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Trade Dalembert - For Whom?

Sammy, plus for Rip Hamilton? How about this.

Sammy & Speights for Rip & Amir Johnson.

Pistons get a center and scoring big plus save on contract over time. We get our shooter.

Rip is probably still too useful at this point of his career. Detroit is already way below the cap, so I'm not sure if Detroit is really going to be all that motivated to move Hamilton's contract.

I hate to say this, but I would trade Sammy for anyone who has an equivalent 2 years on their contract. I do not think it is worth taking on more years to get rid of Sammy, however, unless that person is a quality shooter which is very unlikely.

I do not think we can endure another year w/ Sammy unless he has a great change of heart.

I am very anxious to see other peoples thoughts here.

Whether or not he has a change of heart, I have a feeling we're going to have to either deal with another year of him or take back an even bigger problem. Or give up one of those young pieces in a deal.

deepsixersuede on May 2 at 18:54

Sam and #17 for M.Miller [back issues],Madsen and #28 [Collison or Calathes?]. Sam and Reggie for Redd [Skiles loves defensive players and Bogut may play limited minutes [back]. Sam for Dunleavy [bad knee] and Hibbert. That!s the best I could do but do they make us better? I don!t know. The problem is Sam is needed against most of the playoff teams.

"The problem is Sam is needed against most of the playoff teams."

That's the real killer here. Who's really going to protect the rim if we ship Sam out of town.

hamilton is getting older, faster, and some might say on the downturn

not for nothing - and totally unrealited - but portland beat writer thinks segio rodriguez might be on the move this summer cause nate doesn't like him

I think the obvious answer is new orleans - 'new homes' for the mediocre centers, maybe they thrive

The times I've seen Sergio play, he's looked like complete garbage. No thanks.

Tom Moore on May 2 at 20:57

Might be easier to wait until Feb. trade deadline or next summer, when there'll only be one more year to go. Think Chandler would be the most likely possibility until then.

New Orleans could be a good fit, especially considering their economic situation. You could do Dalembert and Evans for Chandler and Posey. In the long term, that would save them $1.2M this season (not including trade kicker), $1.5M next season, and then $6.9M the following season.

Alvin reply to Brian on May 2 at 21:37

Too good to be true for us, but hey they almost gave Chandler away for next to nothing so anything's possible.

The one name i see up there that really intrigues me is Kirk Hinrich. With Andre Miller's status in limbo and the Bulls' plethora of guards they may be willing to part with him... the question of course remains whether or not they'll take Dalembert for him.

Alvin reply to Eric on May 2 at 21:35

With Noah and Brad Miller, I think not.

The Bulls have a tough decision to make in their backcourt. I just think if they're going to trade Hinrich they're going to want something more than Sammy in return.

The problem is that no one is going to want or need Samuel Dalembert...and his contract is one year too long sadly...so if you want someone to take sam - you take someone elses garbage back or you have to incetivize the deal

And there's only 3 pieces on this roster that I feel incetivized anyone stong enough to talk Sam


I think like Ed said, with the contract that he has, it's gonna be a bitch trying to make a deal for Dalembert. Either we give up one of our pieces or take back a worse contract or less talent.

I think we're stuck with him, which really isn't as bad as being stuck with Lou Williams.

John reply to Alvin on May 2 at 21:43

It's not just sam or lou that the sixer are stuck with

You got 15 max players - and i think you got 4 players on the roster you're stuck with


That's kind of sad.

Alvin reply to John on May 2 at 21:52

You're right. Not to say that I dislike Evans, but his contract is hefty. Same for Green. They are not bad players to stick at the end of the bench, but it's just sad that they are paid that much and given such big roles in this team. Says a lot about the lack of talent.

Does anyone know if Brand knows anyone that is a good shooter out in California that he could get to come and help him win a championship?

How about trading Sam for a combo of 3 overpaid, long term deals? Sad when the best trading partner would be yourself...

Sam (12M) for Evans(5M)+Green(3.5M)+Lou(5M)

.... never mind. I guess we need to find another team like the Sixers as a trading partner.

I agree with you guys that with only 2 years left it makes most sense to keep Sam, but just marginalize him. Sort of like Dampier in Dallas.

In fact, don't know why you left out Dampier. has the same deal as Sam, and they probably could be swapped.

But overall, would not want to take back a longer contract for Sam, unless it is for a quality player (maybe Baron or Hinrich.) After next summer, Sam will actually have positive value as an expiring. And he will be motivated to be productive in a contract year. We may just after to deal with his act this next year. I'm pretty sure his teammates can tune him out.

