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Report Says Collins Is Contacted, Collins Disagrees

bebopdeluxe on May 13 at 1:30

I can understand why he would duck it on-air...

I hope he's hired tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I was momentarily psyched because it was him, or if it was just because I want there to be a coach asap, or if having him sign meant no Avery Johnson. Probably a little of all three.

Real and Speightacular on May 13 at 7:44

Why do I have the feeling Collins is going to be in the booth again next season. A guy with his record (nice enough, but not even a finals appearance), you'd want him to be a ltitle more active in campaigning for a gig. A let-them-chase-me 'tude is probably not the right one after that last fiasco. Is Dougie letting his agent do all the hustle? Never know, might work, and good luck with that.

Well campaigning for the job went so well for Avery JOhnson...i have to disagree with this sentiment whole heartedly - the sixers know what collins can do - and maybe the sixers talked to his agent and some reporter misconstrued that as talking to collins directly - so no one actually is 'lying' - or maybe collins just felt like focusing on the game

but 'campaigning' for the job - while working for TNT - broadcasting a western conference playoff game - that would be wholly unprofessional

I think the big concern here is that Collins wants to make it perfectly clear that he wasn't lobbying for the job BEFORE DiLeo was fired. For one thing, it's bad form (Avery). For another, if you get the job, you're going to be working with DiLeo.

john reply to Brian on May 13 at 12:05

I don't disagree...i just am not reading too much into what is being said publicly in general - i've been burned before.

My step father got burned as well - and it's genetic

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 12:29

If Collins was asked about it on air (or even by a print guy), he could say, "I'd be flattered to be part of the conversation. I think Philadelphia has a strong team and organization and anybody who's at all interested in coaching at the NBA level would be keen on that job. As for myself, I'm going to respect their process and if - and I stress if - they discuss things further with me in a face-to-face meeting, I'm sure I can make make some time for discussions."

Or something like that. It says, "I'm interested," without being a pushy used car salesman about it.

Avery was asked some specific questions about the team and I think he answered them with a spin toward his suitability. I don't think he was over the top about it.

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on May 13 at 12:31


"...and I stress if - they are ready to discuss things further with me in a face-to-face meeting, I'm sure I can make make some time for discussions."

He was asked about it on air. He just said he hasn't had any contact w/ the team and left it at that. Professional.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 13 at 12:40

Fair enough and if that's an approach the Philly brass feels comfortable with after his "professionalism" with Chicago last year, frig, bully for him. Like I've been sayin, I'm not hatin if he actually got the gig.

What is actually known about what went down with Collins and Chicago last year? I've still not seen anyone do more than give me Sam Smith like speculation

Just found this through a google search, but it's basically the story from Collins' side. Still looking for something more.

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 12:55

You can start your gossip search here: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=3417029

Some interesting money quotes in there

"When he took the Wizards' job in 2001, Collins acknowledged that he and Jordan did not always get along during those formative years in Chicago.

"We knocked heads early," Collins said at the time. "I was 35, had never been a head coach before, was going to roll up my sleeves to show everybody that I could get the job done. I wanted to do things my way."

Coaching learning curve. Ave's had his first hard lesson, could be ready to grow again.

""I consider it a compliment when people mention me, but I just love my life now," Collins told ESPN.com on May 7. "The work that has to be done and the headaches you have to put up with today, I'm not willing to pay that price. It's just too tough."

That's the bit he might wanna start working against. Start the new signalling from now that's he's into it now. Just sayin.

I don't really care if he publicly says it. I'd prefer he just talked to Stefanski behind the scenes, honestly.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 13 at 13:05

The aftermath.

"We've become so close over the years, I really wasn't sure it was good idea for him. But I was pretty much willing to go along with it, but I just wanted to be sure if this is what he really wanted to do. And so I just said, `Take some time let's think about it." ~ Reinsdorf

Basically, his head wasn't into it. It's not his natural style, but it sure couldn't hurt to sound a lil more positive about it, publicly. What kind of funk is he going to get into if things don't go well straight away?

Every quote from Reinsdorf in that article smelled and sounded like Spin.

I believe that that's the actual reason as much as I believe DiLeo pulled himself from the coaching candidacy and if he hadn't he would have been a viable candidate for next season.

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 13:14

Ok, fair enough. What do you think was the real reason Collins wasn't hired? We're all just spitballin here.

If I had to guess?


