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Lottery Fallout

The clippers will make the moves that make the most financial profitable sense...

Absolutely, and I think that's something you can take advantage of.

john reply to Brian on May 20 at 13:30

Trading an expiring contract for longer contracts hardly ever makes financial profitable sense

Swapping centers, one of whom is signed for one less season, does.

john reply to Brian on May 20 at 14:30

If they trade kaman - but camby for sam makes no financial sense - randolph and sam at least are the same lenght but i got no intrest in him

I never said Sam for Camby, that's silly. And I'd rather have 10 Dalemberts than 1 Zach Radolph, as far as headaches go.

Reported from the Miami Herald:

Point guard Andre Miller has interest in the Heat if the 76ers don't keep him, an associate said. But unless he takes the $5 million midlevel exception, that would require a sign and trade -- something Miami would not do if it meant cutting into 2010 salary-cap space.

Anything of interest feasible with Miami?

Hmmn...James Jones + Chalmers for Miller (signed at $7M/year) might work.

Jay Real reply to Brian on May 20 at 14:19

Hmmm... haven't watched Chalmers play enough ball to know whether he'd work. Apparently not much of a shooter... 42% for the season. 36.7% from three is pretty good for a point guard, but not world-beating overall. Only 4.4 assists. Of course, he was only a rookie... maybe he's on the verge of breaking through next season. Wonder what Heat management thinks of his future.

I read that he was a problem (partied too much and lazy), but I can't find the link.

As for assists, his job was basically to bring the ball over half court, pass it to wade, and watch. Not a lot of assist ops. there.

very interesting analysis but I don't see a reason for them to add another salary for a mediocre player like Dalembert and get rid of the only expiring contract (and perhaps the best big man) they have. Camby-for-Sam won't happen in my opinion.

on Clippers' side, only a Kaman-for-Dalembert trade COULD make sense, like you said, and only for financial reasons, because bball wise it would be stupid

to me Randolph will find more takers than many people think, yes we know he's a troublemaker bla bla bla, but he delivers a double double every night, and his (huge) contract will expire in two seasons, so basically after only one year he will become a big asset.

Many teams in need of rebounding & scoring could take him

It will be interesting to see what will Clippers do

I beg to differ on Randolph. I don't think anyone touches him with a ten-foot pole.

I know, I think I'm the only Randolph "fan" on earth, LOL. But seriously, in a good team, with a good coach, and the right environment he could be... good.

I mean, Celtics got Marbury so... wait, Celtics will need a PF !! LOL

Sorry, Ricky. Zach Randolph will be bought out before anyone takes a flier on that deal. That deal is a poison pill. Celtics took Marbury after he was bought out so it was low-risk, high reward situation. Not even remotely close

yeah I know the Marbury-Randolph comparison was only for the "headcase" part, of course financially they are two completely different stories

sorry didn't read the Camby-for-Miller part, that would work

This is for any David Thorpe fans out there:

Alex (Oak Park, IL): Jeff Teague=Louis Williams?

SportsNation David Thorpe: (2:40 PM ET ) That would be a good thing-Louis can play!

Sean reply to Brian on May 20 at 14:56

Lou can play yeah, he just needs a tight leash. If the Sixers had a coach that did more than say "you are the offense," he might have been better. Did you ever read that OTL article on ESPN about Billups? Made me take another long look at Lou. A natural scorer that needs a Hard Knocks approach to being a point guard? That's why the coach pick is key.

john reply to Brian on May 20 at 14:57

Every day I lose more and more respect for that guy...has lou ever made the trip to IMG?

He said some good things about Maynor, and I don't believe he's a client. Ugh, feel like there isn't enough information out there on these guys.

Maynor is a nice player. Saw him live in the first round of the NCAA tournament this year. And I watch a lot of college basketball.

Right now I have him as this year's Chalmers (who I wanted last draft) less the apparent attitude issues.

As good defensively (needs a little more weight) but better on offensive and running a team. He played in a full-court man-to-man (sometimes run and jump) all game style of defense at VCU so his on-ball defense is very good and should translate. Has good instincts and court awareness. Not a pure shooter (has funky form) but not a bad shooter at all. If he really measured out at 6-3 and tests well there is a good chance he moves up and we don't even have a chance. I like him, would be fine with him as the pick.

If you're ranking the PGs by their shooting (3-pt range), something like this?


deepsixersuede on May 20 at 15:31

Brian, I suggested to Dannie a A.Miller [3 years for 30 mill.] for B.Davis sign-trade but he thinks Davis is shot. A trade that makes sense for the Clippers, Kamen for Hinrich.But it makes sense so they won!t do it.

I want no part of Baron. We need a guy who can make a lot of threes, not just take a lot of threes.

Brian that is exactly what I said.

speaking of Hinrich, am I the only one that thinks that Chicago will try to unload him this summer? and pehaps add an athletic big man?

I wouldn't mind getting a healthy Hinrich, even if his contract is really fat...

Hinrich would definitely be a good fit. Not sure if Chicago's going to move him, let Gordon walk, keep both. Completely up in the air at this point.

Hinrich being unloaded by the bulls has been discussed by almost everyone for like a year now

Just read this on the Washington Times site:

"The Wizards, according to league insiders, are hesitant to take on yet another project player and would rather package their pick in a trade for a veteran who could contribute immediately."