Brian, here's an idea for Wild & Crazy idea #2... Not on board, but worth talking about:

Go "Boston" style. Try to build a vet winner around Brand while you still have time. Move some or all of Iguodala/Thad/Speights/Lou for 2-3 30 something second level stars. Guys at a PP/Allen age/talent level.

If you put Brand with 2-3 of these guys (blowing up the young core to get them), would you contend?

Baron? Terry? Odom? Artest? Rip? Hedo? Redd? Jamison? VC? Prince? AI? Andre Miller?

Maybe you can think of some others.

Alvin reply to tk76 on May 3 at 1:47

I just played with ESPN's trade machine. Iggy/Sam for Ginobili/Bowen/Bonner/Oberto seems to work.

Daly/Duncan/Iggy/Mason (or Finley)/Parker
Oberto (or Speights/Smith)/Brand/Young/Ginobili/Miller {assuming we re-sign him)

Ginobili is a proven go-to guy. We get Bowen who can still stop people and make open 3s. Bonner can shoot them as well. Spurs have been looking for an athletic big man to partner Duncan as well as a defensive 3 for ages.

It may seem stupid to some people but I'm just throwing out an idea.

I don't know, I mean they key to Boston's moves was getting Garnett, do you see any of those players listed having as big of an impact on the Sixers as he did on Boston? Changing the culture (makes me sick saying that).

Also, do you see the team being better with any of those players on it instead of Iguodala?

I think if you're really going to try for a three-headed monster, you'd be better packaging Dalembert and Thad for a real star who can shoot and making the three Brand, Iguodala and that star. Redd doesn't fit the bill for me, neither does VC. Maybe someone like Kevin Martin, though I'm not sure why Sacto would make that deal.

deepsixersuede on May 3 at 9:11

Alvin, Unfortunately the other guys we may get offered, other than lousy contracts, are injury issued players.Redd,Dunleavy and Ginobli come to mind.I think in the long run,actually one more season, keeping Sam and than using him as an expiring contract may be our best option.Even a lateral move, for Chandler say,does that really help us? We need a p.g. and backup 2 now and to add a center to our need list before the end of next season, when we know more about Sam!s possible replacements [Jason,Marreese and Elton[15 min. per game]] may be risky becvause can E.S. afford a non playoff year next year.

I feel that we will be stuck with Dalembert anyway, but I thought I'd try my hand at coming up with a suggestion.

Pretty good ideas here for the most part.

Another... Dalembert for Ben Wallace.

Cavs get long term depth and a suitable long term center in Dalembert. Sixers shed salary 1 year earlier than normal.

Dalembert(14), Brand(15) for Wallace(15), Pavlovic(5), and a resigned Wally(6) // this deal would have to be after a certain date I think due to players being resigned and all that.

Dalembert for Kenyon Martin.(horrible for Sixers)

Sorry for reposting this, but would a simple flip of Sam for Dampier work for both teams?

Dallas gets the more talented player. Philly gets a similar role player, who might be more willing to be a role player.

The salaries and length of contract are about identical.

Not an exciting move, but at least it gets rid of Sam without causing further damage. He needs to be off the team, and breaking even is not so bad.

That could work, but I'm not sure Dallas would do it. All of Dampier's contract isn't guaranteed in the final year, so they could conceivably dump him and recoup some of that lost money.

sixersoup on May 3 at 12:44

We are stuck with Sam and we need to be OK with that. This time next year he will be valuable as an expiring contract.

My real concern is thad and iggy and brand. If Brand is going to get major minutes, which he must for 84m, then where does Thad play? Iggy is not a 2. Unless you get a three point shooting point guard, let Miller walk and let iggy play 2. I don't want to give away Thad. He is the most upside of anyone on the team. And i think if you are winning, Sammy gets back into it. So you let Miller walk, and focus on finding a Calderon to stretch the floor. Maybe iggy at the two is not so bad if you have a real shooting threat at point.

What do you think? It's about the only solution i can come up with. I don't want other teams trash just because Sam is a head case. I am sure DiLeo let him sulk and he got worse and worse. He needs a coach that is going to own him day in and day out.

Shooting point, iggy at the 2, brand and speights at the 4, sam, smith and theo at the 5.

But who is your shooting point?

That's the question. Maybe they find a point who can shoot in the draft, but will he be able to run the team?

Joe reply to sixersoup on May 3 at 13:23

I agree with you.

Cheap Shooting PGs compared to Lou.

I like Watson and Quinn a lot for what they will likely make. Lou is still young, so I think giving up on him is kinda foolish.(although I might dump him if given the chance) He is only about 6-12 months older than Speights if I remember right.