Collins has more front office experience than Paxson - Paxson was in trouble regarding his building of a roster - and Collins wanted say in how the roster was built - more than Reinsdorf wanted to give him - and that Collins possibly played upon their friendship to try and get it.

Or Money

In the end, unless it's a guy who has never coached before - you know what you're getting before you ever talk to him - the bulls had had collins as a coach before so they really knew what he was as a head coach - so i think it was power or money

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 13:25

Fair guesses. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/basketball/bulls/1551265,CST-SPT-doug30.article

We'll never know for sure. But at least Jerry's bit does match with what Doug's said himself about coaching. Doug seemed ok to let Jerry's "spin" sit.

Well collins is of course going to agree with the spin - if the spin is public - and people buy it - collins can still get a job in the future - but if power was the issue - then it becomes more complicated - many GMs would be hesitant to interview him because this is a guy that wants their power - money is less of an issue though - owners will say yes or no before you even consider the guy - that's easier to deal with than power.

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 13:34

Doug Collins didn't get the Chicago job because:

a) He really doesn't have his heart in coaching anymore

b) He wanted too much say in shaping the roster

c) Asked for too much money

Man, I dunno. If I'm a prospective GM looking at Collins, I'd rather deal with b) and c) and not a). That's me, your mileage may vary.

C is the only option i'd deal with as a GM - a or b would immediately disqualify a guy

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 13:00

Hollinger had some background on why he thought Collins was a bad fit for that team if they were looking to hire him.

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on May 13 at 13:31

The more I think about it, the more I read, the more uncomfortable I feel with Collins as the best hire for this team.

I'll put on my headphones till all the Collins boosters get hoarse. Let's just see how this plays out.

And yet you're still comfortable with avery johnson?

Real and Speightacular reply to john on May 13 at 13:44

Fair enough, I'm less enamoured of AJ after reading that article b/c I think Collins and AJ are somewhat similar in their approaches to coaching. That said, Avery hasn't proved it three times over as Collins has, that he's not really willing to change and Avery's also had the benefit of excellent mentors.

Yes, I'd be less ansty about Avery than Collins at this point.

Just to be clear
you've listened to the johnson interview on sr950.com right?

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on May 13 at 12:43

Plus, mebbe we need to define "it." If "it" = 'are you interested in coaching Philly' that's one thing and if "it" = 'have you been contacted by Philly" that's another.

Well 'it' - is whatever they said last night

They didn't ask him if he was interested. They asked him to respond to the report that he's been talking to Philly about the job. At the time, his broadcast partner actually said the reports were that the had an agreement or something, which I think was false. He responded to the report that he'd had contact a couple of times w/ Philly and said that no, he hasn't been contacted and he hasn't contacted them. He also apologized to Ed Stefanski, basically saying I didn't tell anyone we've been talking etc.

john reply to Brian on May 13 at 12:59

Yeah, I think that's the ESPN story I posted...

deepsixersuede on May 13 at 8:18

E.S. is usually a straight shooter, as far as not talking out the side of his mouth. When he said he will have a coach by July 1st I think he wants to interview some of the assistants in the playoffs also.Question, if you are announcing playoff games, do you request to be interviewed when they are done also ? A bad decision here finishes E.S.!s career in Philly so I hope he gets it right.

I totally agree with that. Ed S.is a straight shooter. I have talked with him several times at season ticket holder events and he talks to me and the fans the same way he talks with the media and everybody else. One thing he is also is a good businessman. I think the Collins comments is all posturing for negotiating position. Ed can play that game as well. At the end of the day Ed knows that Doug Collins would probably be a terrific coach for this team and if he is available Ed can pull it off. They may be talking and he just can't or won't say it while he is doing the playoffs for TNT.I wonder though what will happen with the Sixers own assistant coaches. I think McKie would be a lock to be retained. Wouldn't it be nice to see Eric Snow come back as an assistant ? I am thinking defensive philosophy.

I think this is just choosing words carefully. I would guess the conversations are with his agent (saying he talked w/ Doug) and both are telling the truth 100%.

My totally unsubstantiated guess is that Ed and Collins talked a few times about the team, but not specifically about the coaching job. Part of the feeling out process before DiLeo stepped down.

Collins might have hinted this, and then the AP ran with the story. Sort of an embarrassing mis-communication which will blow over.

