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Quite A Season

Brian, I'd like to thank you on behalf of your readers. As Philadelphia fans, we all know how hard it can be to find people that want to engage in thoughtful, sober debate about our teams. DepressedFan provides that quality in spades. Keep posting, all!

keep it up man

deepsixersuede on May 8 at 18:26

Brian, thanks for your passion and thanks for the release, hopefully better times are ahead.

Thanks Brian, there aren't many sites for Sixers fans on the web but this is a darn good one. And while the season had its ups and downs, DepressedFan was consistently a good read.

The title is so apt as well.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Thanks for the shout-out Brian. One of my favorite subjects to talk about is the Sixers, but I have like 3 people who can accommodate me there. Now I feel like I have a great outlet for Sixers' talk. I'd like to continue contributing as long people are reading. So thanks for the blog, and continue the great work. Now, if we could only solve this team's problems ;)


Thank you for a great blog. There are very few well written, thoughtful blogs nevertheless media about the sixers. Thank you again for a great year!

i've recommended this blog to all fellow sixers fans, and they are all reading it regularly now, to the point where we develop our own threads on the same topic. Just stellar work, Brian. I'm also thankful to other readers who've commented. We certainly don't need another watered-down and emotional forum like the one at RealGM.

Haven't commented here before, but have been reading for the last few months. Best Sixers blog on the Internet, no doubt. Keep up the good work, Brian.

sixers Phan on May 11 at 11:31

This is the best site for Sixers fans. Keep it going, Brian.

Nice job.

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