These guys don't solve the problem, but they are very good back ups in my book on a good team even.

deepsixersuede on May 3 at 13:05

sixersoup, I brought this up on recliner g.m. but people seem to be against it for the most part; This draft is lacking in big man talent, if Spieghts gets me Curry or Lawson in the draft I do it. Than draft a shooter at 17 and Iggy and Thad at the 2/3 will work. Or possibly let Thad become a 32 minute 3/4 off the bench if the 2 guard you draft is ready to start.How many minutes is Marreese going to get in the next 3 years here, we have 5 p.f.!s on this roster and possibly no p.g.!s if Miller isn!t signed.I think Curry can be somewhere between Bibby and Nash and would fill our shooting p.g. need.

Hmmn. That's interesting. My only question with Curry is how will he defend. There's also a question as to whether they'd have to move up at all to get Lawson, but I'm not sure how well he's going to shoot it at the pro level.

I don't think Speights is untouchable at this point, not even close.

deepsixersuede on May 3 at 13:17

Brian, people get attached to and overvalue our players sometimes, me included, but if we could fill a need with a strength I do it. Something about Curry!s feel for the game reminds me of Nash but defense may be an issue but it wouldn!t be a quickness issue but more of a strength issue which is why Elton and Sam could be the answer to that.

Oh good - the curry overrated bandwagon comes to sixer land

Curry's a two guard - comparing him to nash is just insulting (and a product of ESPN)

I don't think we have any idea what Curry will be in the NBA. The one thing that seems clear is that he can shoot and he probably isn't suited to being a team's best player in the NBA.

I'd rather take a shot on him in the draft than a point who may be able to learn to shoot in a couple years, especially for this team. I wouldn't compare him to Nash, though.

Joe reply to John on May 3 at 13:48

I think the Curry bandwagon has been in sixer land for quite some time.

I don't mind him from what I have seen. I'll research him a bit more once the draft nears.

deepsixersuede on May 3 at 13:31

John, than compare him to Bibby. With Iggy here it works, without it doesn!t. You, I believe are a fan of Iggy at the 2, right.Curry, as a first year p.g. against some pretty good competition did well this year but if Lawson is more what they want than that!s fine.

The key point is 'first year' point guard - he's never been asked to run the point before - I think nash or bibby comparisons are premature and more hype than anything else - these guys were points most of their careers.

It's a weak draft and they're looking for stories so I believe Curry's prodigious point output (mostly against mediocre competition for most of his career, it's a weak conference) is a good story but I think in a strong draft he just doesn't get as much attention.

He's not a point guard - i'm tired of the sixers drafting guys and trying to MAKE them point guards when they aren't...just a personal opinion

Sean reply to John on May 3 at 16:37

Curry has been playing the point this year for the most part, and gotten fairly solid reviews. My only concern with Curry would be defensive, but I also remember an article saying he might have another growth spurt(his father was a legit 6'5" so...)

But if Curry can defend his position, he is the best pick. With Iggy/Thad/Brand, you need shooting. Curry is the best shooter at guard available, who will space the floor and keep his man out of Iggy/Thad/Brand's lap, especially down low.

IMO, this team needs a point who can shoot and defend. Leave the playmaking to Iggy/Brand/Thad. They would take a major jump if they can get that.

John reply to Sean on May 3 at 17:23

Big if depending on a growth spurt (aren't they saying that about thad too)

Height is weird genetically - my gf is barley 5'3 and both her parents were closer to 6 feet - drafting curry based on a 'supposed' growth spurt being part of the equation would be a bad idea.

There's a lot of smoke regarding curry and the knicks - so i don't think it'll be an option anyway

I'd rather have a point guard with natural passing skills who needs to improve his shooting than a converted 2 guard who has to learn the point guard skills - just my preference

I'm sorry, but I see more of a "he can learn to shoot" trend with this team than a tendency to pick guys to play positions they aren't capable of playing.

Lawson I don't like. I'll have to wait till the draft comes around when I'll do more research, but his shot doesn't seem like it will translate to the NBA. Also, I'm not sure how he is going to be able to cope with the size and speed of the NBA. Basically, the typical undersized guard stuff.

Time will tell I guess and I didn't see him much this year.(although I have in the past)

He reminded me of a softer Kyle Lowry without the D.

This one also works (at least salary wise) on the ESPN trade machine:



for Utah's Kirilenko and Brewer

I think Utah has an issue with expiring contracts so they may need bodies more than Philly.

I know Thad has a world of potential but the team does have Iguoudala and I'd be satisfied to see Thad get thrown-in as an incentive if that would help facilitate the trade.

john reply to paul on May 5 at 15:33

No way does Utah do that trade...

They aren't that stupid

PS: congratulations for your beautiful wp-themes

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