Ed Stefanski, like most GMs in sports is a master politican and spin master - you have to be to keep your job...I'm not sure where straight shooter comes from...he doesn't strike me as any different from any other public figure answering questions...he avoids them with the best of em

Word out of sactown (via blogs talking to kings folks) is that the eddie jordan interview went well - take it as you will.

Reports indicate there's really only one other candidate for the Kings job, Paul something or other (i always get the two last names confused...west something)

not sure if this is more - but there seems to be some confusion and collins might be trying to save face


Here's one with quotes from Reinsdorf.


john reply to Brian on May 13 at 12:58

Except those quotes don't say anything :)

The fact that Collins reportedly wasn't interested UNTIL the bulls won the lottery does give me pause...like he's only interested in coaching in a situation he likes as opposed to just wanting to coach.

See - here's what i'm talking about earlier
anyone heard of this guy?


Kuester a candidate? Cavs assistant coach John Kuester has gained plenty of positive attention this season as the team's offensive coordinator in guiding the Cavs to significant improvement. According to a league source, the veteran assistant could become a candidate for the Philadelphia 76ers head coaching job now that interim coach Tony DiLeo has pulled his name from the running.

Kuester was an assistant with the 76ers for six seasons, including the Sixers' run to the 2001 NBA Finals. A former head coach at Boston University and George Washington, Kuester won a championship as an assistant with the Detroit Pistons in 2004. Former head coaches Eddie Jordan and Doug Collins have also been linked to the opening.

Do you think Thorpe charges extra for building hype around the guys he trains at IMG:

Vin (Hartford): I went to the Uconn-Pitt game and didnt know anything about any players (except Thabeet) but came away from that game being blown away by DeJaun Blair. He absolutely dominated Thabeet and was amazing. What do you think about him as a pro?

SportsNation David Thorpe: (12:08 PM ET ) He's going to be a monster, I'd guess. On the right team he'd be a legit ROY candidate. And he just turned 20 last month.

Brian - Here is Chad Ford's (who I pay much more attention to) opinion on Blair for comparison:

Rocko (NY): How legit is Dejuan Blair out of Pittsburgh? Some compare him as a shorter Kendrick Perkins with a longer wingspan.

SportsNation Chad Ford: He's probably going to be a better offensive rebounder and a better scorer than Perkins. He's been working out at IMG in Florida and I'm told he's already lost a lot of weight. If he comes into draft camp in great shape, that will really boost his stock.

He's 6'6" or 6'7" and a PF, right?

john reply to Dannie on May 13 at 14:59

In terms of who i pay attention to at espn regarding talent evaluation i think chad ford falls below stuart scott tim legler and that chicken in the commercial

Inquirer reporting today 'officially' that jordan will be interviewed this week by the sixers

I wonder what the interview goes like when everyone already knows everyone else.

Here's a question, if Jordan is hired as the coach, and they're going to commit to the Princeton offense, isn't Miller the ideal point to run it? Essentially, it's built on backdoors, motion and timely passes, right?

john reply to Brian on May 13 at 15:27

If they hire Jordan - they've got to figure out how to start Speights cause Dalembert will kill that thing faster than a magnifying glass fries an ant.

Did Sacto every run a Princeton offense in the bibby era? Maybe he has some experience?

Well based on the reports from the kings interview (where jordan coached before) it sounds like the most important thing is to get Jordans view on the roster and the future of the roster and what he thinks he can do and what direction he'd be interested in.

Is it possible that because of the chaos in Sacto that Philadelphia might be the more 'stable' job?


So Thorpe prefers lawson over flynn

In the couple games I saw, Flynn didn't strike me as an NBA point, at least not a good one. But I only saw a couple of games.

john reply to Brian on May 13 at 15:38

Don't let Jordan hear you say that - he'll be sad :)

He can get even w/ me by ripping on Curry. :)

john reply to Brian on May 13 at 15:56

Seems that lawson and flynn project pretty closely in the mocks I'm looking at...both 'just' out of sixers reach.

Thorpe seems to think there might be a lot of movement up and down in this draft (for instance, if the kings don't get the first two, he thinks they should move out)

Maybe if there's a lot looking down and not a lot up the sixers might be able to swing something.

