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Lottery Live Blog

Lottery hella less interesting if your team isn't in the top 9 :)

Yep. There's still some analysis to be done, though. So I figured I'd do it live.

I'm not sure much - i don't think the sixers have the assets to move up in this draft

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 19:08

I mainly don!t want our east competition getting top 2. Milwaukee gets Griffin, they may improve bigtime.Indiana and Charlotte, who knows who they would take top three.

any team that doesn't take blake griffin number one is a putz

Of course, I am going for the Pacers in the top 5.

They will probably get the 36th pick somehow though.

bah hah hah hah

okc will get 1-2-3

if okc wins - no one will cry fix but it smells like lebron to cleveland

I bet that Wiz pick is for sale right now.

If the Clips get the first, then Kaman/Camby/Baron Davis become available.

If Memphis gets it, then Hakim Warrick is looking for another team to play for.

If OKC wins, then Sam Presti will be found dead in a pile of blow by 2a.m. tomorrow morning


Memphis gets their point guard

Does Memphis need another guard on that team?

John reply to The GM on May 19 at 21:04

Yes - since none of them are very good...

Would they use the pick on Rubio, considering the pick they used on Conley? Probably.

John reply to Brian on May 19 at 21:23

That high in the draft you take the BPA - and after two years conley just isn't real good so far - shame - i like him though

I know he's disappointed - but would Conley be available you think?

If the purpose of the draft is to hepl the worst teams - the lottery really is broken.

The worst team has a 75% chance of NOT getting the first pick in the draft - that's too much (or not enough depending on how you want to look at it) - I understand that 'tanking' is an issue - (and miraculously look how it worked for cleveland and no one said boo about a fix).

I think it should be at least a 1 in 3 chance fot the worst team in the league - 1 in 4 just is a bit unbalanced

What did they expect when they sent Webber as their rep?

Ford has his first mock up, he has Thabeet going #2 to Memphis and the Sixers taking Maynor at #17.

DraftExpress has us taking Maynor as well, with Rubio going #2.

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 22:22

Conley shot 40% from 3 last year, if Memphis drafts Rubio would a L.Will. for Conley trade work.L.Will. can play next to Mayo and Rubio, and if we get Conley we can get our shooter at #17.

Take a look at Conley's numbers from February on, once they finally started giving him starter's minutes.

If they don't want him, I do.

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 22:35

Brian, 1]is Rubio that good, and if so ,do we try to get the #2 pick if Memphis is looking for a 4? 2]is it easier for us to move up now?[Wash. and Sac.]

I think Washington is the most-likely trade partner. It would cost them basically $5.5M for the #5 pick when you factor in the luxury tax. Anyone available at #5 worth that?

Ford has them taking Harden.

I loved conley before the draft - and would love to get him - no way would it take just lou

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 22:57

Brian, since we are in no man!s land as far as where we are drafting and our cap situation if Rubio is that special player that helps you win AND puts people in the seats maybe you throw the whole ball of wax Memphis!s way and see what happens.That is if he is rated by the organization as a superstar type, in footage he looks like Pistol Pete with the floppy hair.

Can he shoot? If the answer isn't a resounding yes, I'm not trading Speights to get him.

John reply to Brian on May 19 at 23:05

Um, no

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 23:14

With all the p.g.!s coming out, he seems to be head and shoulders better than all of them, according to all the draft boards, but it would be a risk, he is only 18, right.

Honestly, I think the draft boards have him head and shoulders above because he's been playing really competitive basketball in Europe, but he isn't without warts. Every PG in this draft has warts, or at least major questions. For my money, I don't want the question to be "can he shoot?"

John reply to Brian on May 19 at 23:31

and the big negative on him is that he can't shoot

it's a weak draft folks - after griffin, almost everyone is a flawed possibly second 10 pick in a better draft

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 23:31

Looks like we may have our coach in place by the draft, a good thing.I wonder how much input they will be able to give.Thebodeax may want to get his Rondo type defender [Holliday] but Casey,who knows. Any idea what he is known for?

I just hope Thibideau doesn't get his Rondo type shooter (possibly also Holiday :)

john reply to Brian on May 20 at 11:22

If Chad ford is reliable holiday and evans will be gone in the top 10

Would anyone feel more comfortable with a guy like Maynor, Lawson or Collison simply due to age and experience? I mean, chances are if they do draft a point, he's going to be fighting for the starting PG spot.

Sean reply to Brian on May 20 at 14:22

Curry's my 1st choice, but if he's gone, Maynor the best out of all the remaining points for the Sixers with Holliday and Calathes on my list over Lawson, Flynn and the rest of the midgets.

If we go with Thibodeau, either Maynor or Holliday could fit. Chad Ford's Holliday report sounded like he was making that jumper so that, with his defensive potential, makes him intriguing, especially with a guy with Thibodeau's player development background & Ed committing to hiring a permanent shooting coach. But, I'd prefer Maynor, because I really believe he could start here next year from the jump, and the only way he would not start is if Lou raised his game a few notches, so a win-win. IMO, Maynor reminds me of a blend of Cassell and Billups, and I think he will surprise people.

If I'm any team, I'm looking to trade back or trade for future picks. I don't really like many players in this class. It reminds me of the Kenyon Martin, Mike Miller draft class...putrid.

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