Any ideas for a trade for their pick? Obviously they would not want Willie Green for their pick!

I think it'll be a buyer's market for any picks, to be honest. Maybe not even a player, maybe two number 1s (this year and next)?

The certainly won't want Willie, or Lou, or really anyone the Sixers would want to part with. I'm still intrigued by the idea of trading Speights to move up for Curry, but I'm cooling on the idea a little recently. Who knows.

Tom Moore on May 20 at 18:17

I'm told the Sixers didn't/aren't interviewing any prospective coaches today.

As for the draft, surprised how many sites have the Sixers taking Maynor -- ESPN.com's Chad Ford even has them leaving Lawson on the board to pick Maynor.

I was a little surprised I saw Maynor over Lawson on a couple of mock drafts as well. Maybe a size thing? For called Speights for the Sixers early on last season, if I remember correctly. No one had Thad at 12 the year before, that I recall.

Tom Moore on May 20 at 18:20

At least they set a timetable for the Thibodeau interview.

John reply to Brian on May 20 at 21:02

It's interesting how many guys are getting 'long' interviews and other folks seem primarily to be getting a courtesy phone call :)

BTW - I'll trade the wizards 3 million dollars of comcast money for their pick -

Me too.

John reply to Brian on May 20 at 21:41

I wouldn't trade much else tht matters to the roster - i mean willie, lou, sam, sure - do they have a crappy contract we can take back, maybe one year longer than sam?

Just Jamison.

You know, if we gave them $3M + #17 for #5, and maybe next season's second rounder, that would be worth $5.92 million for the Wiz. That's a pretty big disparity, especially if they think the talent drop-off won't be that much from #5 to #17, and I think a lot of people would argue that it wouldn't be.

DeanH reply to Brian on May 20 at 23:23

I want, as a sixer season ticket holder, for them to show me they want to win next year. I will be satisfied with them moving up and getting a 2nd pick this year, trading Willie and/or Sammy with or without Reggie would be my 2nd choice. While I complain alot about Sammy, I think I would like to see him w/ a new coach 1 more year to see if they can get thru to him.

I think we'd all like to see moves to make the team better, but I don't think there's any guarantee something will happen. It may not be a bad idea at all to wait and see what this team can do with EB a (hopefully) healthy EB. As we've said before, the longer the Sixers hold on to Dalembert, Evans and Willie, the better the contracts become.

And yes folks, there are already rumors that the #1 pick is in play by the ever intelligent los angeles clippers

And then there are reports that rubio really doesn't want to play with memphis, and pay for the privilege, that his agent fagan (come on, why doesn't anyone make more hay with an agent named fagan, dickens is offended) - would pull him out before letting him go to memphis.

I have a feeling a lot will happen and the sixers won't be in any of it :()

Most mocks had Rubio going #3, even though he isn't really a fit w/ OKC either. Westbrook and Rubio, two guards who can't shoot.

john reply to Brian on May 21 at 11:46

It's odd that Rubio might be the second most talent in the draft and the 2nd team can't take him and the 3rd team doesn't really need him, seems ideal for a trade does it not?

Probably cost too much for any team - what teams needs a point guard who can't shoot that wouldn't rather wait for the cheaper calathes?

I've heard good things about Calathes' shooting.

john reply to Brian on May 21 at 12:02

I heard good things about his passing and bad things about his defense and his shooting

Sam things about rubio

DraftExpress seemed pretty impressed w/ his numbers in catch-and-shoot situations. Here's Ford's quote: "Excellent shooter with NBA 3-point range"

Where are you seeing otherwise?

john reply to Brian on May 21 at 12:15

Maybe my mind is imaginging things...so the only flaw in calathes is the athleticism thing then? How much of that can be improved? Seriously, if he can shoot better than I remembered, he's my first choice

Well, 6'5" and unathletic, not exactly a good combo for stopping penetration. I also think #17 may be a bit too high for him. Buy a second pick later in the first and grab him as your second pick, that I could get behind.

john reply to Brian on May 21 at 12:38

If he can shoot, and all indications are that he's the best passer and court vision guard in the league - well, defense is nice, but a guy who can run the offense is nice too..and i dont' know how unathletic he really is...does anyone?

With his feet set, Calathes can shoot. He's not so good off the dribble, and his midrange game is both underutilized and inefficient.

One thing i do like on the film I've seen is he's excellent on pick and rolls.

Lateral quickness is definitely a concern.

Ok - lateral quickness always bugs me - cause as I see it it's one of those things that can't really get a lot better - i mean maybe your reaction can so yo ustart moving sooner - but the speed itself not so much, korver, and it's my big concern with jason smith.

Thank you for clarifying that there are some shooting issues with calathes I read about and I'm not totally crazy...

Is it possible his midrange game was inefficient because it was under utilized so it had trouble rounding into form or was it under utilized because of its inefficiency ?

midrange was so small of a sample size I'm not sure it's statistically relevant. It's still concerning though. The fact that he used it so little is concerning in and of itself, and that he was ineffective the few times he did take 'em just adds to that.

Shame that the '5 on 5s' no longer seem to be part of draft work outs.

I'm telling yo u- the NBA really needs to change the way it prepares for the draft - it's embarassing - the NFL combine is the example that the NBA should work towards, not away from

He was a very good finisher in college as well, according to that DX column.

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