That's what I'm hoping for. I'll be pissed if someone else makes a bold move up and the Sixers stand pat. But I wasn't exactly thrilled when they drafted Thad, so take my anger w/ a grain of salt.

john reply to Brian on May 13 at 16:07

Not sure how much attention DiLeo has been paying and how much he can do in 43 days, but I can't be pissed on a 'bold move up' depending on what the move is...if I felt it was a deal the sixers could top i'll be more pissed :)

Tom Moore on May 13 at 19:10

Sixers aren't commenting on the coaching search. My email to Stefanski came back saying as much from a team spokesman.

I asked if the confusion over Collins’ remarks would have any impact on his chances. The Sixers' spokesman replied, "The team will continue to consider all potential candidates for the head coaching position."

I just want to say that I have a big problem with moving-up talk. There's no one in this draft who's worth giving up Speights or anyone who's talented on our roster, with the exception of Blake Griffin and Rubio. I suppose you could make a case for Lou Williams in a move up for Curry, given our dire shooting woes. But I don't know that Curry is that much better than his father. If you can get Teague, Lawson, Maynor, or even trade down for a Marcus Thornton, that's a fine draft.

We'll just have to disagree then. You'd probably have to trade up to get Lawson, I'm not a big fan of Teague. I'd like Maynor, but none of these guys is even close to the shooter Curry is. You have a giant need, he's the best shooter in the draft, probably the best shooter to come out in years. I say you do it if you can get him, I'd like to see the lineup of Curry, Iguodala, Thad, Brand and Dalembert on opening night.

From the looks of things, it may not even take Speights to move up, teams may be looking to move down simply for financial reasons. The difference between the #5 and #17 picks is roughly $1.5M this season, as much as $8M over the length of the contract. They may be able to move up without giving up more than a lottery-protected future #1. Maybe less. Who knows.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on May 14 at 9:36

From your mouth to God's ear, bro...

Tray reply to Brian on May 14 at 13:38

Curry's an NBA point guard? I don't know that. I think in Speights you have a guy who's already a proven NBA player. In Curry, you have a college player. Many good ones unexpectedly flop. And there's no way he's the best shooter to come out in years, he only shot 38% from three last year. Even if he was the focus of all the (bad) teams' defenses he faced, you look at the great NBA shooters and they all shot a lot better than that in college.

Is Speights really a proven NBA player? I think that may be a bit of a stretch. He's a big with a lot of potential, and a lot of question marks. He's also probably the best fit at PF, where you have a ton of dough tied up over the next four seasons. I don't consider Speights or Curry a sure thing, but I think if Curry pans out, he'd do more to push the team in the right direction over the next four seasons than Speights would.

Tray reply to Brian on May 14 at 17:31

Yeah, he's proven that he can score on the NBA level, and quite efficiently. I mean, it's true that he may only bring scoring to the table, a la Eddy Curry, but he could improve in other aspects of the game. Stephen Curry may have more upside, or at least, more of a chance to really help our team needs, but he also has a shot at being a total bust.

Wouldn't you consider Speights turning into Eddy Curry a total bust? I mean, that is possible.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 14 at 17:52

I'd say Speights has shown he can play at this level. There shouldn't be much doubt at this point, he had a fine rookie year. Mad offensive skills (besides the ferocious dunking and back2basket moves, there's that suhweeet jumper). Doesn't turn the ball over. Only adequate/passable on the defensive end (esp when it comes to closing out), but he sure loves to swat shots. There's hardly any perfect players in the league, even Iggy has his glaring flaws, but overall -- and this is the thing I keep preachin -- his pluses comfortably outweigh the negatives.

We're only "stuck" with Brand for 2 more years, assuming he comes back ok. After that his contract is very tradeable. Only in the case where Brand totally sucks or severely under plays his sizeable contract are the Sixers on the hook for the whole term. In which case it's a fine thing Speights is there to pick up the slack. Two years is a nice period of understudying and then the Sixers have a powerhouse at that position on tap potentially for another 8 years.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 14 at 22:07

Debate over what, exactly?

See, Bri, the thing about bringing up Eddy Curry's stats (a dude who only plays center, btw, center!) -- and only Eddy Curry's stats is that it draws an implication. One that would only have meaning, however, if Eddy Curry's first year stats are worse than the first year stats of bigs who've turned out a lot better. In other words, if you were to bring out, say, David West's first year stats (another PF) and compare them to Slow Eddy's, would it then be right to be all fearful D West is going to follow Curry down the same road? I don't think so. I think it's safe to say Eddy's a uniquely flawed individual. There just isn't an Eddy Curry in every draft or even every fifth draft for that matter.

