance he'd come back.

john reply to Brian on May 5 at 13:13

I don't trust egomaniacs (or worse) as head coaches. Both Van Gundy and Brown are more (to me) about themselves than about their teams...hence Browns need to take on 'mediocre' players to win...he likes to get the praise...

Oh yeah 'Iguodala is an NBA 3'

He feels that the Iguodala at the two 'experiment' is already a failure - and he would run him at the 4 sometimes in a small line up :)

that's wonderful. just take his name out of the hat right now, please.

john reply to Brian on May 5 at 15:05

That's what I'm SAYING

Not to mention - worst first round loss ever in the playoffs (record differential) - they should have won the finals - stop blaming the ref - and his team burned out on him in 2 years?

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