So to me, it again shows that you had an axe to grind. Show just a piece that might possibly support a notion without full investigation, without full context, without even a casual check to see how airtight it is. It's just kinda cheap and you're easily better than that, if you want to be.

Anyway, if all you want to say is that Marreese does not show at this stage obvious Hall of Fame potential in the way Derrick Rose does, hey, that's ok, I'm cool. I'm a big fan of Sp8s, but I hope you've noticed by now that I'm not prone to undue hyperbole. In fact I abhor it. I didn't say the guy is untouchable. Never happened. All I've said to date is that I wouldn't trade him for Curry. For the record, if you insist on trading him up for a halfway gettable point guard, I'd take Lawson and be happy enough that. I think Curry's an uneccessary risk. We can agree to disagree on that. Just don't tell me based on what you've seen this season that there really is a good chance M16 could wind up like bloody Eddy Munster. For any rookie, 1-60, the possibility of bust is always something greater than absolute zero.

"you don't seem to recognize that he's game is not mature yet - either offensively or dfensively."

John, when have I ever proclaimed anything of the sort? I agree, there'll be a lot more to come. Witness.

I didn't bring up Curry. Tray mentioned Curry as a one-dimensional player, I looked up their first year stats to see if there was a similarity. I don't have an axe to grind here, I'm done with this thread.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 15 at 6:41

Dude, I said you brought up EC's stats. It was you (and only you, not Tray) who also dropped in this pearl...

"Oh and Curry is the poster child for a talented, lazy big man in the NBA and what can happen to them."

It came from out of nowhere and certainly wasn't what Tray had in mind when he mentioned Curry in the first place. The implication you were drawing is clear. I'm no dumbass and I doubt many (any) of your readers are either.

Just because a player might not be good at something doesn't necessarily mean he's lazy. Sometimes it's guys not giving full effort on every single play or sometimes it's a lack of technique. Eddy Curry, a moutain-child of a center substantially bigger than everyone else on the court, save possibly hey-day Shaq, "should" be dominating in every respect. Curry gave next to no effort on the defensive end. He caught most of what bounced directly at him and that's it.

When asked by a reporter in 2003 to describe what Eddy Curry could do to improve his rebounding, Coach Skiles responded: "Jump."

In general, this is clearly not Marreesse's problem as you've witnessed over the course of the season. Hence: Axe. To. Grind.

I'm just a humble cobbler makin shoes to fit.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 14 at 17:54

Haha. Did the system find that comparison automatically or did you put that in yourself?

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 14 at 18:02

I think this one's cuter.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 14 at 18:30

It's interesting that in the per36 section Marreese beats Eddy in just about every category (loses rebouding by .1 and blocks by .1) but in the "Advanced" stat section that you revere, it's not close anywhere.

Per: 18-14.4
Offensive-Defensive rating differential: +8 to -4


Yep, Speights did a much better job of taking care of the ball, he was more shot happy, didn't get to the line nearly as much and had .1 more steals per 36. He was also 21 with two years of college and Curry was just out of high school. Oh and Curry is the poster child for a talented, lazy big man in the NBA and what can happen to them.

I'm not getting into another pointless debate about something meaningless. Speights is a chip right now. He had a good rookie year, offensively. There's plenty of reasons to be hopeful that some day he'll be a complete player. There's plenty of reasons to think he'll be a useful player even if he remains a sieve on defense, which is exactly what he was this season. There's also serious cause for concern. For one thing, this organization hasn't exactly done a stellar job of developing big men.

Right now, PF is pretty much settled for this team, or at least it should be, for the next 4 seasons. What they don't have is a shooter at either guard position or a PG for the future. My point is that it isn't crazy to trade a chip in an area of strength for a chip in an area of need.

I don't hate Speights, I like the guy. I think given the proper direction, he could turn into a really valuable member of this team. At the same time, I don't think his rookie season made him untouchable, not by any means.

That's my point, I've made it as clearly as I can, if you don't get it, I'm sorry. If you disagree, that's fine. I've supported my point of view.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on May 14 at 22:13

k, obviously, i still suck wth the threads in this beast. my response is here.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on May 15 at 9:26


I agree completely. While we could theoretically try Speights at the 4 and Brand at the 5, right now it is a helluva lot more important to get our PG or the future or solve our outside shooting woes (hopefully the same guy can do both) than it is figuring out whether Speights is anything more than Charlie Villenueva.

(Although - to be fair - if you look at Speights' production at 82games.com - both with the other starters as well as his "close and late" stats - it is pretty clear that his overall game impact improves dramatically when he's not out there with Lou, Ivey and Evans. What a surprise...)

Speights has shown that at times he can play at this level but he has some HUGE gaps in his game that must develop before he's 'not a bust' - his defense is appalling - and comparing him to eddy curry isn't exactly something to bring ringing endorsements to...We get it real - you like speights - but you don't seem to recognize that he's game is not mature yet - either offensively or dfensively - he has a long way to go in both and a much longer way to go defensively.

Regarding Speights, a lot depends, obviously, on whether you think we really are set with Brand. I see a guy who, offensively at least, is very likely sapped. He can still rebound and that's great, but all the more reason to play him alongside Speights. Speights also works a lot better with our fast-break style. I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or two you see a Brand buyout; I'd be very surprised if he stays here all four years.

john reply to Tray on May 15 at 11:40

Any particular reason to feel he is 'offensively...sapped' - hasn't played for two seasons basically due to injury and his last full season he averaged 20 points and 9.5 rebounds and he's a career 20/10 guy.

I can't fathom how anyone can make any conclusions about elton brands future right now...it's more unknown than who the sixers will draft aT 17

Tray reply to john on May 15 at 14:54

Basically because he looked pretty sapped before he got re-injured. No lift, was actually our least efficient player around the basket, as per NBA Hot Spots, was largely limited to taking 15-foot jumpers. Now I suppose you can say he was never healthy at all last year and that he'll be healthy this season, but I think it's more likely that his past injuries have permanently hampered him.

Fair concern, but I think the achilles and shoulder injuries aren't the type of injuries that linger. Not like microfracture, ankle surgery, ACLs, etc. He may slow down due to age, but I doubt we'll see residual effects of those two injuries.

Tray reply to Brian on May 15 at 20:47

Well the achilles sure seemed to linger into 08-09. Either that or he just got really old all of a sudden.

I remember researching it when the Sixers signed him and they said 12-18 mos for full recovery from the surgery. I think. I'm sure it's in the archives. I'll check it out later.

I was wrong, supposed to be 6-9 months recovery time. Yikes.

He looked pretty sapped before he got reinjured

He played 8 games last season and how many games this season before the first injury?

As far as I was concerned he wasn't even 100% bck into game shape from the first injury before he got the second one...I think it's too much to read into the small sample size and say a career 20/10 guy who wasn't even at 100 percent (but averaged close to 19 point per game) is 'done' offensively.

Almost 7 PM on the east coast and nothing on the jordan visit? Good news or bad?

They confirmed the meeting, but had nothing to say about it. Can't say I'm surprised. Here's the post from Tom Moore.

I did notice that Ed Snider said today it would be ideal to get a coach on board before the draft. I agree with that.

John reply to Brian on May 15 at 20:02

Snider said some interesting things in general about the coaches - of course he puts a lot of the 'instability' on Iverson which i found kind of cowardly - but still

I think it was probably equal parts Iverson and BK after Brown left. Iverson saw it as his chance to exert himself as the alpha again, BK let it happen.

John reply to Brian on May 15 at 20:10

Keeping BK on after Brown left (and Iverson as well in my opinion) were two of the bigger mistakes that set the sixers down the path they are at today...too many need with maybe not enough assets to get them.


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I'm Mary Hubbard and I head up the content team at JournalismDegree.org. Our goal at JournalismDegree.org is to help assist current and prospective journalism students with the resources they need. We have recently published a great new resource on our site titled 100 Exemplary College Newspapers for Journalism Students. To view the resource please follow the link provided: http://journalismdegree.org/exemplary-college-newspapers/

So please feel free to add it to your site if you think your readers will benefit from it. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Mary Hubbard


My name is Mary Hubbard and I head up the content team here at JournalismDegree.org. My team and I have recently published a resource on our site titled: 100 Exemplary College Newspapers for Journalism Students. View our resource here: http://journalismdegree.org/exemplary-college-newspapers/

Our resource highlights 100 great college newspapers for your readers to check out. We want to share our resource with you because your readers may benefit from it, and we believe it would make great content for your site.

Feel free to share the list with your readers. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Mary Hubbard
Content Editor

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